March 22, 2023

Hey guys welcome back to my channel anyway this is gonna be quick little video right now because one what’s taking me to school pre-cla pre-k is closed for maybe two weeks we’ll find out more later um tasha is in getting uh she had to get a shot updated shot or something so she has amelia and with her and i am sitting in the car um and where to start guys guys

Okay first off first off i get a cancer patient needing to do things you know that make them happy and and bring joy and bring happiness and for them to live their life you know um i understand all of that now the part where i’m a little set of back on is i i just had the gut feeling that they would take jerry’s van rather than um oops hold on rather than take

Lisa’s car because lisa’s car was smaller is small that we knew of um the bloopers at the end with her uh pulse are the oxygen level you have to leave your finger in there a little bit and not just a couple seconds and 97 will then be never smoking i don’t know i mean i’m at 99 and they leave it on like a minute or two and i’ve smoked for over 40 years so um

Also her blood pressure was like 137 over something it was a little elevated it was a little elevated and good for alicia calling around on those blue lips good for alicia um because they have been blue for some time now and your sister really traveling with stage four 12 hours in a car not very mobile uh not very healthy because she could be prone to um blood

Clots from sitting so long you can get that even taken an airplane ride so people can go against me on this but they could do what they want these are my thoughts and opinions these are things that i’m sharing with you so um what else was said apparently lisa is moving and she said well she moves i might not be able to make the trips back and forth is lisa moving

In with the hensons they’re supposed to be big changes um so we won’t know until we’re actually told the truth you know it’s never it’s always a go around let me make this bigger and broader let me make let me drag this out hi jerry hi lisa i know you’re both watching i hope you have a great visit i genuinely do i genuinely hope nothing is wrong with jerry and

I don’t see how lisa is going to be able to take care of jerry in the way that she needs it because from my understanding lisa has a bad hip or something it’s just kind of like a train wreck and it’s sad to watch i mean i understand if lisa is moving in with them then she won probably company on the ride but she already made that one 12 hour ride we just can’t

Figure things out right um you know and some of my subscribers commented well diane’s been commenting on that for months i’ve been commenting on that yes for a very long time that her lips lips look blue that they have a bluish tint to it like she’s not getting enough oxygen um get it winded the way she does yes i understand some of it is her weight but some of

It is her lungs too like i hope they know how serious it is to travel 12 hours would stage four uh on chemo for the immune system she did mention that she did have money put away in case they needed to get a hotel i doubt we’ll see videos for a couple of days maybe um but we’ll see we’ll see i mean uh jerry will usually do a road trip she has uh when she has

T-mobile so she could very well do a video and upload it in the car because a lot of times that’s what mine do but it’s just something like and jim went from he was had her on her death bed like you know like it’s getting close to saying goodbye to the next day jerry was very happy and then two days later i think it was two or three days later jim’s comes back or

The next day even i don’t even know comes no it was two days comes back and says you know all their plans for this their plans for that how are you making all these plans and such if you were just a day or two ago burying her basically um of course she has her ups and downs many people do especially people with cancer now i understand that however so it is also a

Manic depressant have some ups and downs i’m just saying i’m just saying because you you go from happy giddy you got this package that had no postal marks on it that she said she paid so little when we had a postal service worker who just recently retired put down how much that box would have cost to mail because it was a primer it was a primary no it was something

Postage um priority priority post you know that’s usually two or three days the packages i used to sell my cousin donna they were like 18 to 20 dollars so how she got off so light and then you actually probably spent more in your shipping than you did on the products in the box so don’t get me wrong i i just if it was always truth be told and be an honest yeah

Then it’d be so much easier to believe and so much easier to say okay well they we misunderstood them or perhaps they didn’t say it correctly you know what i mean but it’s always just like you’re going 65 miles an hour and all of a sudden you have to slow it down to 30 because someone shoved those brakes on and this keeps happening with this whole story i do notice

That she must watch here because i’ve commented on the blue lips i’ve commented you know you’re always checking your blood pressure and this and that when you don’t feel good well you should check your diabetes and you’re given the wrong information out you can you can take steroids well you are a type 2 diabetic even a type 1 diabetic can take steroids it’s that

You have to watch and monitor your diet to watch your sugar levels could you imagine if no type 2 diabetic could have steroids and they they need them for to remain healthy to breathe that they’re having breathing issues there’s people on insulin for god’s sakes who had to be prescribed prednisone steroids she’s just giving you an angle that she can’t take yet her

Doctor would not prescribe it nor would any doctor prescribe it if they knew she was type 2 and wasn’t supposed to have it point blank period drop in the mic you’re lying you could take them you don’t want a minute you don’t want to manage your diabetes that’s why that back rash lasts so long that’s why you didn’t heal so well because your diabetes is not controlled

And yes i’m thankful for you not going for that peanut butter all the time because that is no matter what you say high in calorie high in fats and it doesn’t do the body good eating tablespoons of peanut butter i’m sorry also cancer patients yes they need their nutrition there’s many that are on liquid diets because they cannot eat so i know that she could probably

Go on a liquid diet and do maybe slim fast in the morning something in the afternoon and then maybe a dinner or you know the protein shake then maybe a lunch and then maybe a protein shake but you don’t mix these protein protein shaped powders with ice cream to get protein in you’re bulking up why do you want to bulk up help yourself nobody can help you like yourself

Your doctors can tell you what to do and how you should follow a routine but the only person that can help themselves is you since 2018 you’ve been telling us about your you know your injuries with softball volleyball marching band okay so you played into your like 21 you said which i get that because i played 21 years of softball so i understand that i’ve got you

I’m right with you yeah it’s sore it’s it’s rough on the bones but we heal our body heals within time you get it so your body never healed but you know your body so well that it never really healed that you never really followed up with it like you said you say you your blood sugar was being monitored and it was under control and no it’s not no it’s not you’re

The only one that committed we can’t prove it we could we could see it by how the mouth wound didn’t heal how the back wounds still have it all healed how your surgery didn’t heal well so many things that point out to it that knowing your blood sugar is not doing well i you know and from what doctors have told me you’re able to put out there anything you want

About your medical the doctors can’t come on there and say hey no that’s not true because then it’s like them giving medical information out you know every way you turn it seems like you can get messed up i thought that was my landlord at first the same type of truck tasha should be coming soon um then we’re gonna go home and we’re gonna have to figure out like

Some little learning things because on the weekends like we do it but we’re gonna have to pull out like um preschool tablet and writing and you know tracing and doing some stuff but others i said this wasn’t going to be a long video um i struggled yesterday putting up the video on the family channel um it is hard to still type with the thumb and i’m using imovie

Rather than this other one that i was using to kind of get used to imovie because there’s some neat things you can do in there so i’d like to use that instead it’s all about getting the rhythm and learning how to use different programs um yeah guys frustrated then she said she was a little nervous a little apprehensive i’d be very nervous traveling 12 hours in a

Car non-mobile you know uh problems holding you know i don’t know urine defecation i’m not sure um because she has emergencies where she has to go to the restroom so i i don’t know and and is lisa going to be pulling out the wheelchair to push her around or is jerry going to genuinely get out and walk with a walker one never knows and that type of the journey won’t

Be recorded will be just won’t be but anyways guys i’m gonna lean back listen to some music kind of get a thing in my head of what to do with miss amelia today so she doesn’t get really bored because she loves going to school and playing and seeing her teachers and tracing so we’ll have to come up with a game plan um maybe i’ll work out a little schedule in a

Tablet today to see what we could do there are some good learning tools on her tablet that she does have but we don’t like to give her that for hours on end i mean yes to learn and then she gets an hour that she gets to like watch videos or something but we’ll have to figure that out um i haven’t checked for a video yet today i don’t know if jim posted last night

Or today um i believe he would have to work i believe he would get up this morning and feel wow you know we didn’t have to rush to do this rush to do that he could take care of his own needs and wants so yeah and it seemed like jerry was pushing well will you miss me you’re gonna you need the break i’m sure he needs a break for god’s sakes it’s been over a year

That he has been taking care of you in bed really i don’t see you doing that for him miss caretaker i see you would have been pushing him up and telling him yo you got to try this you got to do this you got to do that i see that but i don’t see you just letting him lay in bed for a year while you bring him food and meds and and clean his commode absolutely not

Don’t see it you can’t change my mind on it no you cannot but like i said guys just a short little video uh my focus is going to be on the family and getting a little playing together here of you know maybe do like a little schoolwork for an hour and then like some activity like painting finger paints play-doh um i do want to get a kind of get it scheduled and

Keep her her lunch time is normally at school between 11 30 and 12 so i kind of want to keep her lunch schedule i’m the same thing in a snack just keep them in the routine you know do the best we can but you know me guys and so oh and i got some cute outfits at once upon a child they were so packed i couldn’t even really film in there and i should have known i

Should have known it was going to be that busy but got more foreverly because she needed more than what amelia did and it was like 52 and i can’t tell you the amount of things well i know 10 separates um pants and shirts because they had to be separates to do like buy one get one so to say and then um two-piece outfits four tooth piece outfits four or five and

Then emily got uh pajamas fleece because she wanted the minnie mouse so they have little minnie mouse hud they’re like really thick velor with no no feety feet in them and then um she got a princess anna gown and she’s happy as punch she loves that she wears every morning we have to wash it and it’s the whole thing guys but it was it was great we had a good day we

Went to the dollar tree it was a bigger dollar tree posted that and then a little bit i turned it around on the roads because this is in a perfect position so until later guys you know me i’ll be back i haven’t sung yet and when i do sing then we can switch a topic and go on to something else but i’m not stopping until we’re done with this storyline bye-bye

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Hey guys short Vlog! Would you travel 12 hours in a car with stage 4 cancer non mobile basically ?? By Dydee