January 26, 2023

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Hey you guys what is up my name is jessica aka subcor jess welcome back to my channel or if you’re new welcome to my channel before we get started make sure you subscribe to my channel down below also follow me on all my social media which i will link in the description box i’m super active on instagram that’s where i post a lot more of my personality my life

My hair which the that’s the type of content that i post so if you’re interested in that make sure you subscribe down below and also again follow me on social media cool so let’s get started if you’re watching this i’m assuming that you are experiencing some type of acne whether it be hormonal acne or just struggling with having skin that you’re not comfortable

With and you want to go ahead and clear it you’re maybe looking for new ways to do that and maybe you went to a dermatologist and they suggested spiral nalactone which i am currently on so this video is going to be about month two of my journey on spiral nalactone and just overall my experience with hormonal acne if you haven’t seen my first video which is

My month one update i would pause here go back to my channel and click on that video in that one i give a way further in depth on just my experience with hormonal acne how it sort of started how i let how i was led to a dermatologist and then how i got onto spiral nalactone i’m also going to talk a little bit about some of the changes that i’ve experienced in

Month two some of the things that i’ve noticed in comparison to month one and then lastly i’m also going to talk about some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to spiral naloxone aka some of the symptoms that a dermatologist may say that you can experience and whether or not i’ve experienced them in month two cool so let’s start with a little visual

Refresher this is what my skin looked like before i started spiral nalactone i had been experiencing hormonal acne breakouts for about three months during this time before i went to go see a dermatologist this is what my skin looked like after month one of being on 50 milligrams of spironolactone and this is what my skin looks like today in my first video my

Dermatologist recommended i try three different things she prescribed two topicals and one oral treatment the oral treatment was spironolactone at 50 milligrams every single day and then the two oral treat or the two topical treatments excuse me were the benzoyl peroxide gel as well as the tretinoin retinol cream she prescribed the tretinoin retinol cream to be

Used every other night and then the benzoyle peroxide gel was to be used every single morning accompanied with my moisturizer everything i just mentioned is still constant from month one to month two i still use the benzoyle peroxide gel every morning along with my moisturizer i still use the trentinoid retinol cream every other night and then i still take the

Spiral nalactone at 50 milligrams every single night the only thing that changed is i no longer take my spiral nalactone with food if you watch my first video i did mention that i take it with food every single night now i kind of take it sporadically i just make sure that i try to take it every day and i kind of have weaned off of taking it with food and now

I just take it as i mentioned when i’m able to or when i remember um throughout the day cool so let’s talk about some of the biggest changes from month one to month two that i’ve noticed the first being no more breakouts i literally have not had a breakout in two months um i have not had absolutely one cyst on my face i haven’t had one like pimple clogged pore

Pretty much any type of breakout um has not occurred on my skin since i have started this journey with spironolactone and the two other topical treatments the only time that i experience maybe a tiny bump and literally is like super tiny and most times it’s gone the next morning is when it’s that time of the month which is natural like i’m a woman i have mostly

Female hormones i don’t think that that will necessarily go away and again it is super tiny like nothing compared to what i was experiencing when i first you know started this journey the second big thing that i’ve noticed has been the fading of my dark scars this is what my skin looked like when i had started spiral nalactone this was about week two or week

Three as you can see my dark scars are fading slowly but this is what my skin looked like today i attribute the fading of my dark scars definitely to the spironolactone as well as the two topical treatments especially the benzoyl peroxide gel i think that has helped a lot but i also really attribute the fading of my dark scars to using sunscreen i use sunscreen

Now every morning and i put a little bit of asterisk because if i don’t go outside that day which we are in the winter it’s very cold outside right now like we are in a pandemic i it’s not uncommon to go days without leaving your house so i can’t lie on days that i don’t leave my house i don’t really reach for the sunscreen but if i’m going outside i always put

On sunscreen and i can say that that has helped fade my dark scars so so much the last big thing i’ve noticed that has changed since being on spot on the lap down is that my skin is no longer oily before starting spironolactone i considered myself an oily skin person i thought that i had super oily skin and i thought that my skin was actually over producing oil

But actually since starting this skin journey and utilizing moisturizer every morning and every night as well as taking the spiral into lactone consistently i feel like i no longer have oily skin there’s no longer this over production of oil on my face and dare i say i actually feel like i have pretty normal to combination skin this is my face with absolutely

No makeup just moisturizer and the benzoyl peroxide gel and i feel like it just has a natural glow i don’t feel like it looks oily or anything like that also when i wear makeup i don’t feel like that it looks super oily the last thing i want to talk about is some of the symptoms that your dermatologist may tell you that you can experience when being prescribed

Sparring a lockdown the biggest symptom being that you may use the bathroom a lot more because spironolactone is a diuretic for me personally i have not experienced that since being on this prescription or this medication i have definitely increased and decreased my intake in water i’m not someone that drinks a lot a lot of water during the day to begin with

And so i don’t know if that is maybe contributing to the fact that i’m not seeing that big of a change but um for me it has not really had any big impact on my life or anything of that sort when it comes to like using the bathroom a lot more another thing that your dermatologist may tell you and actually a few people i won’t be that person that’s like a lot of

People ask me but a lot of people did ask if my dermatologist prescribed birth control along with my spiral in the laptop the answer is no and truthfully i cannot remember during my consultation whether or not she asked me if i was on birth control or not i feel like she did ask me when my last cycle was um but i’m not sure if she asked me whether or not i was

Taking birth control i’m sure that was on the questionnaire just being a woman the fact that i checked that box they probably asked me but that’s not something that i remember coming up when i was on birth control about 10 years ago for the first time i had a negative experience i was on it for acne and it actually made my acne worse so since then i just have

Not ever taken birth control and so i’m not sure if that goes into why she maybe did not prescribe that along with the spiral nalactone but i just wanted to put it out there that i do not take birth control with my spiral i do know that online it says that you can see an increase in like birth side effects or birth defects with if you’re trying to get pregnant

Um but that’s not me so um i probably will reach out to my dermatologist and ask her about it but as of right now i’m not too concerned and health-wise as a woman i’m pretty good so i’ll keep you guys updated if i ever do get on it and see how that may help cool so that is about it i have started month three officially so i’m about halfway through that and i will

Keep you guys posted there i’ve also introduced some new products into my skincare routine and stopped using some of the old products that i mentioned in my month one update i think i’m going to just do a separate skincare routine video but truthfully i’m still trying to figure that out so i’ll keep you posted there but i can definitely share what i currently do

Now and conjunction with the treatments as well as the spiral nalactone that was prescribed to me nonetheless thank you guys so much for watching if you made it this far into my video make sure you subscribe and give this video a huge thumbs up also comment down below if you are maybe taking spironolactone or you just started it or you’re maybe thinking about

Taking it also maybe if you’re going through acne treatments and you’re trying some new products we should definitely make this a community thing because as i mentioned in my first video i know that this is super hard and i went through my ebbs and flows with my skin as well so i hope this was helpful i hope this was informative and i will see you guys in the next one

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Hormonal Acne Journey | Spironolactone Month 2 Update By Jessica