June 4, 2023

Today is the craziest day of all: 2020, Halloween, Full Moon that’s a Blue Moon, the time is changing this weekend, and an election is next week! It’s OUR day, the Prednisone Warriors who suffer prednisone side effects like Moon Face. How are you going to celebrate?

Happy halloween happy blue moon face halloween today is the craziest day ever it’s 20 20 the year of crazy there was taco tuesday on cinco de mayo and now it’s halloween on a saturday on a blue moon it is the day of crazy right happy halloween i am a witch today and it’s a blue moon so what’s a blue moon after all right a blue moon is when there are two full

Moons in one calendar month so there was a blue moon earlier this month and there’s a blue blue moon today so that means it’s once in a blue moon once in a crazy time like 2020. so i said happy blue moon face halloween so why would i say that moon face that is the prednisone side effect where you kind of feel like this nice and round like a pumpkin shaped like

A moon actually like the man on the moon except it’s a prednisone side effect where your fat moves from like your arms or your legs and moves to your face it is not at all what anyone ever wants it’s not fun to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself at least that’s how i felt i was like who is that girl i can’t i can’t really who who is she kind of like

Mulan who is that girl i see or when you see yourself in the mirror you just think why why is this happening to me and then you realize that you are courageous enough to take prednisone truly a poison right like if it’s doing this to you that makes it like poisonous you’re courageous enough to do that and that means that you are a prednisone warrior that you

Are willing to do something so hard that it changes your appearance so that you can survive or that you can breathe or that you can actually open a jar or that you have function of some form or another maybe it helps you make your kidneys work whatever it is doing for you it’s coming at a cost right and that’s not what you ever want but you’re doing it because

You know it’s worth it and so if today is happy blue moon face halloween then i encourage you to take this extra hour we have tomorrow morning when the time is changing use that time to do something for you whether it’s taking a long bath whether it’s getting a massage going on a long walk whatever it is i encourage you to take time for yourself so that you

Can cope with the stress of it being 20 20 and leap day and blue moon and a crazy election next week whatever happens next week you need to be able to cope with it and prednisone is making it more difficult for you to cope with stress in general and so i encourage you to preemptively deal with stress maybe it’s sign yourself up for a meditation whatever it is

I’d love to hear what you plan to do to help yourself cope in advance i personally hope to sleep in doubt my kids will let me but that’s my hope and then i hope to do a meditation i’m dr megan you’re prednisone pharmacist i’m committed to helping you not just survive prednisone but thrive while on prednisone

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