February 1, 2023

What’s up.. Got a pretty rare story here from last year when I tried Ambien for the first time, hope you enjoyed!

Yo how’s it going guys i was about to drift off and fall asleep but i figured why not make a commentary story about my first experience with a very rare z drug called ambien which i’m sure a lot of people don’t even know what this is because there’s really like one story experience video on this drug so i thought i’d throw my two cents in and make a story time

About it as i did just try it last year for the first time so why not so i hope everybody enjoys i got mario kart bad gamepl anyways let me get into this so ambien or zolpidem a lot of people probably don’t know what the it is and i’m gonna be honest it’s a pretty in my opinion it’s a pretty rare ass drug like not that many people are prescribed it and not

That many people know about it and it’s definitely not a drug you can buy on the street so don’t go like looking for it on the because there’s no way in hell you’re gonna find it but basically for those of you who don’t know what it is i would describe ambien as being pretty similar to xanax but there’s a few key differences like i think ambien is a lot trippier

Than xanax like if you take a higher enough dose you can literally get double vision and see like like you’ll see in this story like i literally i was in a car by myself and i saw two steering wheels like what the is that like but it also has this benzo like effect of just sedating you and making you kind of feel like euphoric or also stupid at the same time

I don’t know i literally like kissed my friend’s dog also on this that was a different time though that i did happy but anyways let me get into this so i was with my boy sam some of you may know him some of you may not uh he’s literally been in one of my videos if you haven’t seen the doing 500 nitrous carts in 24 hours video with my friend go check it out it’s

A pretty funny ass story but i was chilling with my friend sam one day last year i don’t know when exactly i want to say like mid or early 2020 something like that i don’t know when exactly though but i’m literally chilling outside just sitting in a chair and this comes up to me and he hands me two white pills and he’s like take these both right now it was

Like i was like yo what the like i was intimidated like just getting handed two random pills you don’t even know what they are and like at this point i have heavily slowed down on any drug use i was just a little bit skeptical but he had been hyping ambien up a little bit to me so i did sort of know something about it but i also forgot to mention so basically

Ambient is used for sleep that’s its main prescription used for but clearly that’s not what i was doing so i have these two pills in my hand i’m like all right it i i go upstairs i take a little bit i’m a little anxious you know never i tried a new drug so i never tried this new drug i should say but i basically work up the courage and i pop one you know i

Pop one and not even like 10 minutes goes by this kicks in fast as hell and i start getting this little like nice benzo type feeling but with a little bit of a twist it’s almost like when i was walking it just like it felt so good to walk like have any of you ever ran on a treadmill for like a while and then when you get off of the treadmill walking just feels

Like really good and you just want to continue walking like that’s exactly how it felt like i just felt like walking and and movement like i just kept like moving my whole body around just felt like it just felt really good and at this point i was like okay like there’s no need to be scared of this second pill like this is great this is like xanax but with

A nice little twist and for those of you who don’t know i used to love xanax like that was literally my drug of choice that was my favorite i was uh what you would call a bart’s heart for a small period of time uh actually on multiple occasions but i was never doing it for like a long period of time like days days days in a row i think the most i ever did zanz

Was like a couple days in a row and then i’d always like have to take a break or something but that’s besides the point so i pop this other half or i pop a half of the second pill and i save the other half so me and my friend sam can snort it and after i popped this seth at the second half i just like i was like all right i need to rail this like right now like

This is getting amazing so i break down the other half of the ambien sam snorts half of that so i basically ambien is in 10 milligram pills so i basically popped 15 milligrams and then snorted like two or two and a half so after i railed this this quarter of a pill i don’t know what happened but like th just snorting i don’t know if it was because i snorted

It but like snorting this ambien just made me like it’s it just geeked me like so hard like i started like i started walking down the stairs like really just i could you could say i look kind of up but no one saw me obviously like his family didn’t see this but i was walking down the stairs up because i wanted to go to the car and uh smoke some weeds to

Potentiate this a bit so i go to the car by myself and this is where it gets interesting so i started smoking weed and you know out of nowhere i just got really confused like i just like i was like what’s happening right now like i was holding the bowl i did not understand what it is i was like trying to do exactly and i like looked out of the the window of

The car real quick and like i saw like like my hair is very long if you didn’t know and i saw like my hair get multiplied like i had like double vision on my hair and then i like i looked at the steering wheel and there were two steering wheels bro like i i literally it was only for like one second but i i had never experienced anything like that before and

Uh after just being really confused for a bit uh i eventually smoked the weed i did figure that out and i got out of the car and you after you know after the ambien hits really hard you sort of go through this weird period where it’s it’s fading away but you you can’t really like understand time in this period like before you know it it’s wore off but like

How long you have no idea but yeah that was basically my uh story of my first experience with ambien uh i think ambien is a pretty cool drug i don’t think it’s like really something that you can abuse easily because like i said it’s like a pretty rare prescription drug and if any of you have tried it for whatever reason i’d love to hear about in the comments

Because i honestly just want to see how big of the community of people that have done it because i don’t know it seems like a pretty rare thing to me at least like i was literally watching a george lopez story about him doing champion and he like he got so up off ambien that he thought he was he he put a suit on because he thought he was about to go on stage

Like that’s how up the ship gets people and i can also make another video on some other ambient experiences like when i kiss my friend’s dog just just let me know if you want to see that and yeah i hope you guys enjoyed the video this video about the first time i did ambien and uh i’ll talk to you guys in the next one have a great day peace one time i was

Taking some ambien and i was i caught myself putting my suit on like to go do a show i was going to las vegas i was upstairs putting on my suit i thought my bedroom was my dressing room i was all in the suit they’re like where are you going i said i’m going on stage they’re like hey wake up i was gone

Transcribed from video