May 29, 2023

Prilosec or Omeprazole in its generic form, is a commonly used medication for indigestion, acid reflux and stomach ulcers. Dr Hart-Pinto answers the most common questions on Omeprazole including:

So you’ve collected your prescription of omeprazole as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist great these medications are effective treatments for indigestion acid reflux and stomach ulcers providing you use them correctly you’re probably wondering how and when should i take my omeprazole how long will i need to take it and are there any side effects this week

We’ll be answering the most frequent questions about your medication my name is dr hart pinto and in this series we aim to answer the important questions about your medications at jhp medical we make weekly information videos so if you find this video helpful subscribe click the notification bell and the like button to support us in helping you so what is a meprazole

Ameprasol belongs to a group of medications called proton pump inhibitors ppis these medications reduce your stomach acid production and are used to treat indigestion acid reflux and stomach ulcers this medication is generally safe and can be taken by most adults including pregnant and breastfeeding women omeprazole can also be safely used in children and babies but

Only on prescription from your doctor a smaller doses will need to be calculated so who shouldn’t take hemprezol you should avoid taking this medication if you’re someone who’s had a previous allergic reaction to this type of medication or you have an upcoming endoscopy test you will normally be asked to stop your medication before your endoscopy test the reason

Being is that ameprasol has the ability to mask some of the problems your doctor will be looking for during this investigation this medication should also be used with caution in patients with liver problems always speak to your doctor or pharmacist before starting this medication it’s important to clarify if this is safe for you is it safe to take ameprasol with

My other medications omeprazole has the potential to interact with several different medications including digoxin a medication that’s used to help regulate your heart methotrexate cylostazole medications used to prevent blood clotting such as clopidogrel and warfarin some antifungal medications phenytoin rifampacin and hiv medications additionally st john’s

Wart a herbal remedy commonly used for depression can reduce the effectiveness of omeprazole so please avoid taking st john’s wart while you’re taking this medication of course this isn’t an exhaustive list for further information please see the drug information leaflet that comes with your medication what is the correct dose of omeprazole dotting for omeprazole

Will vary based on the condition being treated dosing ranges typically between 10 and 120 milligrams per day larger doses are usually administered in two divided doses patients with liver problems are prescribed lower doses usually no more than 20 milligrams a day so how should i take my omeprazole if your medication is prescribed on a once daily regime take your

Medication first thing in the morning it’s okay to take this medication without food for a twice daily regime take your evening medication around 12 hours after your morning dose capsules and tablets should be taken with a full glass of water if you’re someone that experiences difficulty in swallowing tablets liquid preparations are available i’ve missed my dose

What should i do if you forget to take your omeprazole please take it as soon as you remember however if it’s near the time of your next dose skip the mistos you should be okay to take your next dose at the regular time and do not double up your dose to catch up i’ve accidentally taken too much medication what should i do if you’ve taken too much medication you

Should seek medical assessment overdose of this medication can cause confusion flush skin sweats a fast heartbeat drowsiness and even blurred vision how long will i need to take my medication duration of treatment is dependent on your medical condition for indigestion heartburn or acid reflux patients may only require a short course other individuals may need to

Be on this medication lifelong low doses of this medication are available for short-term relief of prescription however if you’re needing greater than 14 days of treatment you should consult with your doctor can i drink alcohol with this medication it’s perfectly safe to take alcohol with demeprazole however please be aware that alcohol itself can make symptoms

Of indigestion and acid reflux worse are there any side effects to my medication the vast majority of those taking omeprazole will not experience any side effects the more frequently reported side effects are dry mouth nausea vomiting abdominal pain flatulence farting constipation or diarrhea some people will also complain of headaches or even dizziness and

Occasionally you may get a rash to your skin some rare but concerning side effects can occur if they do you need to seek urgent medical assessment occasionally a mep result can affect your liver so if you notice a yellowing of your skin your eyes or a darkening of your urine you may be developing liver failure skin rashes developing on body parts that are exposed

To the sun plus joint pain can be signs of a rare complication caused by subacute cutaneous lupus erythmatus armeprazole can also cause a reduction in your magnesium levels this can result in muscle spasms unusual heart rhythms and even seizures are there any potential problems with taking a meprazole long term taking amepazol long term may be necessary to keep

Your symptoms at bay however long-term use is associated with an increase in fractures particularly in older individuals your stomach naturally produces acids these help prevent infection by killing unwanted bacteria that you ingest ameprasol reduces stomach acid production therefore this medication may increase your risk of gastrointestinal infections rarely

Omeprazole can cause vitamin b12 deficiency it’s more common in those with several years of regular use if you experience unusual weakness altered sensations sore tongue or fatigue please consult your prescribing doctor the side effects that we’ve discussed here today are only the most common ones and the ones that we need to really worry about if you need a

Comprehensive list of complications please review the drug information leaflet that comes with your medication hope this video has supplied the answers you were looking for don’t forget to subscribe and interact by giving us a thumbs up or leaving a comment down below this helps support the growth of our channel and helps educate many more people about their

Medical conditions of course this video does not provide individual medical advice and is intended for information purposes only do not consider this as a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis or treatment please do not ignore professional medical advice and seeking treatment because of something you’ve heard here if you believe you may have a

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How and When to take Omeprazole (Prilosec / Losec) | Side Effects All Patients Need to Know By JHP Medical UK