February 1, 2023

Some useful information if you have been prescribed gabapentin 300 mg capsules by your doctor.

Hello my name’s hilary egan and i’m a pharmacist with over 20 years experience working for the nhs in the uk welcome to hill’s pills in these videos i’m going to provide you with some useful information about medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor in this video i’m going to talk about gabapentin 300 milligram capsules gabapentin can be used to

Treat two conditions either as a treatment for epilepsy or it can be used to treat peripheral neuropathic pain this is a long-term chronic pain that usually presents as either stabbing or shooting pains in the hands and feet or burning or tingling or pins and needles kind of sensation and it’s very unpleasant for either these conditions the usual dose of gabapentin

Is started at a low dose and increase slowly so the starting dose is usually 300 milligrams to 900 milligrams so that’s either 1 to 3 capsules taken each day and then that will be gradually increased by your doctor until you get the necessary pain relief or your epilepsy is controlled and it can be increased up to a maximum of three thousand six hundred milligrams

A day so that’s 12 capsules a day the dose of gabapentin is usually split into three doses so you take the capsules in the morning lunchtime and then again in the afternoon the dose of gabapentin may be decreased if you have kidney disease you should take your your gabapentin capsules swallow them whole don’t open them with ag large glass of water and it doesn’t

Matter whether you take them with or without food if you forget to take gabapentin don’t double up just take the next dose at the time it’s usually do if you or someone you know has taken too much gabapentin you should seek medical help too much power painting can make you very drowsy sleepy and can even lead to a loss of consciousness so do seek medical help also

Once you’re on gabapentin you shouldn’t stop taking it suddenly if you do think you need to stop taking our painting you must go and discuss that with your doctor like all medicines gabapentin has some side effects it can cause an allergic reaction so that’s a sudden onset of shortness of breath swelling of the mouth face eyes or lips or a skin rash or irritation

There’s also another severe skin rash which can occur gabapentin although this is very rare and it’s coming something called stevens-johnson syndrome and it’s a severe skin rash with blistering peeling and bleeding of the skin so if you have an allergic reaction or stevens-johnson syndrome reaction you should stop taking the other penton and go back to your doctor

There’s another condition that sometimes rarely occurs with gabapentin and that is a group of symptoms you get muscle pains and aches you get very fatigued you may have a high temperature feel very unwell and you may have dark colored urine again if all those symptoms occur together you should stop taking the gamma paint in and go back and see your doctor apart from

These serious reactions the most common side effects of gabapentin are an increased risk of infections and fevers it could also make you feel quite drowsy dizzy confused tired and a lack of concentration and sometimes in elderly people this can cause increases in the number of falls other side effects a gabapentin include jaundice pancreatitis and you know you had

That because you would have a very very severe stomach pain an increase of bruising and bleeding you can get hallucinations and tinnitus and sometimes you can feel stiff in your joints and have some jerking movements it has always also been reported the gallop entin can increase risks of depression and in some people even suicidal thoughts so if you think any of

These things are happening to you please go and talk to your doctor gabapentin has quite a few drug interactions so if you’re being prescribed medicines or buying medicines over the counter please make sure that the doctor or pharmacist know that you’re taking ever penting and they can check that there are no interactions there are two important interactions that

I am going to mention and that’s if you’re taking an opioid painkiller so that’s something like morphing that can increase the effect together pent in and make you feel very drowsy also antacids that you might be taking for indigestion or heartburn decrease the absorption a gabapentin and can make it look at less effective so always make sure you take your cover

Penton at least two hours after some antacids if you’re taking antacids as i said gabapentin can you make you feel quite town dr z and tired so if you’re affecting this way you should definitely not drive or operate machinery and likewise gabapentin and alcohol can add up to make you feel quite drowsy so it’s not a good idea to drink alcohol at the same time as

You’re taking gabapentin i hope this information has been helpful if you need more detailed information about gabapentin please see the patient information leaflet that came with the medicine when it was prescribed sorry dispensed by your pharmacist if you don’t have a copy of this leaflet or you need another one you can download it from www médecins org dot uk’

If you’re taking other medicines please see my other videos these are available either on youtube or at my website www.scottandjimdeserthomes.com that

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