June 4, 2023

In this video, I talk more about the timeline of gabapentin withdrawal and about my personal progression with the drug. I also give advice on tapering and symptoms. Thank you, guys!

All right everyone so i’m back with the gabapentin video i’m gonna update you on my situation and talk a little about about answer fewer questions that you had in the comments from my last video so my thing is now i’m back on gabapentin as prescribed three by 300 milligrams a day and i chose to do this because i started drinking again and i think it’s a good

Alternative to alcohol for me to stay on this for now until i’m ready to get off and just stay away from alcohol if you were to ask me what’s better between two i would definitely choose gabapentin over alcohol any day of the week um and so that’s just kind of an update on my story i was doing great when i got off i was off for about three four months and

Pretty much back to baseline completely everything was normal but then i started drinking a lot uh and then i would take gavin to kind of deal with the uh rebound anxiety from alcohol then i just sort of stayed on it and uh now i’m staying away from alcohol i’m gonna eventually ease myself off of this again now some people were asking about the timeline of the

Withdrawal so i would explain it like this the first five days will be very difficult um even if you taper i would say they’ll be pretty difficult um and then from the next five to fourteen days it’ll slowly just get a little less difficult and then so you’re at two weeks at this point at two weeks things are getting pretty normal again probably like eighty

Percent seventy five percent eighty percent and then after a month i would say you’re probably at about 90 and then once i got to three months i was at about 100 again so you get exponentially better the first five to seven days and then slowly it gets better a little bit each day after the first two weeks and some other things were talking about going off cold

Turkey and all this look it’s i’m just going to tell you right now it’s bad enough if you taper and then get off of gabapentin um so do not do cold turkey just no matter what at least do some sort of taper uh what it can be going off at 300 a day just going off at that point from 900 600 300 and then dropping but do not do cold turkey you’re just gonna give

Yourself a lot of issues if you do that there’s already enough issues from tapering okay so take my advice on that people also mentioned that they’ve been on it for a really long time and they’re having a hard time with it yeah and for those kind of people like i mentioned before all what you’re gonna have to do is a very slow delayed taper over about probably

Three to six months and you’re going to have to get precise with your dose your uh tapering your the way you do the dosing you can do volumetric dosing where you pour it into a volume say 300 ml cap milligram capsule into a volume of water so you pour it into 10 milliliters you take 5 milliliters which is half of 300 so it’ll be 150 milligrams and then you’ll

Do it that way so it’s easier to to taper down very carefully very slowly in small increments at that point um but other than that uh if you guys have any other questions about it let me know and then one more thing i wanted to mention about the timeline is the first five days like i mentioned the hardest ones it’s just gonna feel like everything is difficult

You’re gonna feel like your life might even be falling apart and it’s gonna feel like it’s real so just remember that it’s not and that this will very slowly with time pass um and try to do some vigorous exercise during this withdrawal that’ll really help and i hope you guys enjoy the video and let me know if you have any other questions i’ll keep you updated thanks okay

Transcribed from video
Gabapentin Withdrawal Update By Mason