June 4, 2023


Hey welcome to my channel it’s heavy our fibroma so i have started the series of sharing a bunch of different kind of medicines that are often used or prescribed for chronic pain or chronic illnesses the last video i have done was on trim it all and now this one will be gabapentin or also known as neuron now there are a couple different names but they all are

A little different if that makes sense now before we get started you guys i just want you to know that i’m sorry this videos all messy i look messy house is messy we have lost a couple family members and one week so things have been really crazy really hard again better just doing a lot of planning for the memorial and stuff like that so there’s a lot going on

Right now sandurz been struggling with his ears yet but surgeries on the 14th so you’ve been counting down the days so i’m just going to jump into it i hope i haven’t missed anything but the big the big point of this video is that other spoonie’s are listening sure now that bird wants to sing others with chronic illnesses are listening and they’re trying to find

The right medicine for them because if you are someone with one of these issues you know that can be really hard a real challenge to find something that works best for you in your body ok you know that no doctor i’m just sharing what i have found and also sharing my experience for the medicines that i remember taking so i hope you find a helpful that’s the point

Of this whole video that’s on you not to try it you that’s the only thing i have made more videos so make sure you check those out you’re interested and if you like this idea then make sure you give me a thumbs up if you’re new here we’d love it if you joined our spoony family and subscribed okay i got little notes here i gave a penta is a anti epileptic medicine

Also used to treat nerve nerve pain rls which is restless leg syndrome and also shingles and seizures now you remember when i give you a rating with the last medicine from drugs calm because that’s where i like to go and i’ll also make sure put that link in the description along with the other movie the other movies the other videos really get to this one so if

You want to see more of them just click there also watch at the end of the video i’ll share more there too i can’t remember the reading for that last medicine but the rating for this one on drugs.com was 7.3 there’s several different kinds of this medicine if that makes sense i don’t know how to pronounce them but they can come in capsules liquid tablets all

Different forms i thought this was interesting so i thought a chair for those that are taking gabapentin right now you are not to take an anti acid two hours before which hours after because your body will have a hard time observing the medicine didn’t know if you knew that but there you go lucas complained instead of reading up on two reviews to you guys i will

Try to remember posting them on the support group on the fibromyalgia support group on facebook and see what see what you spoonie’s think there and then i’ll share in the video forgot this time the biggest complaint is suicidal thoughts for this one i guess there’s actually been they bring the lawyer lawsuits done for that i seen like a lawsuit commercial stating

That so i love me know if you ever seen that before common complaints are dizziness drowsiness and headaches now when i was on gabapentin myself my own experience was i was at the man stoll’s i think it was 1,800 milligrams or 1600 milligrams i was taking four tablets a day and it did not work unless i took it with something else i can’t remember i can’t remember

What the other medicine was but it didn’t work until then and then i was noticing i was losing jobs and i mean handfuls my hair and nathan didn’t believe me my husband didn’t believe me until i showed him and i freaked him out so once i found out i was pregnant with xander i had to give up all these medicines and make sure i never went on gabapentin again but

There’s a lot of people i hear that swear by it it really really does help i’ve heard it helps with the inflammation that’s why i helps with pain big thing is watch it when you’re taking other medications that can lead to extra sleepiness because it could make it even worse like gory sleeping pills pain pills any kind of medicines for depression or anxiety those

Type of things oh that’s really about it for this video you guys i’ll catch you up on all that’s going on probably in that live video friday hoping to have a live video then that i can talk to all you guys cause a little i’ll get you up on life so i love to see you there make sure you comment below your experience good or bad as long as it’s honest no judgmental

Comments you guys just just want honest opinions from other people and it’s nice for those that are searching okay now remember if you want more info go to drugs that come and click on that stuff or just a link in the description box and a whole bunch of more details because you know meds can interact with these medicines you have certain health issues it could

Have problems with it you know i mean all the doctor stuff you call it talk to your doctor or call your local pharmacist they can help you out with a lot of questions – all right thanks a bunch for watching you guys i appreciate what should be the next medicine i’ll be watching the comments below i’ll talk to you next video or friday take care of yourself and

I hope you are feeling alright hang in there if you’re not talk to you later it was the fault of you by there’s a shortage in i can’t stay are you spread a little bit

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Gabapentin (Neurontin) What you should know By FIBRO MOM