May 29, 2023

Which is better for your ADHD brand name meds like Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta? or generic brands that don’t carry the big name? I asked you guys to tell me your experiences with both and in this video i discuss my own opinion and what asking you guys taught me as well!

What’s going on fellow adhd is it is mean with adhd and today i want to talk about generic brand medication for adhd versus name-brand medication is it the same thing does it do the same thing or is it different now before we get into this topic make sure that you’ve gone down there and click that subscribe button also click the bell icon stare today with all my new

Content when it comes to adhd medication there are more than a few options that you can be prescribed from your doctor it could be stimulants like amphetamines dex methyl offending dextroamphetamine methyl amphetamine list xfm adair it could be cognitive enhancement medications such as adam oxy teen or guanfacine it could even be antihypertensive medication like

Quantity now most people know them as their brand names so you have stuff like adderall and ritalin and conchata but the brand names can be really expensive over time and when you’re taking some things for possibly the rest of your life then it can become quite expensive and that’s a little bit of a problem luckily there are a bunch of generic brand medications out

There that don’t carry that big name but do forced to do the same thing and have the same effect on you as the big name brand medications do now i personally take name-brand adderall so i didn’t really have anything else to compare it to for this video but i did the next best thing i actually asked you guys so i recently put a poll up on twitter asking you guys the

Question do you think that generic brand medication for adhd is just as good as mambro and here’s what you guys said a whopping 76% of you guys said that the generic brand is just as good as the name that’s to the 24% who said that it was different now personally i’m pretty happy with these results because when you think about it it should be the same as every other

Medication so if you take painkillers for instance all of the brands of painkillers regardless of whether or not they’re named brand or generic all have to have the same base ingredients in what i did find pretty interesting was some of you guys’s comments on that poll more than one person commented on the poll saying that they themselves or someone named you had

Definitely experienced a difference between taking generic and taking brand-name when looking at the two of them together the fda says that the generic brand has an identical bioequivalence to the name-brand what does that even mean that basically means that the safety the strength the quality the performance characteristics everything about it should be exactly

The same now that’s not to say though that there aren’t slight differences beyond that different brands and certain different chemicals and certain added colors that can slightly change the medication as well these slight differences can change the chemical bindings of the medication itself and that in turn can change the rate of the speed in which the medication

Is released into your body this could be why people swear that they can tell the difference when they switch from name-brand to generic versions of the medication now with all that said which one is actually gonna be better for you well personally i think it’s all up to your body looking back at all the feedback i get daily on my channel it doesn’t seem to matter

Whether it’s generic all name-brand i get different results from different people people tell me that the name-brand didn’t work for them all but they swear on a certain generic brand that works for them perfectly and other people have switched from name-brand to generic and they just have never felt the same the only thing you can do really is to try both and see

Which one has a great effect on you no so i hope this has helped you in your decision-making on whether or not you’re gonna switch from name-brand to generic or whether you’re gonna go back the other way whichever it was i hope that this is at least helped you a little bit in that decision and i’d be really interested to know whether or not your own name brand or

Your own generic and your experiences with it helped me that helped you guys i’d love to know what your experience is and which ones have helped you are ma so let me know that down in the comments below also like the video if you did do not forget to subscribe click the bell icon step today with all my new content and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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Generic VS Name Brand ADHD Meds By Me with ADHD