January 26, 2023

Gabapentin (Neurontin) withdrawal is a very real thing. In this video I go over 3 things that you and your doctor need to keep in mind if you decide going off Gabapentin is an option.

Hi this pharmacist curtis alexander in this video i’m going to talk about withdrawal from gabapentin also known by the brand name neurontin so this is kind of a hotly debated topic for some people for me it’s not as much because i’ve what i’ve seen in people it it can be an issue you’ll hear from some in the medical profession it’s not for me um i think it’s

Something to be very careful with so in this video that’s what i want to talk about i want to cover three things that you need to keep in mind how to talk to your doctor about these things so i’m just going to hop right into it okay so first thing first one of the questions you’ll get is all right i’ve been taking gabapentin it i’ve only been taking three or six

Hundred milligrams a day can i just go ahead and stop but the answer is even at low doses you need to know that you can experience withdrawal symptoms so i’ve seen withdrawal symptoms in people as little as 300 milligrams a day when they’ve been on it long term that brings me to my second point so low doses doesn’t matter the dose you can see withdrawal symptoms

But what does matter is how long somebody’s been on the medication and what i mean by that is if somebody came to me and um you know they were on a couple hundred milligrams a day they were on it for a week and you know maybe they were getting side effects in like how they feel maybe maybe then you know if they had 100 milligram uh capsules we just dropped them

Down to 100 for a few days and get off it so if they’re on it very short term we can we can be a little more aggressive with people stopping it but for somebody that’s been on it even as little as three weeks consistently i would still taper that person very slowly so if they’ve been on short term we can go a little more aggressive but anything more than three

Weeks consistently i would taper and i would do it slowly okay so time does matter now the thing the thing we need to talk about is how do you taper in and how do you talk to your doctor about that how do you guys attack that issue so i’m going to give you a couple of examples of of things i would possibly recommend and then you can talk to your doctor about that

Now if somebody’s on a higher dose you know we can see doses of gabapentin you know 3200 milligrams plus in some cases that’s a big dose but in that case in that particular person you’re going to be looking at a months-long taper and compare that to somebody who was on say 300 milligrams very low dose for the most part but they’ve been on it for a year they’ve

Been on it a long time with somebody like this we could go um say like uh 200 milligrams so you’d have to talk to your doctor you probably have a script for the 300 milligram capsules you’d have to get another script for the 100 milligram capsules so you can make this 200 milligram dose i would do that maybe 7 to 10 days and then we could try a drop down to a

Hundred and the other thing that we can do it’s not manufacture recommended but we can do like uh 250 where you open up the 100 milligram capsules and kind of eyeball half so you’d have two 100 milligram capsules half of a hundred it gets you 250. but every seven to ten days i drop it down 50 to 100 milligrams and we’re gonna have to base it off how that person

Feels now 3200 milligrams we’re we’re gonna as far as a percentage we’re going to have to go even slower so maybe you know 3000 2700 7 to 10 days then drop it down to 22 2500 so you can see that it’s going to be a much longer process and you’re going to have to gauge it off how that person is feeling some people are going to do better with this some people

Are not going to do as well with it they’re going to have to go much slower in some cases it depends on the other medications that the person is on so there is no hard and fast tapering regimen just know that even at low doses you’re going to have to taper particularly if the person’s been on a long time if it’s a higher dose person the taper is going to take much

Longer and again it depends on gabapentin has a number of drug interactions so it depends on the other medications that they’re on but these are three things to keep in mind if you and your doctor decide hey time to come off the gabapentin we don’t want to get withdrawal symptoms so have you taken gabapentin let me know in the comments um what was your experience

With it did you have withdrawal symptoms those things they’re helpful for me they’re helpful for other people that watch the video let me know your experience speaking it helpful i hope this video was helpful and i will see you in the next one thanks

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Gabapentin Withdrawal? 3 Things You Should Know By Curtis Alexander Pharm.D.