June 1, 2023

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If you’re a woman suffering with hormonal acne and you have tried and failed all retinoids and benzyl peroxides don’t lose hope just yet because there’s one miracle pill that may help if you’re interested to find out more then keep watching hey guys this is your pharmacist sidra and welcome to my channel ask your pharmacist where to talk all about health pharmacy

And beauty so if this is something you’re interested in then stick around and subscribe for more hormonal acne is exactly what it sounds like acne that’s tied to the fluctuations in your hormones now first thing first it’s important to understand the difference between the hormonal acne and the good old-fashioned pimples now mainly the fluctuation in your estrogen

And progesterone hormone and even your testosterone levels may cause the hormonal acne so the way you know you have hormonal acne is if you are no longer in your teens and you’re still getting acne mostly around your chin and jawline and we don’t know much why this beard of acne is so common especially in women but it is super annoying because it can basically cause

Too much production of oil which can clog your pores another sign that you have hormonal acne is that you get this monthly breakout because hormonal acne often manifests in a cyclic pattern much like the woman’s menstrual cycle and they tend to pop out in the same place every month which tends to leave acne mark if you can’t hold yourself from touching it and also

If you are seriously stressed i mean girl you want to watch out because stress can lead to hormonal acne because when you’re stressed cortisol hormone is released which is your stress hormone and this hormone tends to affect other hormones as well causing them to be all out of back so basically acute stress can disturb your hormones which can cause hormonal acne

Pretty self-explanatory right now since your acne are associated with these hormones it will make sense to take some action to kind of regulate or control these hormones right so if you have tried and failed these retinoids cleansers uh benzyl peroxides or even isotrece then there is this one pill which you may want to try and that is a spironolictone which is an

Anti-androgen regulates your hormones and that may help you get out of that misery forever so the way this medication works is basically it controls the male hormone androgen now don’t be alarmed females also uh have the androgen hormone and these acne are mostly associated with that hormone so this medication basically works by decreasing the male hormone androgen

The way this medication basically works is by decreasing the male hormone called androgen which has been linked to the development of acne and the androgen hormones like testosterone are typically thought to be um as a male sex hormone but androgens are also present in female body although the levels of androgens and females are lower but still they are actually

One of the main hormones associated to cause the hormonal acne so some women produce more androgen hormones than needed and because of which they get these gross hormonal acne around the chin and jawline so spirulina lecton or the brand name aldecton basically limits the fluctuation in the hormones that can contribute to acne breakouts now primarily spironolictone

Is a medication used to treat high blood pressure it’s also a diuretic although fda has not officially recognized it as an acne treatment but it is very commonly prescribed off-label to treat a hormonal acne in women it’s only available in a pill form to be taken by mouth unlike most acne medications which are used topically except for isotretinoin which is

Also taken by mouth since it’s a diuretic you want to take it in the morning not late afternoon or night time because then it’s going to make you pee all night which is kind of annoying and when using eldectone as an acne treatment the most common dosage is between 50 200 milligrams that’s once daily many dermatologists start off by prescribing 25 milligrams and

Work up to target dosage over the course of several weeks because of the side effects associated with it but mainly your prescriber will actually determine the appropriate dosage for you depending on your personal situation now aspiring electron isn’t one of those drugs where it starts to work a little bit and then you raise the doses and it works much better

It only works when you are at the right level of this medication in the body so sometimes it’s just a trial and error to find out what dosage works the best for you spironolictone does not permanently cure the condition it only works while you are using it although it’s safe to use long term but i recommend using it no more than one to three years and eventually

Wean off once the acne are kind of under control but remember spironolictone only works on women which is kind of weird i guess it’s feminist side effect wise i would say most people get very thirsty while on it because it’s a diuretic but you may also experience um dizziness because it’s a blood pressure um control medication basically when your blood pressure

Slightly drops that tends to cause drowsiness but as you continue to take the medication your body kind of gets adjusted to it and then you don’t experience that dizziness side effect some women also complain about irregular menstrual cycle while on this medication leg or foot cramps could be one of the other side effects oh and the main one spironolictone is

A potassium sparing diuretic which means it can actually elevate the levels of potassium in your body now this is no big deal if your overall potassium level is normal to begin with but watch out because too high potassium level can actually lead to irregular heartbeat and could be very dangerous so it’s important that while you’re on this medication you do

Get your lab work done and get the potassium levels checked every so often now most of the side effects associated with this medication can be resolved by just tweaking the dosage or just simultaneously using birth controls while you’re on this medication just to even out the irregular period problems in fact taking spirulina lecton in combination with birth

Control pills is more effective in getting clearer skin oh and while i’m on this topic i just want to go ahead and make this very clear that it’s a great idea to be on a birth control pill while taking spironolictone because it should not be used in pregnancy it’s a big no-no since the medication kind of impacts the key hormones you need to make a baby so if you

Get pregnant while on this medication it may actually impact the growth or hormones of your child and remember spinal lectone is not the first line treatment for acne so your dermatologist will likely have you try um other conventional acne medications like the topical retinoids are kind of the first line of treatment and your antibiotics benzyl peroxide or

Just a combination of these medications and if those aren’t helping um to clear out your skin significantly then your physician may you know think of prescribing spironolictone and also your doctor is going to kind of evaluate whether those acne are formed by the fluctuation in the hormones then in that case aldecton or spinal lectone may be your best friend

Well the bottom line is whatever treatment plan your dermatologist creates for you try to be patient while waiting for results because it can take up to three to four months before you really notice a big improvement in your skin so really don’t give up on your treatment too soon and let your doctor or pharmacist know if you experience any side effects with the

Spironolactone that way your dosage could be adjusted or we can weigh benefits versus risk and determine whether to continue on this medication or not alright so that’s it for today’s video thank you so much for joining me i hope this video was helpful for you let me know in the comments if you suffer from hormonal acne and if you have tried something in past

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