June 1, 2023

This is our Group 3 final project on Zolpidem. This video discusses the following objectives.

Hello patient you’re watching this video to learn about your prescription zopidom by the end of this video you understand what your medication is and how it works what side effects you may experience and why your doctor prescribed it and how to safely use it sobitum is classified as a rapid release hypnotic medication to treat your short-term insomnia this is a

Fast-acting drug designed to help your sleep schedule get back to normal and increase your total sleep time your central nervous system is composed of your brain and spinal cord this affects and regulates your entire body if your central nervous system is stimulated then you’re going to feel more jittery if your central nervous system is slow you will feel more

Relaxed and this is exactly the method used by zopidum in your brain you have a very important inhibitory transmitter called gaba it actually makes up 50 of your entire inhibitor activity what zolpidum does is it increases the scavenge and now that gabas increase it quiets all those other excitatory processes in your brain and bam just like that you’re gonna feel

More sleepy and relaxed now some common side effects of this medication are reduce alertness sleepiness drowsiness dizziness and other slight alterations in psychomotor function adverse effects are central nervous system depression and memory loss one rare and dangerous adverse effect is that some people will perform complex attacks while in a sleeping state now

This can range from eating to cooking to driving or to any other types of sleepwalking activity since obviously this is very dangerous you must notify your doctor right away now to take the dosage zopinum is to take an orally as a whole tablet not chewed and before bed without food if you’ve inscribed ambien you should feel an effect within 30 minutes and accept

A two to three hour effect if you’ve been inscribed ambient cr you’re still going to feel that immediate effect however you will also have an extended release of zolpidem up to eight hours it is important to make sure you have at least eight hours of sleep after taking this medication and do not exceed your prescribed dose in 24 hours you have been prescribed this

Dosage from two days and up to four weeks the reason why you prescribe this medication intermittently is because of dependence since we know zolpidem is affecting gaba and increasing it we don’t want your brain to get too dependent on the process and stop making gaba this can lead to tolerance and you won’t be able to sleep as well after you quit the dosage the

Effectiveness of zopidama decreases with prolonged or continuous use so it is very important to follow the dosage instructions if you feel as though your prescription is too strong or it’s not working for you do not adjust or change the dosage without asking your doctor as your doctor may want to weigh you off instead of quitting it automatically one last note it

Is very important that you do not consume alcohol while taking zobita both zobidum and alcohol are central nervousness and depressants this combination can lead to severe depression the sense of nervousness and possibly even death so if you plan on taking other medication that suppresses your central nervous system please consult your doctor first thank you for

Watching and have a good night’s rest

Transcribed from video
Group 3 Final Project- Zolpidem By Amy Iniguez