June 1, 2023

I am not a doctor. I give my own, honest experiences about various medications I have been on. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have questions about a medication you have been prescribed.

Hi everyone yeah welcome back to it’s just judy unless oh this reminder happened to wander in welcome welcome it’s been a while but lots of things going on in my life some very good some related to anxiety and stuff so i say hi to the new subscribers thank you if you’re not subscribed and you enjoy what i do to consider hitting the subscribe button yay so i will

Do a culipta update soon i don’t think i’ve been on it long enough to give a fair assessment i was on it for a short time went off to see if it was causing problems it wasn’t causing problems it was the the venlafexin the pristique that was the causing of the problems not on it so i will do an update soon but i wanted to tell you about the medication that my

Psychiatrist has put me on for anxiety so the depression hasn’t really been that bad which is good people with major depressive disorder aren’t always depressed and that’s that’s nice but it’s my generalized anxiety disorder which causes me i think the most problems anxiety you can be oh i’m anxious because i’m i have a test i’m anxious because i have to run

A race or i have to go to court you know things like that that’s anxiety but generalized anxieties it’s much deeper than that and it can be debilitating you don’t want to go out you’re afraid to go out you don’t know what will happen you kind of have to for me anyway you have to have things set up so you know exactly when you’re going exactly who will be there

Exactly what will happen and know when you’re gonna go home so it’s it’s not life doesn’t always work that way so it’s tough it’s really tough it’s been basically my whole life and i feel bad for people when we have something going on and i say i can’t go i can’t go i can’t go it’s my brain doesn’t want me to go because i’m afraid anxiety i don’t want to be

Judged you know i don’t want to look stupid so any most of you who have journalized anxiety disorder that you know what i’m talking about so it’s been really really really bad just interrupting my whole life being afraid to do anything not being able to even look at a live feed which that triggered something i said oh this is getting worse because i used to

Watch this live feed from the university showing the quad i can’t watch that now it makes me so upset and anxious to watch it that’s not normal so i thought i’ll do a little research on what medications are used for anxiety so i found one left a message with my psychiatrist who eventually connected he doesn’t like to prescribe that medication okay i said well

What can i do well there’s one medication that you’ve never been on get repentant i said i’ve been on gabapentin not for anxiety but it was given to me years ago to see if it would help prevent migraines because that’s another use for caprentin or neurontin some people get a lot of relief in preventing migraines for taking get repentance sadly it did not work

For me so i told him now it’s been you know a long time well if you have any left over take it i got rid of that in 2017 um and if i had any i wouldn’t who’s gonna take a five-year-old medication i won’t so he prescribed gabapentin for the treatment of my anxiety so i got it filled yesterday and let’s see i am to take 300 milligrams twice a day okay so i took

It started it yesterday and i will say i don’t know about the anxiety yet it helped me sleep and i needed that so badly because i thought i would give effexor another chance that’s that’s how much anxiety i had as i didn’t like the effects sir but i’m going to give another try i didn’t sleep for about three days after taking a dose of that that’s not gonna work

So gabriel penton i slept so well last night until i was decided at 6 54 a.m he had to go wee-wee but then i was able to go back to sleep so we will see how this does for my anxiety the gamba penta and it’s just that’s all it is it’s the generic gab repentant oh it says discard after 5 24 20 23 so yeah i would never take five year old medication what was this

Guy thinking and i’ve been trying to do a little research about gabapentin and anxiety now this is prescribed as off label it doesn’t have any big studies showing that it does help with anxiety so we shall see but the reason he gave it and some of the things i found online is i was using lorazepam generic for anivan to help with my anxiety and i told him i

Was using it more and more not because i get kicks off of it is the anxiety was so bad i’d be lying on my bed and feel like somebody’s putting a tight corset around my ribs because i can’t breathe i can’t breathe and i would try breathing things i would get into yoga positions anything i could think of to try to relieve this anxiety it wasn’t working so i take

One lorazepam and i could feel everything kind of releasing within about 20 minutes but the problem is he says it sounds like you’re becoming tolerant to it and you don’t want to become addicted needing more and more and i said that’s true i never want to go back into that situation like with the class pam which was prescribed to me as a at a high dose but i

Didn’t know what it was doing to me so there you go gabriel penton replacing a benzodiazepine which benzos are very addictive and this is not as addictive not as addictive so i’ll just read you a little bit it says xanax which is a very similar to advance in the benzodiazepine world and gabapentin are both drugs that treat anxiety xanax is a benzodiazepine

Used for short term anxiety treatment see that’s short term doctors do not like to prescribe xanax for long because it can be addictive it’s all benzodiazepines are benzodiazepines prolong the activity of gamma amino butyric acid gaba gaba a neurotransmitter that carries signals between brain cells in patients with anxiety benzodiazepines have an almost immediate

Calming effect as i said about 20 minutes however when people abuse xanax they feel euphoric or pleasantly calm i’ve never i’ve never abused any benzodiazepine gabapentin is structurally similar to gaba but it does not increase gaba or make gaba work longer in brain cells gabapentin seems to cause gaba which is the gamma aminobutyric acid to stick around in cells

Longer without being naturally recycled the net result is that gaba gaba activity increases get repentant and xanax work similar in similar ways but have different abuse potentials so those xanax’s you know it’s a very similar to advance mostly treats anxiety and panic disorders get repentant treats seizures and neuralgia nerve pain off-label gabapentin can also

Treat anxiety xanax is habit forming and can cause addiction and withdrawal when abused and sometimes even when it is used when using exactly how a doctor prescribes it yes my horrible experience with clonazepam taking it exactly as it was prescribed what a nightmare oh my gay repentant is not approved by the f the fda food and drug administration for treating

Anxiety however many doctors use it because it is not as habit-forming as other drugs and it usually starts working right away gear repentance mostly used for anxiety in people who have the potential for substance use disorders there you go now i i am not a person who abuses substances never want to be that way that’s just not how i want to live my life but i

Also want to live my life without this the overwhelming anxiety so i will let you know how things go if you are interested and if you take gab repentance for anxiety or other things let me know in the comments what how are you doing on it uh the funny thing is uh milo my dog who is at minimum 14 and a half years old according to the vet he takes gabapentin also

But he takes it for ah the vet called it something but i don’t remember what it was it’s almost like a doggy parkinson’s she says it does not cause him pain but it causes his back legs to have terrible tremors and since being on the gabapentin 100 milligrams three times a day it has really helped because a couple times as i call he splooted where his legs

Are shaking and he can’t hold himself up and plop this has really helped so yeah we’ll see how it goes yeah my hair is longer you always have to have a hair comment don’t we all right so that’s all i’m going to say thank you so much for watching if you’ve made it to the end thank you hit the subscribe button say hi hit a like i don’t get paid for this i do it

Just for informing in an informal way as always i am not a doctor i’m not a psychiatrist i’m only the daughter of scientists but sometimes you can learn something from a layperson so there you go but always talk to your doctor before starting any medication and i’ll talk to you guys later bye

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Gabapentin used for Anxiety? By It’s Just Judy