March 24, 2023

I speak briefly about the experience of going off Sertraline after 15 weeks on it, and switching back to Escitalopram.

So i think that one of the things that’s going wrong with me is that i have come to believe what has been shown me in uh relationship mistakes in my life and that that is that i hello annie that i am not wanted minnie doesn’t think so though do you no what is that um so yeah so because uh i’m not gonna get all dour and everything but obviously none of my

Relationships have worked out and i don’t just mean romantic ones i mean all of my friendships like all of them i mean of course friends aren’t as serious devotees as a spouse is supposed to be and when you move cities or towns they often fall away that’s just how it is because friendships are a practical thing and if you’re not around to go to the movies with

Then they’ll go with someone else and they don’t care about how you’re doing it’s just not part of their everyday concern anymore you know and i have managed to keep in touch with friends for long periods after leaving the area in chunks of my life i i maintained a couple of old friendships for decades and you know when things go wrong for whatever reason and

People are individuals you know you’re not married to your best friend if she betrays you or stabs you in the back or shows venomous jealousy obviously that friendship’s gonna end it’s raining outside it’s so nice i like my yard um i am feeling much better now day before yesterday i took another sertraline after being off of them for five days i weaned myself

Off but they’re capsules so i can’t cut the 25 milligram in half so i had to i took those by themselves for two weeks and then quit and five days later i got hit with a panic attack like an oncoming train it was bad i think it was partly my own ptsd but partly withdrawal symptoms and it gave me a an idea of what it might be like for people who do hard drugs that

Make you happy i don’t opioids and stuff can you imagine how how painful and and scary that must be to to need your heroin or whatever it is that was my experience on sunday monday was awful um so anyway so and then when i took my surgeryline prescription medication i first got worse um first got worse and then yeah and then my throat seized up like one little

Pill like i went down from 50 milligrams due to the globe globus pharanges to 25 milligrams to avoid the globus pharyngeus and then i was off it for five days and as soon as i took another one bam within one hour giant mitt on my throat strangulating me and a weight on my chest it felt like a boulder so i’m not taking those anymore so today like i took that at 5

00 p.m day before yesterday and then so i didn’t take anything yesterday giving that a full amount of time to work through my system and then this morning i started half a pill of lexapro e cytalopram which is what i took before which i used to think of as my happy pill and i was actually happy to take it every morning they’re easy to take they’re little they’re

Smooth they’re white you can cut them in half i don’t you don’t have to take them with food they don’t interact with calcium or caffeine or you know and with liquor all you gotta do is separate them by four hours so you take your eastside teleprem in the morning because it prevents you from day drinking you know if you want to have a bevy later that’s okay

Whereas i was always scared with with the other one what would happen in coffee too i’d be afraid to have a cup of coffee after i took uh sertraline because my heart rate would increase and my panic would increase i’d start feeling more anxious and then my throat would seize up it was awful and also the sertraline dealt with the depression but didn’t deal with

The anxiety whereas lexapro did so i’m back to the one i was happy with before and i’m gonna try to just stay on half pills because before i went off eastside teleprom because um i was having i felt like a different person and it could be that it that’s just the efficacy of it that i’d been depressed for so long i didn’t know what i was supposed to be like and

I felt like a different person so i had identity issues like i didn’t know whether the choices that i made on isaiah teleprom were my authentic choices or not would they be if i were off of it and i was confused so and i also had um some physical and mental side effects that i didn’t want um i wanted my body back um i had the the the lactase pro pro lactase

I think that’s what it’s called um heightened levels thereof in my bloodstream um and i didn’t want that so not as a 48 year old woman okay so hopefully all is well and i’m gonna be better again now i certainly feel a lot better this morning and i felt better yesterday too i felt calmer yesterday morning i was still very talkative but that’s because i’m lonely

As soon as i see somebody a shop person who’s willing to chat i am all about that i’ll show them pictures of my house and i’ll tell them my life story it’s like hey human let’s talk so today i’m going to put on my rain jacket and go outside and finish my fence and love the rain and i have a new cherry tree to plant i bought a cherry tree yesterday edible

Cherries for northern gardeners not the big luscious round black ones you get in the okanogan but they’ll be a little smaller and tarter but you can still eat them fresh and you can still can them and freeze them so and this is a dwarf tree so it only grows up to eight feet tall which is kind of good because then i can reach the ones on the top with a small ladder all for now

Transcribed from video
Going off Sertraline By brightphoebus