March 24, 2023

Some useful information if you have been prescribed fluoxetine by your doctor.

Hello my name is hilary eden and i’m a pharmacist with over 20 years experience working for the nhs in the uk welcome to hill’s pills in these videos i’m going to provide you with some useful information about medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor in this video i’m going to talk about fluoxetine fluoxetine is an antidepressant and it belongs

To the group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or ssris and rock satine works by increasing the level of a chemical in your brain called serotonin fluoxetine can be used to treat depression obsessive compulsive disorder or anorexia bulimia which is also called bulimia and is a type of eating disorder you shouldn’t take fluoxetine if you know

You’re allergic to it or if you get an immediate allergic reaction so shortness of breath swelling of your mouth or face or a skin rash or peeling of the skin you also shouldn’t take fluoxetine if you have are taking or have recently taken another kind of antidepressant called a mono aiming oxidase inhibitor or mao i if you have taken this recently you need to have

Quite a long gap before you start taking your fluoxetine so make sure your doctor knows and never take the two drugs together you also shouldn’t take fluoxetine if you’re taking metoprolol for your blood pressure because the two drugs combined can cause quite a severe drop in your blood pressure when you prescribe two rocks a teen the usual dose for depression is

20 milligrams once a day and that can be increased after a few weeks gradually by your doctor up to 60 milligrams once a day for obsessive-compulsive disorder the dose is also 20 milligrams once a day but again may be increased slowly up to a maximum of 60 milligrams or 3 capsules once a day and for anorexia bulimia the dose is usually 60 milligrams three capsules

Taken once a day you should take fluoxetine in a single dose once a day however many capsules you’re taking it doesn’t matter what time of day you take it but it’s best to find a time that suits you and stick to it so you always remember to take your fluoxetine and you can take rock sateen with without food and you should swallow the capsules home with some water if

You miss a dose of laksa tea don’t double up just miss out that dose and take the next dose at the time it would normally be due and if you take too much fluoxetine then you should seek medical help because it can lead to some side effects fluoxetine takes about two weeks to work sometimes slightly longer so persevere with it and give it time to work sometimes when

You state start taking fluoxetine you may get an increase in suicidal thoughts this is particularly likely if you’ve had suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm before or if you’re under 25 these effects do wear off but if you’re having these thoughts please speak to your doctor or a friend or a relative or seek some other help phlox tea is usually continued

For about six months but even if you feel better don’t stop taking it suddenly when the time comes for you to stop your occitane it needs to be weaned off gradually over several weeks so please speak to your doctor don’t stop taking it suddenly and don’t just let the capsules run out like all medicines fluoxetine has some side effects i’ve already mentioned the

Possibility of an allergic reaction and there’s also condition called a kifissia which is restlessness and the inability to sit still and always fidgeting if you think you develop this go back and see your doctor there’s also a very rare condition that sometimes occurs with ssris and that’s called serotonin syndrome with that you get a fever and increase in your

Breathing rate your heart rate sweating muscle stiffness you can get tremors feel quite confused and agitated or even just sleepy again if you think you’ve got these symptoms go back and see your doctor the other common side effects of fluoxetine are sleeping disorders so either feeling very sleepy or feeling tired sometimes you get a headache and also nausea and

Diarrhea fluoxetine interacts with quite a lot of other drugs so if you’re taking fluoxetine and you’re being treated by another doctor they buy medicines over-the-counter from your pharmacist always tell them you’re taking fluoxetine so that they can check that nothing is going to interact with it it’s also worth pointing out that fluoxetine paroxetine interacts

With a herbal remedy that sometimes used to treat depression cords since john’s wort so never take that at the same time as fluoxetine finally fluoxetine can make you feel a bit drowsy sometimes so if you’re suffering don’t try and drive or operate machinery and unfortunately it’s not recommended that you drink alcohol while you’re taking fluoxetine i hope this

Information has been helpful for more detailed information about fluoxetine please see the patient information leaflet that came with the medicine when it was dispensed by your pharmacist if you haven’t got this leaflet or you need another copy you can download it from thanks very much

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