June 4, 2023

Allopurinol is the popular medicine prescribed to millions of gout patients around to world to “manage” uric acid level. For those who have tried it, you know that it can lower the uric acid level to a certain extent and then the uric acid level stays there for ages while you still suffer from gout attacks. Find out about the truth of gout here…

Of uric acid in your body with other acids and give you a big picture of the formation of gout so that you can have a clearer picture on how to get rid of it and with that it cure your gout.. let’s start it with the scenario of a factory or manufacturing plant. alright imagine this is a factory. this is scenario x. first, this is the factory and this is the layout of

Your body system so that it makes you easier to understand. what i mean by factory is actually the kidney uric acid, the management of uric acid in your body, and this is the bloodstream. this is the bloodstream and this is the bloodstream and this is the these are the cells in your body. these are the cells, these are the cells inside ourselves. interstitial is the area

Between the cells, so these are the interstitial fluids and lastly this is the synovial fluid. . . this is the fluid inside the joint. these are the places where the uric acid is stored in your body. there shouldn’t be too much or shouldn’t be at all at the interstitial fluid or the muscle layers of your body, and it shouldn’t be inside the joint as well. in the case of

Scenario x, imagine this a factory. every day the production maximum capacity is 100. production means the excretion of uric acid. imagine if you input 200 units of raw material into the factory, the kidney, and the maximum capacity of it is like 100 per day, which is beyond the ability of the kidney to get rid of, so where does it dump it? it is dumped into the storage,

So there’s excess of stock. imagine this is your warehouse. your warehouse can only store maximum 500 units of acids or whatever the excess stock, or raw material in this case, manufacturing capacity or the filtering capacity of your kidney is 100 units per day, there’s an excess of 100 units the cap, the spaces available in your bloodstream to store the uric acid, but on

The day 6 inputting i mean you keep on taking high protein diets and drinking beers which the input of new uric acids keep on coming here, so there’s excess of uric acid after day 5 for example. and then there’s no space for your blood to store uric acid then it would dump it into the interstitial fluid which is the area between the cells of your body and the spaces

Between and then when this is full or the concentration is too high the acid will seep further into the synovial fluids. because this is the endpoint there’s no way you can dump uric acid anymore, so when the uric acid concentration reaches the saturation point, it crystallize and when it crystallize particles of crystal that your body thought as a foreign substance and

It launched immune attack, and and it cause inflammation. that is how gout is formed. now let us look at another scenario, which is scenario y, factory y. alright. okay. the same structure. there’s a kidney. that’s kidney okay, and there’s a clear idea of how uric acid move in your body and how it is distributed in your body and the same scenario, okay? this is the

Interstitial fluid so just to clarify. this is the interstitial fluid okay, this is the area between and then this is your joint. this is your joint. . . okay, this is your joint and this is your bloodstream. okay now here is the catch. alright. here’s the very important points that alright. here’s a scenario is like okay you think you think you have higher acid so you

Reduce the consumption of purine or your acid um so you reduce? so to 110 so the capacity of kidney is still the same it can still process so there’s only access of 10 units which will be stuck inside the bloodstream but the problem is your body do not only have one type of acidic wastes such as carbonic acid, carbonic acid which is carbon dioxide dissolved in the liquid

Is called carbonic acid and muscle when it’s under extreme stress especially when you do extra exercise so actually your blood does not only carry uric acid your blood is a warehouse for the carbonic acid will be sent to the lung to be discharged off and the lactic acid will be sent to other smaller waste so that it can be disposed out from the body, but you might think. . .

Meat or beer or beans then reduce the input of the raw material into the factory, so there’s only a minor excess which is your blood can only store 500 units so when these other acids i only mentioned two, actually there are many other acidic wastes that your body have to handle every single day so let’s say if your body is very acidic already because of other acids, a minor

Increment of your acid to be fully occupied and the body would dump the uric acid to the interstitial fluid and eventually it reaches the synovial fluid and it cause gout inflammation as well, so this is scenario x, this is scenario y. actually, in your body, these two scenario happens at the same time. that explains why some people are already having having gout for years

And then they decided to they have reduced the consumption of meat and beer or beans or anything that can cause gout. but the gout attack still comes. one of the reason why because there are many other acid that occupy this buffer. the old deposit of the uric acid is still in the joint. that’s why cutting down or by controlling your diet will not cure your gout because

It doesn’t solve your problem which is the excess of uric acids in the storage area. that’s why we call it a warehouse where your body’s temporary store the excess raw material or the excess uric acid but when it’s too much it has to dump into some other places which is not supposed to have uric acid such as your but the problem with modern medicine is that um they give

You allopurinol. allopurinol is something that. . . this is the liver. because it doesn’t solve the problem here because there’s too much acid here and another thing the common there are many brands name for it, but the common element is colchicine. colchicine only deal with the pain, the inflammation, but it doesn’t deal with here, the root cause of your gout problem is

There’s too much acid in your body. if a person have too many other uric acids stuck in the bloodstream cannot be disposed off, he will have many other symptoms such as soreness and obesity is all linked to the acid stored in this area. your bloodstream, the space between yourself. this is a huge space. i’m talking about huge a huge space. so. . that’s why you need to

Pull out the uric acid. you have to clear the uric acid in this area. in the blood, in the interstitial fluid and eventually you clear the uric acid on your joint. and there’s no any chemical medicine, or drugs assisting in the medical system that works this way except that’s why you need to think out of the box by using a simple logic. your problem is too much acid will

Go into our bloodstream and first you will clear the excess acid. not only uric acid, the other acids and then it create more space to buffer the excess uric acid and the same time when there’s more space in the blood then this process will start to reverse. the acids will start to come back to the bloodstream from your interstitial fluid and eventually from your joint as

Well. this is how you cure gout. but this process takes time depending on how how much acid is stored here. different gout patients have different reaction rates and there’s different kind of healing crisis because this healing process any great movement of acid especially uric acid in the joint weyou trigger a gout attack sobefore that your gout attack because there’s a

Formation of new but as you drink alkaline as you drink alkaline you reverse the process which you bring out the acid from here. that’s why this when you drink calkaline to neutralize excess acid in your body and to cure gout, initial phase for the first few weeks or maybe months you may experience some real weird attacks because your body is moving the acid out and this

Phase you will not notice a significant drop of your acid the reason is because they are drawing the whole . . . all hidden acid from the joint and from the interestial fluid back to the bloodstream. that’s why beginning phase for the first few weeks or first few months you drink calkaline you will notice obvious drop of uric acid and say in your blood test because blood

Tests can only show the uric acid in the blood zone but it doesn’t show them the changes of uric acid in this zone. there’s no task available to to show how much exactly how much uric acid is stored here so you have to be patient and you understand the logic that’s why it is very important to understand this picture if you want to be free from gout.

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How Allopurinol Messes with Your Liver… By Calkaline International