December 8, 2022

All right how’s everybody doing hope today is a good day for you trying to try to make my hair look good for everybody there you see myself in the end phone here alright so listen i put in the the i put in the title there gabapentin the next drug to be abused first of all the thing i wanted i’m doing this video because three times today three patients today three

New patients today in one day three new patients in one day have come into her office having been prescribed gabapentin okay one of them is a young girl she’s in her mid-20s and was prescribed gabapentin for her what she was told is neuropathy that started a couple years ago as a 25 year old and then had a guy who had a neck issue who’s having some radiating

Pain down his arm and was prescribed gabapentin for that and another patient some most patients we’ve ever seen in one day prescribed the same neurological medication so why is that a big deal first of all gabapentin is an addictive medication it is now being abused on the street as a street drug so that’s no good and what nobody is telling anybody when they’re

Being prescribed this medication is it’s not it is not a nerve drug okay it’s not a nerve drug it is a brain drug okay gabapentin neurontin and lyrica all in the same class of drugs pretty much all do the same things all this the same thing they were all made as drugs originally for issues with the brain like epilepsy okay they were designed to slow down your the

Firing of your nerves okay designed to slow it down so i want everybody to understand this because doctors are prescribing this drug right and left and while i could probably you could probably find some evidence at least early on in this situation where it might be better than opioid but the situation is it is an abusive drug it is an addictive medication so the

Propensity for abuse is going to go up and up and up and it is a brain medication it is going to slow down how your brain functions look we do not need more stupid people on this planet okay we just don’t we do not need more dementia we do not need more alzheimer’s and this drug is being prescribed like candy right now and nobody is looking for the cause because

I can promise you this if you have a problem with your nerves gabapentin is not going to heal your nerves it’s not going to do it at all there’s no chance of that occurring that somehow the gabapentin is going to heal the nerves in your body it’s not going to heal your pain you can’t you can’t take a chemical and somehow fix a physical problem okay it’s not gonna

Work that way so again just a little bit not a little bit really annoyed the fact that i had three patients in one day come into our office all prescribed gabapentin and for things that were actually not chemically related at all they have physical problems that need a physical solution and and they’re being prescribed an addictive medication for us so folks i’m

Not here to tell you to take that medication or not take that medication we’re only here to dispel the lies in health care and try to keep people healthy i know i’m gonna have people that if they see this they’re gonna say gabapentin saving my life without it i couldn’t sleep i understand you know there’s so many people out there and so much pain from neuropathy

I’m just trying to point out that the medication is addictive and the medication is not going to fix the neuropathy it’s only covering up the symptoms it actually is slowing down how your brain is perceiving your body do you think it’s only working on the nerves that go to your feet hell no that’s not happening it’s slowing down all of the nerves all the neurons in

Your brain all right again we don’t need more dumb people alright so if there’s a way for you to get off that medication you should take action to find a solution to your problem that is not chemically related all right now one time ever on this planet has there ever been a medic that has solved the chronic health problem it hasn’t happened i challenge anybody to

Tell me when a medication has solved a chronic health problem it’s never occurred you don’t talk to people that are on 15 medications and say hey how you’re doing and they say i’m feeling great you know i’m doing fantastic the medications make me feel awesome the medications are only keeping them alive and keeping them going and maybe that may that might be needed

Maybe you’re in the situation that’s all you can think of that’s that’s all the improvement you could possibly imagine the folks i’m telling you they’re approvement civ ailable that are not drugs not surgery and you should look for them if you know somebody is on gabapentin neurontin or lyrica and they’ve got some pain problem or they’ve got a neuropathy problem

Have them find a clinic like ours or have them call our office and we’ll see if we can help them out but those medications are addictive they are going to be more and more abuse that are already being found on the street and you’re gonna start hearing more and more and more about this and if you have that in your medicine cabinet it’s one of those things you’re

Going to need to make sure that you’re taking care to keep away from your kids because sooner or later they’re gonna know that that’s a medication that they can get a high off of and or come down off of as a depressant all right so you’re gonna want to keep an eye on that i’m not even sure if it’s considered a controlled substance right now but so if it’s not

Sooner or later it will because it is being abused all right so enough hope you guys have a great afternoon a great evening and i hope you found this information helpful and take it easy stay healthy

Transcribed from video
Gabapentin – the next drug to be abused. By Magnolia Medical Center