February 8, 2023

Oh yeah sorry oh that was my angel noise you know what i’m going to freaking move that is pretty bright isn’t it i’m pretty sure uh when angels appeared to people that’s the noise they heard okay here we dude i might have broke that and it’s still hanging there okay sorry all right i’m not going to start this over all right oh i wonder how many times i’ll say

All right i’m gonna have dude the bubbly cherries all right i guess there’s gonna be a co2 shortage there’s just just just plan on everything this there’s gonna be a shortage on everything there we go yeah there’s going to be a shortage on my videos too because i don’t know okay i’m going to try uh to make a joke i don’t okay here we go we’ll get to it or i’ll

Get to it so uh just got off work uh it sucked because uh this is day yeah this is day three uh with no gabapentin i blew it up the other day obviously i’m sure a chunk of you have seen that video dude if you haven’t seen that video go freaking watch me blow this stuff up it’s awesome okay if you don’t like blowing blowing drugs up then i don’t know i don’t

Know there was a time in my life where that was the only thing i wouldn’t want to blow up seriously well not people too i’m not you know sorry you shouldn’t even have to say that it shouldn’t even have to be something you have to say that nowadays i feel like that may i don’t know oh dude i i have dude my head freaking hurts keeping a positive attitude though it

Just dude when when you feel like this when you’re not feeling good withdrawing from stuff dude it just man i’ve done this too many times getting off stuff and if you just are negative and just thinking about how crappy you feel it is so much harder the day goes by so much slower than it already does um man it’s freaking it’s hard to come out of that and anyway

Put that apart but but yeah dude feeling feeling restless and agitated that icky feeling you know kind of like uh you know it’s it’s similar to you know if you’ve ever gotten off an opiate or an opioid or whatever that that restless kind of that icky feeling it’s it’s it’s it’s really like that pretty much that’s what it is um so obviously i have dealt with that

Before it’s not fun not something i want to do but something i got to do you know honestly this is dude this is freaking good for me seriously uh it’s what i deserve i dabbled and i knew what i was doing and this is obviously just it’s fair it’s you know is what it is uh but this is good for me i need to i need i need to go through this crap because uh i don’t

Know man i was gonna say this the other day so i think with gabapentin one of the big reasons why i justified using it and just like was kind of like ah whatever so i mean i knew i wasn’t shouldn’t be doing it and whatever but uh i think one of the reasons is is i’ve dabbled with it enough to feel the adverse effects okay but i haven’t gotten completely burnt by

It you know what i mean like we’re like opioids and stuff opiates and stuff like i’m not tempted by those at at all like at all because i’ve been there done that i played that game you know what i mean you do that for a decade plus and you know the whole thing uh yeah i know yeah i can make you high whatever but it’s terrible it it i know the end game i know how

Terribly terribly hard it is to get off of and blah blah blah blah okay benzodiazepines i know the game it’s not worth it blah blah blah with gabapentin yeah i know but i don’t really really know because i haven’t experienced it myself or you know what i mean so that’s i’m just saying it’s not logical thinking at all but i just know me being straight up honest

Like i know that that’s that was definitely part of it you know um but uh but yeah dude i don’t know i probably said this freaking headache dude i don’t have a lot of energy either and like i said i’m keeping a positive attitude i know this video might seem like wow he sounds like he’s having really a lot of fun here but not not the case um yeah feeling restless

Legs dude uh but but you know is what it is dude we just gotta keep fricking grinding away uh you know i i blew it up i don’t have a choice good thing i blew it up it is a good thing i blew it up uh just because yeah dude i think if i would have had some today i probably would have taken some today and and what is i’ve noticed has been hard with the gabapentin

This go around is you know if i took a little bit to kind of ease up some of the symptoms and feel a little bit better i don’t know i feel like if i had it in front of me like i’ll just take more like i’ll just take a bunch of time run out and i’ll just deal with it that way you know what i mean like so i’m so freaking glad i blew it up which i would have been out

In not too long anyway uh but but anyway figured i’d i don’t know man it’s like i don’t want to just freaking yeah that’s a thing it’s like i didn’t want to just oh i’m going to take it till i run out and then that’ll be that like there’s a mental aspect where i’m like dude i that’s not right that doesn’t really show that i really want to get off of it right

So that was another thing where i’m like dude i need to just blow it up i need to like take a stand and be like you know nope i’m getting off of it and i don’t freaking care you know um dang it i had something else in my mind right now and i can’t freaking remember what it was but anyway but yeah dude it’s like when you i made videos on this where you know

If you are at the stage where like okay i want to get clean i want to get clean but i’m going to have one last hurrah you know what i mean i’m going to get high again really really really high one more time dude no no i’ve done that i’ve been there done that done that never worked never frickin worked never wanted it enough that’s the thing if that if that’s our

Mindset dude we’re not we’re not in the right mindset that’s that’s the thing is we’re you know not ready you know maybe there’s someone out there that that’s what they did and they’re still clean for now i mean i don’t know but you know um but uh but yeah dude whenever i had that mindset failure so i knew that too i knew that i was like man it was crazy though

It’s like you know it’s really weird this last go-around it was like it’s like i knew i didn’t shouldn’t take it there was things i didn’t even like about it taking it it was just like it was something it did something it helped in some way or you know what i mean um but yeah it was just like uh what was i gonna say it was like i don’t know i kind of just didn’t

Care kinda or something i don’t know hopefully it doesn’t sound bad but i was gonna say something else i can’t freaking remember dude i’m tired now all right god bless all y’all v for victor keep on going i’m to keep going god bless and salute

Transcribed from video
Gabapentin withdrawal day 3 By Gabe McCall