February 1, 2023

Some useful information if you have been prescribed apixaban by your doctor.

Hello my name is hilary eden and i’m a pharmacist with over 20 years experience working for the nhs in the uk welcome to hill’s pills in these videos i’m going to provide you with some useful information about medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor in this video i’m going to talk about a picc seban a pig seban is an anticoagulant so it stops

Clots forming in your blood and it works by preventing a factor called factor 10a working in the clotting system in your blood so apixaban is used to prevent clots forming if you’ve got a particular irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation and it can also be used to prevent or treat blood clots that form in your lungs and that’s called a pulmonary embolism

Or blood clots that form in your deep veins in your legs and that’s called a deep vein thrombosis you shouldn’t take a pic seban if you know you’re allergic to it if you’re already bleeding or if you know you’ve got an increased risk of serious bleeding so for example you’ve got a stomach ulcer or you’ve had a recent bleed in the brain or you shouldn’t take it if

You know you’ve got liver disease that increases your risk of bleeding or if you’re taking other medications that have an anticoagulant or prevention of clotting effect you should take pics abandon caution and discuss with your doctor and pharmacist if you know you might have an increased risk of bleeding so for example if you have raised blood pressure you’re over

75 years old or you’re way less than 60 kilograms if you’ve got severe kidney disease or you’re on dialysis if you’ve got any liver problems if you’ve got a prosthetic heart valve or if you’ve got a disease called antiphospholipid syndrome it’s also worth knowing that you may have to stop taking your apixaban if you’ve got to have a procedure so some surgery or

Something you need to discuss that with the surgeon because it may be necessary to stop the apixaban why are you having the surgery to prevent excess bleeding taking your pics band is quite straightforward if you’re taking it for the prevention of clots with atrial fibrillation then the usual dose is five milligrams taken twice a day so dose in the morning and a

Dose in the evening and it doesn’t matter exactly what time you train you take the tablets but try and stick to roughly the same time each day if you’re elderly you’ve got reduced kidney function or you weigh less than 60 kilograms the dose may be reduced to two point five milligrams twice a day to prevent clots sorry to treat clots that are formed in your lungs

Or in your legs the dose is usually a higher dose to start with that’s two five milligram tablets twice a day for seven days and then that’s reduced down to the other dose one five milligram tablet twice a day in the very long term so after about six months of that treatment your dose may be reduced to two point five milligrams twice a day you can take the tablets

Whole with or without food all of them with water or you can crush them if necessary and take them with some food if you’re switching from warfarin on to a pizza ban your doctor will tell you exactly how to stop taking the warfarin and to start taking the apixaban and it may be necessary if you have some blood tests to check your clotting if you’re swapping from any

Other anticoagulant onto a pizza pan it’s straightforward you can stop taking the other medication on one day and start taking the big sur pan straight away the next day if you take too much apixaban you may have an increased risk of bleeding and you should seek medical help or see your doctor but if you forget the tablets take them as soon as possible then take

The next dose at the usual time you shouldn’t stop taking a pic seban suddenly without talking to your doctor as you do have an increased risk of clotting if that happens like all medicines there’s some side effects of apixaban very rarely you may get an allergic reaction so if you get a sudden onset of shortness of breath swelling of the mouth face lips or eyes

Or a rash you may be allergic to a pic seban and again you should speak to your doctor the common side effects that affect about 1 in 10 people of apixaban is when it can increase the risk of bleeding because it’s an anticoagulant so you may get some bleeding from your eyes stomach from your rectum your urine through your nose or through your gums or an increased

Risk of bleeding so if you get any of these side-effects speak to your doctor it may be that you need a reduced dose you can also course and cause anemia nausea ray raising of an enzyme in your liver called gamma gluten transferase or ggt so again just be aware of these side effects there are quite a lot of drug interactions with a picc saban’s so if you’re being

Prescribed any other medicine or buy medicines over-the-counter from your pharmacist make sure you let them know you’re taking your pics the ban and they can check that the rendao interactions and this is especially true for things you might want to buy over-the-counter so either herbal remedies aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen or

Ibuprofen there’s no specific contraindication to drive you while you’re taking pics a ban and shouldn’t really make you feel drowsy and there’s no specific contraindication to drinking alcohol while you’re taking a pic seban but you should take it in moderation as alcohol can affect the way your liver produces substances that here help your clotting i hope this

Information has been helpful if you need more detailed information about apixaban please see the patient information leaflet that came with the medicine when it was dispensed by your pharmacist if you haven’t got a copy of this leaflet or you need another one you can download it from wwm medicines org uk if you’re taking other medicines you might want to see my

Other videos these are either available on youtube or please visit my website www.spmtips.com or

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