March 28, 2023

Feline Lymphoma and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

So, unfortunately this boy has lymphoma he also has inflammatory bowel disease basically, it’s kitty crohn’s disease. i’m sorry little baby. and basically for the rest of his life, we have to give him both chemo and prednisone. i’m sure you know what chemo is and the good thing is is that cats do not react as badly to chemo as humans and not even as badly as dogs typically.

Um, it’s like i don’t really notice that he’s having any symptoms from it. in fact, i’m noticing he’s getting better because of the prednisone. so i wanted to show you guys how i give him chemo and prednisone for anybody who is watching this who has to give their animal chemo or prednisone or if you’re just interested. okay, so we keep the prednisone in the fridge and

We’ve just been leaving it inside its little bag. and the chemo does not need to be in the fridge, so we’ll grab that. okay. so basically the first one i do when i give to charlie is chemo. but i’m just going to take out the prednisone first. this is a needle that we…not needle. this is a syringe that we wash because you can just like, reuse these. versus the chemo

Ones. you cannot reuse those, they have to go directly in the trash. so i have this bag here for the chemo one. he needs 2.5 on here. i don’t know what that is closer so you can show it. so basically we stick it in here it’s a really interesting thing, i’ve actually never seen this before in a medication. flip it upside down and i want to get two and a half but you see

There’s a bubble on there and that’s not great. we put it back in. double check it and slowly take it out. it doesn’t get anywhere, which is really awesome. it’s a very cool thing. and we can place that on there. i put this right back in the fridge after i’ve done before i even do the chemo just cause i don’t want to forget. so i also just grabbed a wet paper towel

Because if any of it gets on his mouth you have to get it off because i mean prednisone’s not so great to have on your mouth and clearly chemo is not. bless you whoever’s sneeze that was, gigi. was that gigi? oh baby. she has cat cozies i do feel like a bad mom sometimes when i do this because he’s not happy about it and he fights me but it’s i’ve already noticed that he’s

Vomiting less. he used to vomit probably between five and seven times a week and now he’s vomiting probably three times a week. and we’ve only been doing this for, i don’t know, three weeks? syringe! so you see these, there’s a bunch of these and they’re packaged in this little plastic. again we cannot reuse these. so i sort of just open it up and drop it on the table.

Okay, so with this i have to be very careful because it’s chemo you do not want it on your skin. i don’t think it’s the end of the world if you got it on your skin, but like i mean get rid of that bubble and he also needs two and a half. so this one we actually give to him first so he doesn’t spit it out. versus sometimes he spits out this one. part of it, which is not

As big of a deal. it’s also not as big of a deal if it gets on things. we can just clean that one off, the prednisone, but you really don’t want chemo anywhere. i’m sorry. charlie, it’s for the best. it’s for the best. first for the prednisone, i’m gonna get it in his mouth. i get as far back as possible. i’m sorry, charlie, i’m sorry buddy. i’m sorry. come

Good baby, good boy! good boy! this one has to go right in the bag. i’m sorry, buddy. i’m sorry come on, i’m sorry. i’ll calm him down a little bit. but i’m actually gonna give him a little treat first. as it goes down he should eat something. so that’s giving him chemo it’s not that hard especially because he’s super, he’s a very easy to hold cat. but i do you feel

Really, really bad. sometimes he runs away and i feel like a horrible mom, but it’s for the best. the good news is also we brought him to the vet yesterday and. he eats plastic actually, that’s probably not so great because we just gave him chemo. come on charlie eat this! the vet said his stomach wasn’t as inflamed as it was by feeling it. um, alright, i’m going to find

Him something else to eat. we’re about to plug it in and we’re going to bring the cats in one by one to see their, see their reactions. where does it collect? it goes underneath. it goes below. is he struggling to drink from it? he’s just hitting his face and he can’t seem to drink from it. well he has a flat face. oh no, mom it might be too flat! he doesn’t know he can

Drink from up here. he needs like a pool, exactly. he can’t find a pool. maybe it’s supposed to pool and its just not. he has a very smushed face, he like has to turn his head side to side. is he getting it? i think he’s getting it. he’s got it, he’s got the hang of it now. can i stop recording? yeah *laughter*

Transcribed from video
Giving my cat Chemo & Prednisone | Cat Lymphoma Cancer and IBD By Izzy Kornblau