January 26, 2023

This video is intended for harm reduction only. It is made to help those going through gabaergic drug withdrawal, particularly gabapentin. I hope this can inform and help those going through a hard time.

Hey guys so uh i want to talk to you a little bit about gabapentin withdrawal so first of all why am i even taking gabapentin why was i even taking it well to begin with i took it a while back uh getting off of uh some other substance my doctor prescribed it to me for anxiety you know took it lightly took it a little too much actually um turns out not the best

Thing to get off of uh but i did a taper and so this is my second time going through it tapered again went from 900 ml to about 1200 and 900 a day to about 600 a day consistently then i dropped down to 300 and then from that point i did two days of half of a 300 so 150 and now here i am right now on the next day after that of nothing and i’m gonna tell you

About what i’m feeling because it’s not the best thing in the world that i’m feeling uh so basically it’s been about three months since i started it again this next this last time i started doing it i started taking it again because i started using alcohol a lot and we don’t want that we don’t like alcohol um so what i did was i just started taking gabapentin

Instead uh my doctor already prescribed it to me so i thought oh this is a better alternative than being drunk all the time trying to function and everything so that’s what i did and so here i am trying to get off of it and basically it kind of feels like you’re hungover but to a lesser extent but more of like the irritability loud noises all that that’s like

Loud and annoying just more annoying and loud uh everything starts like all your anxieties enhance like um say for example uh you know i need to take the trash out well i’ll think about it and start thinking about it in such a negative and bad way for like way too long and i just need to take the trash out so or for example i was walking to get my mail today

And then i thought my boss was gonna fire me for no reason i was just like oh i think they’re gonna no they’re not gonna fire me that’s a crazy thought i’m no reason to believe such a thing so slightly delusional a little bit that i’m being um i’m very irritable very not happy can’t really find much joy um what has helped a little bit is i’m trying to run each

Day about three miles that helps like ease that sort of irritable feeling and help with the happiness part of the lack of happiness and is helping definitely helping um just very anxious very annoyed and very uh i’m actually tired like not really want to do i don’t really want to do anything uh the things that i did do today i really forced myself to do it or

That i had to do um and it’s just hard for me to see positivity in like my work or things that are coming forward um but i know this is going to pass it’s just a withdrawal and another thing i wanted to mention is it almost feels like i got sort of like hit in the head or something and i’m kind of like uh like almost like some head trauma happened and now i’m

Like recovering from it it’s kind of like one good way to describe this feeling of this withdrawal from gabapentin uh and it’s just yeah just lack of motivation lack of happiness but it’s not like a serious lack of motivation i can still function probably because i tapered but that that should tell you something you should taper when you’re on these medications

People taper taper do not cut off this stuff cold turkeys not good for you um another thing that could help ease some symptoms for people that might be going through something similar is maybe try to take l-theanine that helps with anxiety magnesium that helps a little all this helps a little because nothing’s going to really eradicate this withdrawal other than

The drug itself and then you could use cbd as well that might help you um as well and so yeah i’m just going to try to get through this and i’m going to report back with you in the next few days and tell you how things are going um but you know hopefully this will this will clear up in a few days and there will be some more positivity in the world but yeah let

Me know if you have any questions feel free to comment and um yeah you can you can talk to me about this sort of thing if you feel like it uh i know a little bit about it so feel free to uh ask a question and make sure you subscribe and like and comment and you know you know how to do that stuff all right have a great night

Transcribed from video
Gabapentin Withdrawal By Mason