March 22, 2023

Taking Adderall can actually hurt your sex and this is how, most don’t share about this side effect so I wanted to give you my personal experience.

What’s up guys this video is on adderall and how adderall can decrease your sex drive how adderall can literally kill your sex life i’ve been on adderall most of my life and there are plus sides and negative sides of adderall and one is there is a way that it can definitely affect your sex life and this is what it’s like and this is how it does it if you’re new to

The channel hit the like and subscribe button what’s up guys my name is eric if you’re new to the channel make sure you hit that like and subscribe button i’m not a doctor i’m not a counselor i’m none of that i’m diagnosed with adhd ptsd gad mdd level one autism lost wife and a father to suicide i’m a recovering cocaine alcoholic addict i share a lot out of my

Personal experiences because my whole goal is just that nobody goes through life alone this video is on how adderall can decrease and kill your sex drive it really can so through the trial and error of adderall i’m on 10 milligrams now in the morning and on 10 milligrams in the afternoon it can destroy though your sex drive it can destroy your sex life and it’s

Something that a lot of times we don’t realize and understand because when you hear of stimulants a lot of times you hear of stimulants and how it can make you almost uh extremely hypersexual and not hyposexual well adderall can also make you hyposexual so it ruins and destroys that sex drive and pretty much i have went through that at different phases of my trial

And error when it came to adderall what i found out from my personal experience is if i didn’t hit the right dosage of adderall it killed my libido and it killed my desire to have sex because it made me hyper focused so on too much adderall if i was taking when i did my trial and error at one point i was on like 60 milligrams of adderall a day and then i was at

40 milligrams of adderall a day i am so focused on different projects different things that i become hypo focused i’m just i’m focused in i’m just oh this one project and nothing else matters to me and that means sex and that means just even libido wise i have no desire to have sex because i am focused in on this one project it literally ruins your sex life because

You don’t even realize in your brain that you might not be having this intimate time with your partner because you’re so fixated on doing this project or doing these projects and then when the day is done you’re going to sleep and you’re waking up and you’re not really stopping and taking time and going okay i’m missing this intimate side of my relationship because

You’re so just hyper focused in on different things the other part of it too is that it can kill your libido is because you are so hyper focused or yeah hyper focused even when it does come time to having sex you start to really gets lost in your brain you’re not living that moment you’re not connecting to truly with your partner because your brain is fixated on

Different things the next thing you know it’s hard to get it up i mean face it let’s call it what it is when i had too much adderall it was hard to get it up because i wa all of a sudden in the middle of having sex i’m going hey you know what i need to go fix this or i want to go do this project and i lose all interest in sex so in a sense it gives you like an ed uh

Effect because you’re not going to get it up you’re not aroused you’re not turned on because you are so fixated on other projects other things than living in that moment that’s one of the things with adderall that a lot of people don’t share about is that it can ruin that sex drive for yours because you’re constantly thinking about something else in the moment that

You’re in and you it’s hard to get connection in that moment it’s hard to have that connection looking your partner’s eyes or kissing your partner or spending time and touching your partner because your brain is literally wandering off different places on getting motivated almost on to do this one project next that you’re trying to get it over with the next thing

Too is when it’s not working you start to get really frustrated your brain becomes just focused in on that it’s not working correctly so you start to stress out you start to get angry and it can just ruin your sex life it can ruin your connection with it and sometimes your partner doesn’t understand and you may not understand a lot of times we don’t realize that the

Meds that we take of how it affects our sex drive there are some meds that will increase your sex drive and there’s some meds that will decrease your sex drive and that’s where we’re all different it’s very very big trial and error on this when i took too much adderall ruin my sex drive because i can get really frustrated with myself very easily and if i get focused

In on those negative thoughts of myself of why isn’t this working why am i not enjoying this this is just a waste of time i’d get very angry i get frustrated my partner can feel the frustration they’re not getting their needs and wants met in the relationship i’m i have no needs and wants in that area because i’m so focused in on other things that i’m missing out

On something that’s actually really important in a relationship and it is it’s truly devastating if you haven’t ever shared that with your psychiatrist or psychologist whoever it is that you go see that helps regulate the medicine that you’re on or that whoever you’re more open to your psychiatrist is who’s going to be prescribing the meds uh psychologists though

I found will listen a lot more and and help you come up with different coping tools for it you got to be open with them about it because if you and your partner are not having a healthy sex life next thing you know your relationship isn’t healthy next thing you know you have that added stress and that added trouble at home and what does that do it causes anxiety

It causes depression it causes so many different areas of our life to start failing that next thing you know we’re in a bad position in life and a lot of times it can be the meds that are tools to make our life so much easier so when we are hyper focused on everything else but being intimate it’s devastating you got to have those talks with your partner even if

You’re starting meds in adderall’s one of those meds with your partner let them know hey this could this could really boost my sex drive or this could really kill my sex drive and so we have to communicate we have to talk it’s one of those times that you have to be really open about with your partner with the meds that you’re taking because your partner starts to

Always take it in that it’s them that you’re not attracted to them that they’re not enough for you that you’ve lost interest in them and if you don’t have that communication everybody starts having these old conversations in their heads not realizing that it’s meds that are actually affecting it i went through a really bad stretch with adderall when i was doing a

Higher higher dosage of them of you know what i did not have a healthy sex life sex meant absolutely nothing to me very hard to get it out i mean they they can counteract them and they can prescribe you uh drugs for ed like cialis or viagra so there’s balances that they can do but at a certain point you’re taking so many different medications that it just starts

To really mess with your system a lot but be careful and be open with your partner when you are taking these meds on how they can affect your sex drive how they can affect your relationship and it’s a huge misconception a lot of times that adderall is going to just massively increase your sex drive there’s a huge side of it that can actually decrease your sex drive

And ruin your sex drive because you lose all interest in sex you literally hyper focus on so many other things then being intimate with your partner it becomes something that’s not important to you now your partner feels that they’re not important to you and let’s face it that’s one of the times that we truly connect with our partner on a different level and it’s

Something that is very healthy to have in a relationship and if we start missing out on that in a relationship the worst part of all is we don’t communicate it and now we all think it’s our fault and it’s us and they don’t like us and they’re not happy so now we’re not happy and as soon as your relationship starts to crumble i can tell you this when you’re really

Trying to do that trial and error with meds if you’re not open about it and that relationship starts crumbling it makes a trial and error so much more difficult because nobody is communicating at all to find out what areas in your relationship that it’s affecting along with what it’s affecting in your brain so adderall is a very very positive drug i’ve been on it

For a very long time have lots and lots of benefits to it but it does have some negative side effects to it and that’s one of the side effects that a lot of people don’t share about i’m really open about this stuff because it is my thing that nobody goes through life alone i’m a huge fan of trial and error comment down below love to hear your thoughts and opinions

Of how medication has affected you for the positive or for the negative ssris like antidepressants are very well known for ruining sex drives uh when it comes to adhd meds it’s something that a lot of people aren’t super duper open about it can ruin your sex life too so comment down below hit that like and subscribe button and it’s about sharing our experiences

Letting sure that nobody goes through life alone because one of the worst things that you can do especially experiencing this is feeling like you’re going through life alone that nobody understands that it is you that it’s only you and next thing you know it affects so many people around you and the worst thing is is that you truly feel alone and then life becomes

Even more of a struggle so no matter what you’re going through remember this that you matter that you got this and just don’t give up because what you’re going through it gets better

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How Adderall Ruins Your Sex Life By Eric B Zink