March 24, 2023

Glipizide 5 mg, 10 mg dosage and side effect are discussed. Topics include:

Hi this is josh i’m the pharmacist with pharmacist today i’m gonna tell you a little bit about the medication clip beside the dosage 5 and 10 milligrams and some of the side effects associated potential side effects associated with this medication first off what what is glipizide it’s in a class of diabetic medications called sulfonylureas in the us it’s

Sold under the brand name glue control and then the extended release form of glue control xl what it does it causes the pancreas to secrete more insulin it also appears to reduce the amount of glucose produced by the liver and then there over time as you take this there may be some insulin sensitivity that’s improved so what are what are the doses we typically see

With glipizide the regular release you start with 5 to 10 milligrams per day generally split into two doses not exceeding 40 milligrams a day and the dose is best on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating the extended-release usually in that 5 to 10 milligram per day range but we’re looking at a max usually of 20 milligrams a day on the extended-release and

That is typically taken with breakfast and when you are affecting your blood sugar it really is good if you can monitor that to make sure it’s effective and to watch that it doesn’t take a blood sugar too low some of the common side effects we can see with the clip aside people will complain a fatigue or low energy low blood sugar potentially seriously a low blood

Sugar nausea dizziness tremor it can cause diarrhea or constipation depending on the person you know as a whole most people do fine with this medicine so we don’t see a ton of these happening but you just need to be aware of them anxiety insomnia and others can occur you know you’d be aware of the side effects so if you notice them you can talk to your provider

Your gp your doctor your nurse practitioner and just you know discuss the potential side effects you may be having rarely we can see some liver toxicity disulfiram like reaction that’s basically where you’re like you feel like you have the flu you’re nauseous you’re vomiting you just overall feel really really bad and certain blood issues some anemia can occur with

These what about glipizide metformin they are often used together metformin is typically our first line agent for type 2 diabetics or even pre-diabetes and then when that’s not enough they will then add in the glipizide because they work in different ways to control blood sugar so we do see them use together and glipizide is usually its its most effective early in

The disease of type 2 diabetes as your pancreas starts to wear out it becomes less and less effective so the longer you’ve had type 2 diabetes potentially the less useful glipizide will be for you alcohol you want to avoid alcohol altogether if you’re on clipazine just a bad idea to have alcohol with glipizide not only will the alcohol lower your blood sugar but it

Can cause that die sulphur like reaction that we talked about where you just feel too terrible you basically feel like you have the flu just not going to be worth it and if you’re trying to control your blood sugar alcohol is not gonna do you any favors so just keep that in mind glipizide and weight gain yes yes weight gain can occur with a sulfonylurea simply your

Increasing the amount of insulin circulating in the system insulin can promote fat storage so you can put on weight with this medication if that’s a concern be sure to chat with your doctor that what about a sulfa allergy yes it it does not recommend it if you have a true so fond of mine allergy so you can kind of chat with your doctor your healthcare provider

Determine whether you had a true allergy whether they want to try it or if it’s not worth the risk and you need to try something different now i wanted to touch on symptoms of low blood sugar again because that is really a concern with glipizide if for some reason you’re not going to eat if you’re sick and just not going to take in any food or calories over the

Day it’s generally recommended that you skip your glipizide dose because it can just drop your blood sugar too low so the symptoms that we want to watch for of low blood sugar would be you’re just nauseous you’re sweating if it’s really bad you can lose consciousness you can be shaky tremor lightheaded all signs of low blood sugar hopefully you have a blood sugar

Meter you can check your blood sugar but you know some hard candy or some non diet soda or fruit juice can bring your blood sugar up and help you through this the symptoms of low blood sugar so just be aware of that and watch for it i appreciate you watching be sure you always speak to your health care provider if you’re having problems or side effects with this

Medication and i would encourage you to consider dietary and lifestyle changes you know medications like glipizide are fantastic but a little bit of physical exercise every day weird and we’re not talking huge exercise you know 15 minute walk maybe some resistance training a couple times a week and make huge changes in your disease state your type 2 diabetes and

Get rid of some of the is the food that can worsen it we’re talking if you’re diabetic you’re just you’re not doing yourself any favors drinking calories soda fruit juice things like that you’re just it it’s just a lot you can take in a lot of calories it’s digested quickly so it spikes your blood sugar often you know like crackers and some of those snack foods do

The same thing they’re just so highly processed when you’re diabetic they get into your system so very quickly and your system can’t handle all those carbohydrates absorbed at once and so that’s where you get the high blood sugar and over time you know that high blood sugar it’s hard on your it’s hard on your kidneys you can lose toes and hands and feet it just

Just just realize that you can make some small changes in your diet and lifestyle that can have tremendous effect on the diabetes so thanks for watching subscribe to my channel i would appreciate it if you appreciate my videos and thanks again for watching

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