March 22, 2023

In this video, we will be talking about hirsutism and PCOS. Hirsutism in women can be a symptom of a few health problems but PCOS is definitely one of them. Excessive body hair in places connected to male hormonal profile (like chin hair) are connected to high testosterone levels. For that reason very often you will be prescribed spironolactone in combination with birth control.

Happen and how can we reverse it so stay tuned why do we have excessive hair testosterone levels so our high testosterone levels are most often playlist before please make sure you watch those videos because that is going to actually reverse our symptoms so around 70 – 80 % of women with pcos will testosterone levels high testosterone levels cause acne because hair loss

And growth some of us might have just few whiskers on the chin some of us might maybe chest hair belly hair generally hair in the areas that are usually be prescribed testosterone blockers so if you’ve seen my videos about acne and testosterone blockers and both birth control because again if you’re going to you are on this medication if you get pregnant especially with a

Boy it can to reverse it now especially if it goes to excessive hair growth this is very struggle with it are quite embarrassed we usually don’t feel comfortable with levels by diet and by exercise you should see the results now what is takes the longest time you know when we struggle with acne or we struggle with with them if there are not super extreme and super painful

But having excessive would recommend if you have very very severe case of excessive hair growth you because as i just said before as soon as back so what if you want to get to kid one day you’re gonna go off it and hair loss maybe all three at the same time maybe anxiety as a side effect of your insulin resistance so check that video and start quitting sugar quitting and if

Your body is really really resilient you might even have to do levels very very low i’m not saying that everyone will is gonna have to go that already mentioned is that the results from this might start to be visible six birth control three years ago i never had extreme extra hair growth apart from intermittent fasting for four months after working towards it with results

Now after being extreme dimittam fasting extreme keto so i slowly slowly growth if you would be on this level than i am now now you’re in the low changing your hair growth this is not a quick solution but if you are going to with excessive hair growth i understand if you will decide to go the medication your lifestyle at the same time and incorporating holistic ways at the

Same level and you might be able to manage this naturally what else lowers our times a day and every day it’s delicious you can add some stevia to it or a insulin quite low another thing is you’re gonna probably lowers our adrenal hormones which can also contribute to high testosterone methods you will decide to go with and there are plenty plenty ways but of after waxing

Or after tweezing so you might also look into the hair removal are exchanging experiences it also helps a lot with your mental things connected struggling with that so that is it and excessive hair growth is possibly the slowly slowly moving to holistic ways only please like this video subscribe leave the comment down below do you struggle with excessive hair growth please

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Hirsutism and PCOS – Spironolactone or Natural Treatment? By Agata Pawlak