March 28, 2023

Some useful information if you have been prescribed furosemide by your doctor.

Hello my name’s hilary eden and i’m a pharmacist with over 20 years experience working for the nhs in the uk welcome to hill’s pills in these videos i’m going to provide you with some useful information about medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor in this video i’m going to talk about furosemide i’m going to talk about four as mind 20 milligram

Or 40 milligram tablets there is a much higher strength before as imide that’s used for different reasons usually under the care of a specialist and i’m not going to talk about that so it’s the 20 or 40 milligram tablets that this video covers for is amide is a diuretic or a water tablet it makes you wee more and furosemide works directly on your kidneys to make

Them produce more urine so you shouldn’t take for as imide if you’ve got a very low blood pressure already or a kidney problem for as might is used to treat oedema so that’s fluid retention and that’s usually caused by heart failure and the most often seen symptom with that is swelling of the ankles furosemide is also used to treat hypertension or high blood

Pressure the dose of furosemide is usually 40 milligrams once a day and that’s the hypertension or edema often with a diamond the dose can be reduced to 20 milligrams once a day or even 20 milligrams every other day and for resistant hypertension the dose may need to be increased 80 milligrams once a day but it’s usually 40 milligrams once a day for both edema

And hypertension because furosemide is a water tablet and it makes you wee more it’s a good idea to take your dose first thing in the morning if you take it later in the day late in the afternoon for example or in the evening then you’re going to be up all night going to the toilet so best to take it in the morning easy to take you saw the tablet’s hole with a

Glass of water if you miss a dose don’t double up just take the next dose that when it would be due and if you or somebody else you think has taken too many tablets you should seek medical help there are some side effects of prism i don’t need to make you aware of because it makes you wee more you can get quite dehydrated with furosemide and also get a dry mouth

So if that happens you need to talk to your doctor because you may need to be on a lower dose for azomite also causes an electrolyte imbalance so that means that the potassium and sodium levels in your blood can become too high or too low the symptoms of that a weakness tiredness or drowsiness you can have fits muscle cramps fatigues or muscle pain you can have

A drop in your blood pressure and an increased or a regular heartbeat and you can feel or actually be sick so if any of those things happen to you you need to go back and see your doctor you should stop taking for as a mind if you think you developed an allergic reaction to it so for example if you have a sudden onset shortness of breath difficulty breathing or

You develop a rash or severe sensitivity to the sun or sun lamps or you get swelling of the mouth face throat or eyes sometimes frizz amide can cause the inflammation of the blood vessels called a vasculitis if you get that you may suffer from a rash and fever and some joint and muscle pain and again you should probably stop taping the for is might see your doctor

Straightaway for azomite could also lead to inflammation in the kidneys and the symptom of that is blood in the urine so again if that happens see your doctor straightaway for azomite can affect your ears it can lead to lead to tinnitus which is a ringing in the ears or even deafness so again if that happens you need to talk to your doctor there quite a number of

Other drugs that further might interacts with these include other diuretics non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen indomethacin a number of antibiotics and a large number of other drugs as well therefore it’s very important you let any doctor treating you know that you’re taking for as imide so that they can bear that in mind and check there are

No drug interactions frozen might can because it drops your blood pressure make you feel quite light-headed or dizzy and if you’re affected you definitely shouldn’t drive also unfortunately it’s not recommended you drunk drink alcohol while you were taking for as imide as that can also lead to a big drop in blood pressure which can make you quite lightheaded or

Feel faint i think that’s all you need to know about for as amide but if you do need more detailed information please see the patient information leaflet that came in the packet when it was dispensed by your pharmacist if you don’t have a copy or you need another one you can download it from and they all aim to provide you with some useful

Information about medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor thank you

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