June 4, 2023

Typhoon Nanmadol is one of the biggest storms to hit Japan in years – and the 14th typhoon of the season. Japanese PM Fumio Kishida has delayed his visit to the US to assess the damage. Priyanka Sharma tells you more.

On to japan now where 9 million have been forced to leave their homes one of the worst typhoons in japan’s history has battered the country super typhoon and non-medole made a landfall yesterday it hammered kyushu and this is one of the four main islands of japan southwest japan has been founded by heavy rains and strong winds the weather has raised the risk of

Destructive landslides take a look thank you this typhoon is traveling at speeds of well over 230 kilometers per hour already it has taken lives two people have died so far almost 90 have suffered injuries but the worst might be yet to come the storm still hasn’t weakened it might reach honshu in the coming days honshu is the largest island of japan already this

Typhoon has caused significant damage yesterday thousands of people spend the night in emergency shelters about 350 000 homes have been left without any electricity public transportation has been disrupted bullet trains and hundreds of flights have been canceled such is the scale of the damage that even japan’s prime minister can’t ignore it former kashida was

Supposed to leave for new york he will be attending the u.n general assembly but kashida has been forced to delay his plans on sunday he appeared on television to warn his citizens listening do not go near dangerous areas if you feel that you are in danger do not hesitate to evacuate please take early action to save your lives evacuating at night is extremely

Dangerous please evacuate to safe areas like high places and sturdy buildings during the day foreign now the panic is understandable because extreme weather events are now getting quite frequent in japan i have some numbers with me to show you narmadol is japan’s 14th typhoon this year you heard that right this is japan’s 14th typhoon this year it is also the

Fifth strongest storm to hit japan since they started keeping records recent storms and freak weather events have caused significant damage to the country in 2019 typhoon hagabus had hit japan the country was hosting the rugby world cup then and more than 100 people had died back then in 2020 annual rains killed at least 200 people in japan so the weather events

These extreme weather events are getting more and more fierce and frequent and that’s bad news for tokyo because such storms are causing serious damage to the nation in the past experts have tried to come up with some numbers they studied how will a powerful storm impact the tokyo bay and the results paint quite a scary picture a powerful storm will crush the

Tokyo bay it can kill at least 8 000 people and cause a damage of some 803 billion dollars japan is not alone its neighbor south korea was battered by a typhoon recently typhoon hinem north it led to excessive flooding at least 10 people died thousands were displaced south korea had to deploy marines for rescue operations take a look foreign looks like they

Were crossing a river doesn’t it but this is a city of pohang in south korea it was completely flooded there was so much water that these soldiers had to bring in amphibious armored vehicles for rescue ops so whether it’s japan south korea or for that matter pakistan they are all bearing the brunt of climate change of extreme weather events so many freak weather

Events that too in quick succession cannot be a coincidence global warming and climate change are raring their ugly head leon world is one is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news updates on the move

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Gravitas: Super Typhoon Nanmadol slams into Japan By WION