January 27, 2023

Fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid, is plaguing the country and killing some of the most vulnerable people: children and young adults. Not only are counterfeit prescription pills routinely laced with Fentanyl, but so are street drugs like cocaine and marijuana, which is killing people in masses. Feliz shares the tragic story of losing her sister, Karina, to a mass fentanyl poisoning that killed her and four other adults. Also, John, a father, says he watched both his sons overdose in his home after taking what they thought was Oxycodone but instead was a counterfeit pill laced with fentanyl. One of his sons survived and shares what happened on that fatal night. (21028)

Derek is there a way to tell if a pill is real or counterfeit according to the experts they look very similar i certainly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and i’ve been in the dea for 28 years my career uh it’s really really alarming but dr phil you brought up the mexican cartels and you brought up coming over the border the mexican cartels are the enemy of

Our children right now because they’ve implemented a very strategic and deceptive marketing plan to go after the kids they want to drive addiction they want to drive profits and that’s what this is about it’s about maximizing their revenue they’re a multi-billion dollar enterprise and they’re very smart very very uh calculating and right now they have amassed the

Plan because this this is not a plant-based drug this is synthetic it’s made in the lab it was made in china now it’s made in mexico but just look at the volume of seizures los angeles in july 1 million fake pills in september in new mexico one million pills historic seizure four million in cash 142 pounds of methamphetamine you believe that you seize what percent

Of what’s coming in according to the experts and i’m not a customs expert they’ve always said over the years about 10 is being seized october 28th of last year they raided a lab in mexico that was cranking out 70 million pills a month one lab so that’s the magnitude of what we’re talking about well sam thank you for being here sam has been here before and is

So gracious and and so courageous he and his wife uh dr laura berman uh sadly lost their just i mean you talk about a superstar kid they lost their son sammy in 2021 after he purchased what he thought was xanax or percocet through someone on snapchat and died after taking one pill and i’m you know we we do our homework and our background this this kid was a high

Achieving young man this was not and he was not an addict and you’ve been working on a law that will help parents monitor their their child’s interactions on social media tell me what’s going on with that and where things are now sam that’s right dr phil the um platforms gaming platforms and social media platforms they’re they’re treated like the phone company and

You can’t sue them so what we’re trying to do is get sammy’s law passed through congress which would make it so that any platform that had children on it any social media or gaming platform would have to have parent monitoring software so they’d be notified if any of those emojis came up if the word suicide popped up a parent would be notified and the platforms with

Our kids on do not allow parent monitoring software integration so sami’s law needs to get passed through our congress call your congressperson and push for it debbie wasserman schultz is leading the effort to get it passed through and we’re we’re optimistic yeah and this is one of the things that is so important about what you’re doing is and i’ve said this so

Many times kids have the knowledge to use and manipulate the internet i mean they can go around there in two shakes they have the knowledge but not the wisdom and all of us parents have the wisdom but not the knowledge we don’t know all the shorthand what the emojis mean a lot of parents don’t know that game controllers are fully interactive many of them are fully

Interactive and can get on the internet and talk to other people get on social platforms can order things they think they’re just game controllers but because they can play other people around the world that means they’re on the web so they once they’re on they can do anything right that’s right there’s playing with another kid for weeks and it turns out to be a

40 year old sex trafficker or a drug dealer they’re grooming kids online in all different ways we thought our child was safe up in his room during the pandemic and he ordered drugs off of snapchat from a colorful menu like a pizza and had it delivered after we were asleep do you have a story or a question for me click the link in the description and tell me what in the world is going on

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He Lost His Son to Counterfeit Pills Purchased On Social media By Dr. Phil