November 29, 2022

This is my 4 months update about spironolactone.

Hae-won’s me with your and i’m giving my fourth month update of a sparrow spironolactone if i’m wrong i’ll put it you know over down here if i’m wrong month i’m in but i’m just here to give my review real fast cuz i’m gonna be done within a week or five days i have work excuse me i have work so on who knows on when i’ll be in front of this camera again so what’s

Gonna say is so i’m doing my four months review or whatever and so far so good i take it on i’ll only taking fifty milligrams a day that’s it i’m gonna take any more of that right now like i said nothing has changed i said my face is great and um yeah nothing really changed at all i just feel i feel the same nothing changed or whatever less hair from last time no

Not really and also i kind of stopped shaving my legs butt is so unfortunate but there’s so much hair on my legs now so definitely very unfortunate but yeah like it’s okay like nothing’s happening and nothing no bad side effects or anything like that no hair fall from up here and thing like that everything’s literally a-okay next time i found going to the doctor’s

Next month to like bang on the 13th or 14th i think what i want to do is go up to 75 milligrams and then start birth control as well because with those two together health with hirsutism especially had the one especially had the birth control with a more oestrogen in it then you should be fine but that is the plan for right now sorry this video is very short like

I don’t know what else to say but yeah man it’s been a ok so yeah um i also i haven’t been using the um the vantika the vanilla the that crane thing i haven’t used i haven’t used that crane thing and very a long time actually so yeah so we’re still sitting in my bathroom counter i am i just have no feeling to use it so yeah i think i look pretty ok also uh about a

New shaver thingy utensil and i will be doing a video about that very soon it’s actually pink and white i need to video about that but yeah and i was gonna say no one’s gonna see something oh also i’m going to the electrolysis um this friday and i bought a numbing cream i have to find it i don’t know where i put it at but i gotta find it and i bought numbing cream

And so i’m gonna go on my friday it’s 45 minute session this time also let me say this thank you guys for going to miss rose marie she told me that you guys are going to her shop because you guys saw my youtube videos she won’t tell me the names you know she makes it very confidential whatever so that’s great but she definitely told me that some of you guys are

Going to see her and you know kudos to you hope it’s working out really well some you guys even email me and text me about what to expect and things like that so uh you know hope everything is going well but also gotta say so yeah definitely give me um definitely send me email tell me how late or whatever but um definitely i’m definitely going friday to see her

And obviously i would do an update about that and um i think i’m good i don’t know so yeah so that doesn’t want i’ll do for spironolactone electrolysis update if you liked the video press like it can walk some more prescribe okay

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Hirsutism/PCOS/Facial hair: Spironolactone: 4 months update By Olivia – Dior