March 28, 2023

All right all right we got some action going on all right trending in the right direction okay uh yeah so i even made a little you guys know what asmr is if you don’t know what asmr is you need to look it up okay uh i actually found out about it a few years ago because i was reading it was stuff that was banned in china and that was one of them i was like what

The heck is that we looked it up anyway i made my first asmr video maybe i’ll put it out later we’ll see okay all right so sorry uh it’s a skit it’s a skit okay uh so anyway got i’m pitting got trending in the right direction i’m freaking tapering off the gabapentin i still have been doing it for a few days i don’t remember how many days it’s been since i made

My last video five maybe something like that been tapering the last night probably three days maybe four days i don’t know something like that i really don’t even i don’t know we’ll just say three days we’ll just say that be safe all right so yeah and now okay now i’ve gotten myself in a little gaba hidden pickle before i’ve dabbled with gabapentin before very

Basically what i’ve done now short term high milligrams okay um in fact in fact actually uh i dabbled in it more because i remember i had twice as much as i did this go around so yeah i had twice as much well actually not twice as quite twice as much anyway sorry okay i get really technical up there okay uh so and so anyway so so i’ve been dabbling with it

For a few months i know i’ve talked about it on here uh you know a couple months two and a half months something like that i don’t know so been dabbling with it uh but wasn’t taking it every day just here and there uh and then i started taking it more frequently or whatever and using more milligrams whatever you know how it goes but lately i the last few weeks

I’ve been taking it every day and i’ve been taking like thirty six hundred to six thousand milligrams okay uh i might even have a couple days of more than six thousand on there i don’t know um but anyway yeah there’s 600 milligram pills and i know the other day i took 10 so though so i was like oh 6 000 okay um and i i know i talked about this in my last video

I don’t take it all day throughout the day i wait and then get a big pow now when i take six thousand milligrams i don’t take that all at once the days that i’ve taken like that kind of of an amount have been uh you know maybe a little earlier than i normally do maybe i took some at noon or 1 30 or 2 maybe or something like that and then a little later i’ll take

More so anyway okay so so yeah i’ve been tapering from that so that just gives you an idea it’s you know it’s not like i haven’t been on this a super long time because that would definitely affect uh probably how you’re gonna taper you know uh so anyway uh but yeah those are the milligrams and the length of time so yeah like the last few days so i did i did i

Think i did did i i think i did 1800 the other day and then like the first day yeah okay it has been three days yeah today’s day four i haven’t taken anything today uh but uh so like 1800 i took and then i took 29 and then 24. no that’s not right wait 27 2400 okay so 1800 20 700 2400 okay all right so that’s what i so yeah still still a pretty freaking good

Amount but you know you got to start somewhere just feeling a little restless a little agitated and restless uh definitely feeling that right now um i will say though it’s just like getting off other stuff dude it’s like you lift things uh that’s why i made that little skit i was feeling a little bit you know i’ve been kind of laughing a little bit more just a

Little bit you know i mean because that’s the thing gabapentin helps dude it freaking helps going through what i’ve been going through right lately uh but there’s things that are not so great about it too like you know it it can you can get foggy and you know you can be kind of drunk you know or just you’re not but similar there’s similarities to alcohol like

You’ve had like yeah that you’re drunk or you’ve had a few beers or something uh your balance isn’t as good you know you drop stuff kind of it’s it’s kind of a trip or you bump into stuff it’s it’s it’s true um especially when you’re just taking a big old gob of it but uh um uh so yeah sorry uh i’m drawing a blank here but yeah uh been sleeping like crap and

It’s not because of the gabapentin or weaning off the gabapentin uh yeah yeah i’ve been sleeping bad for weeks that’s the thing did you think that the gabapentin would be helping me with sleep more but it hasn’t probably because i’ve been building a tolerance but man i’ve been taking quite a bit you know especially like in the in the evenings and stuff but uh

And yeah the thing is i’m not like restless at night because i would take it you know what i mean like at five or whatever six or four or whatever time so but yeah that sucks dude by the way i take sleeping medication uh i know i’m prescribed trazado and i’ve been prescribed ambien before trasinone another time this and that i don’t know they seems to help for a

While and then it kind of just whatever i’ve abruptly stopped sleeping medications many times started them up again i take it i really don’t care you know i don’t know that might some people might look at that as a bad thing honestly i don’t really give a crap i don’t really care uh i’m not real concerned about it um but uh i don’t know this video sucks doesn’t

It but yeah that’s just my update that’s my update we got i’m getting the wheels turned in here you got to get him churning you got to start somewhere right that’s the thing dude you gotta you know you can’t and i’m this type of person dude where i want to make everything right in a day in a few hours or whatever like i’ve always been like that like i’ll just

Do a complete 180 and completely change my thinking and or you know what i mean or whatever it is like and i’m just gonna make this right right now but you know uh you know but sometimes too like i i can feel stuck and i and i pan and i and i stress myself out like that i think like oh man you know and i knew like this go around like man i’m getting myself in a

Pickle what am i doing this is stupid you know i know it but i continue to do it you know i’m as the day goes on or whatever i’m not feeling i’m feeling crummy and you just you’re just like whatever i i want to go home i want to be you know johnny on the spot with my family or whatever it is or you just want to get high you just want to feel good whatever it is

Um and then you just like ah you give it all up and whatever you might have i might a lot of times i have good intentions in the morning at the beginning of the day and then it just all goes away um crap i don’t remember what i was saying but but oh yeah but so sometimes you know you get in that pickle that you’re stuck and you just can’t stop using it or maybe

You’re physically dependent uh you know and you start to feel that like i’ve been feeling and you’re just like damn it here we effing go again i was just someone just i haven’t got back to him i saw their message they stopped taking suboxone the same day that i did and they went i think they went a year maybe a little bit more i can’t remember exactly at their

Comment and then they relapsed on pills had to get on suboxone again and now they’re four days off suboxone you know um but i guess what i was going to say is you know we get ourselves in those pickles and we just you stress about it dude you stress about it you know you need to completely fix everything and you can’t do it in a day and you want to do it in a day

But we got to be patient okay we got to be patient and we and it’s just i’ve said this before dude uh slow progress is still freaking progress okay i’ve talked to people on here that the first stage of progress for them is not running out of their script before the end of the month i mean that’s just you’re not abusing it that way you’re not you know what i mean

Like that’s could be step one first thing that’s progress that’s progress you know what i mean you gotta take that to the bank or whatever you’d say whatever you gotta i don’t know be happy about it i don’t know find the positive and accept it i don’t know what i’m trying to say anyway but uh but yeah so getting the wheels of churning uh going and uh trending in

The right direction and i’ll keep it keep it rolling gonna keep it freaking going and uh get off this stuff and uh and then just continue uh continue on uh so anyway fee for victory god bless and salute

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Gabapentin Taper | Trending in the right direction By Gabe McCall