June 4, 2023

Healthcare and the health of individuals is in crisis. There are things that you can do. This video will help you to begin to understand those things.

Hello everyone i’m mike buzzy on the founder of east wind health care where’s our purpose to help as many people as possible be as healthy as possible we do this through natural means focusing primarily on lifestyle to help you function as high of level as you possibly can i’ve got extensive experience i’m trained in traditional chinese medicine in functional medicine

In exercise physiology and i’ve got nearly 35 years of experience in wellness the video that you’re about to watch is about health care in crisis and the health of individuals in this country in crisis it’s got great information in it that we believe will be helpful to you please watch it thank you so much for your time we have a health care crisis in this country

In both the individuals who live here and society as a whole as a country we spend three point five trillion dollars on health care last year there are 320 million people in the united states so when you do the math that’s approximately eleven thousand dollars per person per year for the average family that is 28 thousand dollars the average household income is

Fifty-four thousand dollars thus fifty three percent of the income of family makes goes toward health care what is our return on this investment first in a money spent on health care in the world first in money spent on pharmaceuticals in the world 48th in life expectancy the bottom line is that these results are unacceptable and the system is unsustainable in

Order to understand why this is one needs to look at the origins of western medicine remember what we were suffering from in the 1600s 1700s and such were infectious microbial diseases small plaques was rampant in the 1600s yellow fever in the 1700s cholera in the 1800s spanish flu in the early 1900s polio in the mid 1900s and there were diseases like dysentery

These diseases took a toll on human lives people were dying from these things western medicine proposed to cure these illnesses and it did so through antibiotic therapy this was quite heroic an antibiotic therapy proved to be very very successful antibiotic drugs antimicrobial drugs antiviral drugs changed medicine they proved to be very effective in treating these

Diseases and this model was expanded to other things however there was decreasing effectiveness in these other areas however when we look at the types of diseases we have today they are not infectious diseases and this idea of using drugs doesn’t work as effectively in curing functional conditions what are functional conditions they’re the types of conditions we

Have nowadays like high blood pressure like heart disease and cerebral vascular disease like diabetes like arthritis and metabolic disorders these types of diseases are functional in that they do not put us on our deathbed they do not threaten our lives in the short term but they do cause problems in the long term and will threaten it shorten our lives in the long

Run let’s take an example of a typical male at age 30 he goes to his doctor for a am well visit is what we’re calling them now and at age 30 the doctor says he doing pretty well uh please a few pounds overweight maybe five to ten pounds overweight five years later he has another checkup and it turns out his blood pressure is up a bit so the doctor prescribes an

Antihypertensive my age 40 his cholesterol is creeping up so the doctor prescribes a statin drug to control his cholesterol by age 45 that his blood pressure is not so well controlled anymore so they had a second blood pressure medication by age 50 he’s had a bout of gout and is now taking allopurinol i h55 he’s got some gerd by age 60 he’s got diabetes and by age

65 he is taking eight medications to control his chronic conditions clearly the antibiotic type of approach is not effective in treating these products is because you’ve got eight drugs by the time you’re 65 years old and actually that is typical let’s take another example this time let’s do a female this female is 48 years old she goes to her doctor and complains

That she’s been feeling anxious lately she’s got no energy she sleeps poorly she has panic attacks now and again she is brain fog muscle pain and her hair is falling out the doctor run some lab tests and find out finds out that her thyroid is a bit off and diagnosis her with hashimoto’s thyroiditis he prescribes levothyroxine which is the most commonly prescribed

Drug in the united states her symptoms however continue she goes back to the doctor with further complaints the doctor runs more labs and says note your thyroid is good therefore there must be something else kind of going on here but we don’t find anything so the woman is presumed to be depressed and given an antidepressant she continues to have muscle pain and

Complains about that so she’s diagnosed with fibromyalgia so after a period of time this person has tried cyclobenzaprine amitriptyline gabapentin lyrica cymbalta prozac fluoxetine effexor prozac is fluoxetine affects her paxil and zoloft and still feels crappy clearly this doesn’t work but why doesn’t this work and the answer to that is the drugs are assigned

To symptoms they’re merely treating symptoms nothing is getting at the actual cause of the problem now we believe there are four causes to all diseases the first of which is trauma and trauma is injury that happens to human beings at various points throughout their life sometimes we recover fully from the trauma other times we do not and we carry that unresolved

Trauma with us indefinitely next we have stress stress is a natural response that helps us survive when we are over stressed however we get into a hormonal imbalance and can have several problems as a result of the hormonal imbalance thirdly there is toxicity we live in a very toxic environment there are some 82,000 chemicals which have been approved by the fda

Most of those chemicals are detrimental if not completely toxic to human beings and finally there’s poor nutrition poor nutrition comes in many forms one is that we do not get the proper nutrients we need secondly we get things that we don’t need which could be considered toxic and thirdly there are things called anti-nutrients which actually work against us in

Black quality and food and good nutrition from achieving what it needs to achieve we take a different approach the approach that we take is called functional medicine functional medicine looks at all of the symptoms that a person has in addition we run functional tests to determine the underlying cause so the combination of symptoms taken together and the tests

Help us to understand the underlying cause the other thing is that we incorporate both treatment modalities such as acupuncture such as dietary supplements chinese herbal medicine vitamins minerals and so on as well as lifestyle ultimately lifestyle needs to be adjusted if we’re going to correct the underlying cause and we do spend a fair amount of time and energy

On that this is what leads to health and causes the correction of underlying problems and the curing of functional disorders we incorporate a five color approach in the care that we provide the first pillar is the digestive system we want to make sure that your digestion is functioning like it’s supposed to the first order of business is to detoxify you and then

To reenact you late you with the good bacteria that are necessary to have a functional digestive system the second thing is the nervous system in the brain we want to make sure that your nervous system and brain are functioning properly and there are nutritional things that you can do diet things that you can do in lifestyle factors that are helpful to to support

Your nervous system and quality brain function the third thing is stress and hormone balancing the fourth is proper nutrition and the fifth is exercise and exercise and proper nutrition are individual based on the person’s body type and physiologic makeup overall we provide an individualized program that helps people to be healthy if you would like more information

Contact us at east one health care at 920 9970 511 or w acupuncture appleton com we have offices in appleton and fond du lac to serve you

Transcribed from video
Health Crisis Video By Michael Buyze