January 26, 2023

Vitamin D deficiency affects a lot of people estimated 1 billion worldwide across all age groups and ethnicities.

Hi guys dr. albert here in this video we will be talking about vitamin d vitamin d supplements and one of the health benefits of vitamin d now i get these questions asked a lot in practice and i wanted to share with you all this bit of information so i hope you find this video helpful now vitamin d deficiency affects a lot of people unfortunately and study shows that

1 billion people are affected worldwide with vitamin d deficiency now we obtained vitamin d through two sources we obtained it from sunlight or sunlight exposure so about 20 minutes out in the sun gives you about twenty thousand international units of vitamin t and so when you’re out in the sun make sure you don’t put any sunblock on because sunblock blocks the uvb

Absorption into your skin and hence your body doesn’t produce the natural vitamin d it needs so for those that are concerned about getting burnt what you can do is you can go ahead and apply a natural spf and one of my favorite would be coconut oil coconut oil has an spf of 4 to 5 so you can go ahead and apply it onto your skin every few minutes to reduce your chances

Of getting burnt and at the same time you’re increasing your exposure to the sunlight so your body can get the right amount of uvb to make the vitamin d it needs now the second source that we obtain vitamin d is through supplements and unfortunately we can’t get it through food but we can get it through supplements there’s two types there’s the over-the-counter

Supplements that comes in a range about 800 to 2000 international units daily and so depending on where your vitamin d level is your doctor can increase your over-the-counter vitamin supplement and then there’s a prescription vitamin there’s two types there’s the vitamin d2 called argo calcifer it’s a green capsule it’s a 50 thousand international unit that’s

Taken once a week and then there’s a vitamin d3 called coke house if it’s a white capsule also a 50 thousand international unit taken once a week now the difference between these two is that the ergo calcifer or the vitamin d2 is prescribed to patients that have renal disease and to patients that should be on a short-term vitamin d management now the fifty thousand

International unit capsule of the vitamin d2 and vitamin d3 seems a little scary to some people but in essence it’s not because one international unit is equivalent to point zero two five micrograms of vitamin d so when you do the math a fifty thousand international unit of vitamin d is equivalent to 1215 micrograms or 1.25 milligram so for those that are watching

An hour taking vitamin d prescription the fifty thousand international units is not as as large so in essence it’s a really small dose now vitamin d is a fat-soluble vitamin so you definitely want to take it with a meal to increase absorption and for those that are taking these medications such as steroids or lestat which is a weight loss medication call a stein

Ramin there is also if you know barbra toll and phenytoin these medications reduce the absorption of vitamin d in your body so when you’re taking a vitamin d supplement just make sure you separate it apart about two to three hours from them from those medications now there’s a huge list of health benefits of vitamin d but some of which includes it helps to support

And boost immunity it helps to lower blood pressure helps to improve sleep and mood so definitely give vitamin d a try into your diet and lifestyle whether if it’s from sunlight exposure or through supplements let me know what your thoughts are down in the comments below thanks and we’ll see you in the next video

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Health Benefits of Vitamin D Supplements | Dr. Eilbra Younan By Dr. Eilbra Younan