March 22, 2023

Glimepirida, Gliclazida e Glibenclamida – Bula explicada, Para que serve? Efeitos colaterais destas substâncias utilizadas no tratamento do Diabetes tipo 2.

Gliclazide, glimepiride and glyburide. what are these medications for? how do they work? what are the risks? there is a medication that cannot be associated with glibenclamide that is completely contraindicated. i will comment with you in today’s video i will also talk about some peculiarities and important information such as how to use the pills how do you have to take it

I will comment everything in today’s video, i’m an endocrinologist on this channel i talk about diabetes thyroid hormones so if you like this content i invite you to subscribe and follow along as i share a little of my experience based on scientific evidence so i’m committed to you if i don’t pass any information that i can’t verify. this information about these substances

That are used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes so what they are used to help the treatment is a drug strategy to fight type 2 diabetes is pro potent medications from the sulfonylurea group these medications glimepiride, glyburide and gliclazide works by increasing the secretion of insulin they stimulate the beta cells of the pancreas to produce insulin so how does it work

And the beta cells are more hyperstimulated they are able to stimulate the release of insulin and therefore a reduction in blood sugar glucose levels a glycemia can be better controlled in some selected cases and that’s why you have to have a medical evaluation if the patient increases this insulin release a little, then, on average, they reduce glycated hemoglobin, they can

Reduce it in this case, right, one-half to two percent in selected cases so are considered potent control medications l and type 2 diabetes as i said in the mechanism of action so they do not serve to treat type 1 diabetes, for example, because the patient needs to have a residual function and in type 1 diabetes and it is an autoimmune disease, there is a patient, he does

Not it will have a function of the beta cells of the pancreas it will not have the production of insulin itself so they are contraindicated for type 1 diabetes and indicated for type 2 diabetes when the doctor thinks the patient still has a secretion of insulin and can helping in this treatment for him to reach is a goal you have a more accentuated reduction in glycated

Hemoglobin, which is the parameter that serves as the control of type 2 diabetes because the doctor can determine the patient’s chance of having complications. what are the risks of this substance? what are the side effects? the most common side effect is hypoglycemia, because as it increases the production of insulin it can cause hypoglycemia, unlike other medications

In the treatment of type 2 diabetes, they can cause hypoglycemia cold heart accelerates may have mental confusion and even coma. so, it’s very important for you to be using these substances to stay well. alert on these side effects you can feel one of these medications that you have to tell your doctor because hypoglycemia is a serious condition that can even increase the

Risk of going to if you have a heart attack, for example, because when hypoglycemia happens, the body releases a lot of adrenaline and it’s like that song says, there’s the danger, you have to be very alert because the heart is very healthy. speaking in a clearer way then hypoglycemia is yes the side effect what happens are not the same it is not the side effect for all. as

A rule, according to studies, glyburide is a medication that causes more hypoglycemia, then glimepiride and gliclazide a which least causes hypoglycemia. other effects are also reported as risk of hepatitis, for example so you have to be aware of the color of the eyes (conjunctiva) the eyes may turn yellow there may be a change in the urine color and it cannot be darker

The stools become more, right, it became lighter less pigmented in this case so you have to be aware of these side effects but the main thing here, besides nausea and vomiting, things that can happen any medication oh, pay attention to hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia always happens, it is important to tell you another effect of these substances is that they they can put on

Weight, the patient can gain weight because they increase the release of insulin and insulin is an anabolic hormone no it can be an effect contrary to it happens in all patients but weight gain can happen with the use of these substances they are very used here in brazil there is one available there even at the basic pharmacy at the pharmacy at the postinho because they

Are cheap and only medications they are not potent medications for the treatment of diabetes so they are widely available here in brazil. their use in pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding is not allowed because it can cause harm by drinking and it can also be excreted in milk and children and under 18 they can’t use a substance either, the elderly can use it, but

They have to be a little more careful because it can also give a higher percentage of hypoglycemia it can be more serious. patients with moderate/severe renal failure should also not use this medication because in a way proven increases the risk of hypoglycemia, so patients who have a compromised renal filtration rate also that patients are on dialysis they cannot use it,

It is a formal contraindication to renal failure be very careful with alcohol, because it has been proven that alcohol increases the risk of hypoglycaemia including severe hypoglycaemia these medications have to be used before meals and v. you can’t chew it as a pill and the medication i said that it is totally contraindicated to make a formal contraindication has a package

Insert glibenclamide is that a bosentan is a medication for pulmonary arterial hypertension and it cannot be used concomitantly, you can click on it so always in these medications that you are using what the doctor has analyzed and to see possible interactions in relation to other medications for the treatment of diabetics, for example, metformin, glyphage, it can be

Associated that the doctor finds necessary is not contraindicated, it can be associated with and with other medications for the treatment of type 2 diabetes if you use this substance have any questions or want to know something about diabetes. oh, and don’t forget to leave your like here and leave your comment and i’ll respond, hugs!

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Glimepirida, Glibenclamida e Gliclazida – Bula explicada, Para que serve? Efeitos colaterais? By Dr. João Sório Endocrinologista