June 4, 2023

founder Lisa Copen shares how she is dealing with side effects of prednisone in women,from illnesses that cause weight gain to the frustrations of how prednisone causes weight gain. Her sense of humor will leave you laughing through tears especially if you’ve dealt with weight increase medicine.

An illness also brings about a new vocabulary i’ve been on prednisone for a long time if you haven’t noticed i had a nice round face to begin with but i could do a little makeup and it wasn’t bad prednisone goodness and he you don’t know how lucky they are the i’m letting my husband videotape this because i have doctrine cameras through here um but if you’ve ever

Been on any kind of steroid or medicine like for typing where you’ve gained weight you’ve you’ve been there cuz it’s so frustrating but they actually have names for parts of your body fat now what’s it a doctor sat around on their lunch hour and we’re so bored that they thought they needed to name the different parts of fat on our bar anybody right i mean all the

Things they’ve got going but i’ve met a woman like at my son’s school this year we’re standing out there waiting for them to finish something and she said so we said something that printed out she was look you have the buffalo hop to just like hearing it right back here and at this little section a little fat right back here you get on your neck that’s not really

That unusual i used to wear my hair up and i where does that come from and it’s called a buffalo hop we have i don’t have these yet but i guess you can get fat pads fat pads come right up here if you’re a football player you look like you’re just you know working out a little bit extra you don’t need the pads mmm and then of course the face you may know is called

A moon face or a chipmunk face if you’re feeling really cheery and get this some of you have had this little roll right here of your stomach may have heard some people call this a mess and top then that cute like a little bakery to me it sounds like eight one two mini muffins to muffin top but the other name for it is mushroom top mushroom top if he may said you’re

Gaining the weight i got my mushroom top on i mean who of us wants to be called a fungus right that’s crazy i just read something today we were over at the coast it said life is too short for stuffed mushrooms and i thought the thing that should be like a stuffed mushroom um one of my favorite comedians is need-a renfro and you might have seen her on good morning

America she came up with the mom sent song that made her popular a couple years ago to travel silvana mid-face and she said if you can’t lose this right here then decorate it so see i got my belts i’m decorating it but it’s been and it’s been so long since i’ve bought a belt i hate belts now yeah prednisone all you want is a drawstring on everything she’s never

Know if you’re gonna be 10 pounds up from day-to-day or down yeah it’s like back and forth so i’m going to i went down to the store i thought i’m gonna get it really cheery little belt to make that skirt look better and i hadn’t thought about long aside by all these gobby’s chain belts went over the mirror well i have like shoulders that don’t go back like just to

Get this jacket on i burnt like 200 calories in the bathroom i mean if you had a videotape and they’ll be trying to get this belt on that’s the whole show in itself but i decide to spare you that but i’m at the at the store try to get this belt on and i’m it’s like first i’m trying to do this swing like and catch it like my son’s nunchucks not catching it so then

I start doing that okay i’ll grab the both hands and do the jump rope thing where you go and flip it over but my shoulders only go this far so you got like not hit yourself in the head with it see you do so you get it behind your neck and then you take one arm like this and try to squeeze it any way you’re holding it like the belt and then you hold it like this

And then you get your other arm up but you go through and then you get right here too small the chain belt i remember when those used to hang down on me the chain like you know that i was like a size six huh you sit there one woman walked by and i’m like i have a problem of my shoulders like i wonder if all that clanging was coming from and who decided belts were

One-size-fits-all all the bills i picked up the caps in one size fits all no i’m not sighs all who is this woman named all and can you imagine her wardrobe next time you’re at the store and you sees one size fits all think of that woman named all and what kind of wardrobe she must have unbelievable you know it one size fits all is i bought an umbrella last week

Because i was coming to oregon and then i hadn’t had an umbrella goodwyn fell on time california so if i cute lamella there’s a tag on it this is one size fits all i hope so if my umbrella is too small then the prednisone to really out of control you know oh my goodness i was telling my mom my back i thought this t-shirt it said i used to be nice to look at and

Now i’m just fun to watch you feel if you have any kind of illness with limitations just trying to get dressed sometimes you’re there on one foot you know

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Giggle About The Side Effects of Prednisone In Women By Rest Ministries Illness Support