December 8, 2022

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Grocery so you guys i just wanted to hop on here and talk to you about the h pylori some of you guys know of what um h pylori is it’s helibacter polari i think that’s what it’s called which is a bacteria that enters into the stomach you can get from food you can get through saliva um or through oral sex um and you so you can pass it you know those ways and you

Can gain it from seafood or meat um so if you do have colobactor polari it usually comes with gastritis um it can come with the globus it can come with acid reflux gerd um ibm you know any of those kinds of things um you know strong stomach acids as such so let’s talk about the medicine so usually what they’ll give you is an amoxicillin 500 milligram clear the

Myosin 500 milligram and a pantone result or a mep result okay so for me personally i lost like 20 30 pounds while going through the symptoms alone you know um and taking the medicine right so i was taking the medicine the amoxicillin pantry so half the days i couldn’t keep it down it was making me vomit making my stomach hurt it was causing a lot of issues um

You know like chest pain heartburn like i had a lot going on um nausea dizziness um so so the amoxicillin declared the my sin mix might do that now the reason why they like to give um a mep ameprazole and pantoprazole one or the other not both is because it helps reduce the stomach acid and actually helps the stomach to heal okay which is really good and positive

Okay but they might prescribe you pilera because it’s first line at treating on the condition but it’s a lot more medicine at a higher frequency for less time right so they pretty much give you a boost of medicine but if you’re having troubles doing the amoxicillin and clear the myosin paler probably isn’t for you um and if you’re having problems holding down

Medicine at all then they’re probably going to put you on a liquid diet a brat diet um or the maybe it’s called like boris something like that kind of diet um and how you typically find out if you have h pylori or you know if you’ve eradicated h pylori is by doing a endoscopy and or a poop sampling um and they’ll let you know you can get a at home test through

Amazon and that will tell you um but my personal understanding i’m still waiting for my next um endoscopy to see if i’ve eradicated hpluri or if i have to go through another cycle some people you know they make it through some people don’t i was on and off the medicine so i don’t know you know but i was like but also after i stopped taking the medicine i felt a

Lot better and then i started doing probiotics because i was like you know let’s stay on top of things um but probiotics even have their you know difficulties if you’re sensitive to medicine um which i am because you know all my life i never really took medicine like that so it’s kind of hard introducing those to my system um yeah so you guys um that’s my little

Sphill on the h pylori and i’ll update you guys whenever i have more details on if i eradicated it or if not if not i’ll keep you posted on the videos with the next treatment and if so then i’ll let you know you know how that goes but thank you guys for keeping up this is my review i hope that it helps stay blessed never stress much peace much power and much love see you guys next time

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