February 8, 2023

Some useful information if you have been prescribed venlafaxine by your doctor.

Hello my name’s henry eden and i’m a pharmacist with 20 years experience working for the nhs in the uk welcome to hill’s pills in these videos i’m going to provide you with some useful information about medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor in this video i’m going to talk about venlafaxine venlafaxine is an sn ri or serotonin norepinephrine

Reuptake inhibitor and it’s used to treat depression one of the causes of depression is thought to be reduced levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain and then vaccine works to increase the levels of these chemicals so if nf axon is usually used to treat depression but it can also be used to treat anxiety whether that’s generalized anxiety disorder or

Social anxiety or social phobia or panic disorder also known as panic attacks you shouldn’t take venna facts even if you know you’re allergic to it and you shouldn’t take it if you’ve taken within the last 14 days a drug called a mono a mean oxidase inhibitor or maoi you should take valent vaccine with caution and discuss with your doctor if you know you’ve got

Glaucoma if you’ve got any kind of heart problems abnormal heart rhythms raised blood pressure if you’ve got a history of fits or seizures if you’ve got a decreased sodium level in your blood called hyponatremia you should take vent vaccine with care if you easily bruise or bleed or you’re on drugs such as more in the drink and to increase the risk of bleeding and

You should take it with care if you or your family have a history of mania or bipolar disorder you should also take it with caution if you know you have a history of aggression taking benefaction is quite straightforward it comes as 37.5 seventy five hundred and fifty and two hundred and twenty-five milligrams and the starting dose for depression or anxiety is 75

Milligrams taken once a day and that then will be increased by your doctor if ness cerie up to a maximum of 375 milligrams a day for depression or 225 milligrams a day for anxiety disorder for panic disorder the dosa slightly lower we’ll start off with a dose of thirty seven point five milligrams once a day and that can be increased by your doctor again up to a

Maximum of 225 milligrams once a day the doses may be reduced by your doctor if you’ve got a history of liver or kidney disease you should take your venlafaxine once a day doesn’t matter what time of day in the morning or evening but take it at the same time each day you should take it with food and with some water you must swallow it whole and not chew or crush

The venlafaxine you shouldn’t stop taking debt benefaction even if you feel better you need to discuss with your doctor if you feel you need to stop taking it and the dose will be juice reduced gradually if you stop it suddenly you can get bad withdrawal reaction if you forget to take dose of emma’s ak vaccine and the next dose is due soon just skip that dose or

Take it as soon as you remember never double up a dose to make up for a missed dose if you take too much benefaction you should seek medical attention it too much benefactor scene can lead to an increased heart rate blurred vision vomiting seizures sleepiness and even eventually a coma very fact scene takes at least two weeks to work and often your doctor will

Ask you to come back a couple of weeks after you’ve started and vaccine to check how it’s working for you in those two week period that two week period you may have increased thoughts of harming yourself or suicidal thoughts and that’s particularly prevalent in young people taking venlafaxine who are under 25 years it may help to tell a relative or a friend that

You’re depressed and you’re taking venlafaxine and ask them to let you know if they think your symptoms are getting worse benefactor scene is only used in it’s 18 or above it’s not used in younger people and in young people between eighteen and about 25 there is an increased risk of suicidal thoughts within vaccine although in some cases your doctor may still

Prescribe it like all medicines there are some side effects of in a vaccine the most common side effects are dry mouth that affects about 10% of people sexual dysfunction and that conclude include loss of libido and erectile dysfunction there are some gastrointestinal side effects including nausea constipation and decreased appetite appetite and it can make you

Feel a bit dizzy headache ii and drowsy can also make you feel agitated nervous restless and able to sit still and it could also have some cardiac effects such as increased heart rate increased blood pressure and palpitations you may also get visual disturbances and very rarely that some people may have an allergic reaction to venlafaxine so if you get a sudden

Onset of shortness of breath swelling of the mouth face lips or hands or you develop a rash then see your doctor straight away there are lots of drug interactions within vaccine really too many to list on this video if you’re being prescribed any other medication while you’ll take your venlafaxine buying anything over-the-counter from a pharmacy or supermarket or

Buying any herbal ro entities you should discuss with your doctor or pharmacist whether it’s safe to take them while you’re taking venlafaxine as i mentioned earlier one of the important interactions is with mao eyes monoamine oxidase inhibitors and those drugs must not be taken at the same time it’s been a fact seen some of the more serious drug interactions with

Venlafaxine can lead to a condition called serotonin syndrome one called neuroleptic malignant syndrome so please check the list in the patient information leaflet if you’re at all sure about other medicines you can take while you’re taking venlafaxine it’s not recommended that you drink alcohol taking venlafaxine and you shouldn’t drive or operate machinery unless

You’re sure that your concentration and your state of awareness is not affected by the venlafaxine one final thing to tell you about then a vaccine you may find while you’re taking it you have some very small white spheres that appear in your feces when you go to the toilet these are quite normal the drug is held in granules and is released from those granules in

Your intestine but then the granule was passed straight through in your stores or feces unchanged so don’t be alarmed by seeing those the drug is still being absorbed i hope the information in this video has been helpful please read the patient information leaflet that came with the venlafaxine when it was dispensed by your pharmacist for more detailed information

And particularly about the drug interactions if you haven’t got a copy of the patient information leaflet you can download another one from www.mit.edu are taking other medicines you might want to see my other videos these are either available on youtube or please visit my website

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