November 29, 2022


Today’s video topic is gabapentin gabapentin is a prescription drug used mainly to treat seizures in adults and children it is available in its generic form and also under the brand name neurontin it is also used to treat nerve pain in some conditions and it comes in the form of tablets capsules and oral solution uses so gabapentin is used mainly to treat seizures

It works by calming the nerves and reducing the abnormal electrical activity and excitement in the brain which helps in reducing or preventing seizures gabapentin is also used to treat nerve pain from shingles shingles is a painful rash that affects the skin and it causes burning or stabbing pain shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox sometimes

When children have chickenpox the virus doesn’t leave the body but stays inactive in the spine nerve and after years it can become activated again and is usually activated by stress gabapentin can also be used to treat restless leg syndrome in this condition the patient can’t keep his leg still he has a very strong need to move his legs during sitting or sleeping

When gabapentin is used to treat the restless leg syndrome the doctor prescribes an extended release form which are tablets that are designed to last longer in the body and is sold under the brand named horizons dosage the dosage for gabapentin depends on the condition treated and on the age and health of the patient it comes in three forms tablets capsules and

Oral solution the tablets come in three concentrations 300 milligram 600 milligram and 800 milligram capsules come in smaller concentrations 100 milligram 300 milligram and 400 milligram the oral solution has a 50 milligram per milliliter treatment of seizures and nerve pain to prevent side effects the doctor will typically start with a low dose which is one

300 milligram tablet once a day that’s on day one and then on day two 600 milligram which is equal to two tablets per day and then on day three the patient can take three doses per day each dose is one 300 milligram tablet the maximum dose for the treatment of seizures is 3 600 milligrams per day over three doses and for the treatment of nerve pain from shingles

The maximum dose is 1800 milligrams per day over three doses treatment of restless leg syndrome the doctor will prescribe the extended release form which is horizon and the dosage typically starts with a 600 milligram tablet once a day and then increased to two tablets per day for a total dosage of 1200 milligrams per day side effects gabapentin can cause mild

To severe side effects the most common side effects are headache nausea vomiting jerky movements dizziness and unusual eye movements these symptoms usually go away on their own but if they are severe and don’t go away the patient should contact the doctor immediately as for severe side effects gabapentin could cause swollen tongue in lips skin rashes swelling in

The hands feet or ankles and difficulty in breathing some patients may also experience changes in their mood or thinking so they may experience depression and suicidal thoughts so any patient who experiences any of these serious side effects should talk to the doctor immediately warnings gabapentin has several warnings as we have said earlier gabapentin can cause

Sleepiness and dizziness so patients who take it should stay away from activities that require full alertness like driving or using machinery another warning is for patients who take gabapentin for seizures stopping taking gabapentin suddenly can cause them to have several seizures that can last for 30 minutes or more so seizure patients should stop taking it

Gradually finally gabapentin has a warning for patients with kidney problems mental health problems and history with breathing problems all these patients should talk to their doctor before taking any dose of gabapentin thank you for watching our video please do not forget to like and share the video also please subscribe to the channel to stay updated on our latest videos

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Gabapentin: Usage, Side-effects, Dosage and More By Medical Centric