March 22, 2023

This is an informational overview video about Ipratropium. Ipratropium is a parasympathicolytic agent, that leads to relaxation of smooth muscles in your lungs, and therefore bronchodilatation.

Haider welcome to this short and to the point video on a boat rope in this video we’ll cover everything you need to know how i’m going to use i petropia what is the correct dose but also what are possible side effects or concerns when using i petropia will cover all of that and many more also made an in depth video suitable for medical students or medical

Professionals and can find that one in the description feel free to subscribe and let’s get started first of all a little disclaimer the video is meant purely informational and is not medical advice she looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor generic name most his medication so i petropia well has also known on a several brand names like atrovent

Apraxia up event and rena tech and is available in several forms like those aerials nebulizers and inhalation powders when can you use it it’s used to alleviate breathlessness an asthma or in copd and has also used before lung function tests how can you use it you always inhale it through the lungs with an emulator and within 15 minutes after inhalation you will it

Will alleviate your symptoms and this will be working for three to eight hours how long can you keep using it as long as your doctor prescribes it and advises it to you when you use it for asthma only use it when you have episodes of breathlessness when you use it in case of copd use it every day at fixed times this way you keep in maintenance level of the medication

Which will help you to have less symptoms regarding safety i petroleum is very safe to use you can use it all dragon it can also combine it with little amounts of alcohol and with any type of food without restrictions what would be the correct dose if you want to use a petroleum and maintenance treatment for asthma or copd you’re an adult or a child older than six

Years and you want to use aerosols use 40 micrograms three to four times a day if you want to use inhalation powder use 40 micrograms three to four times a day and when you use i want to use a nebulizer you can use 250 to 500 micrograms three to four times a day for children from 6 to 12 years you can only use nebulizers 250 micrograms you give them one puff and

Repeat within five minutes if they still have complaints you can do this maximally four times so they have a dose of thousand micrograms per episodes of breathlessness when you want to use aperture opium and acute asthma exacerbations and adults and children older than 12 years always use a nebulizer of 500 micrograms give them one buff and see what the symptoms

Are if they need more repeat it within 5 minutes and can do this maximally 8 times so you have two thousand micrograms for children from 6 to 12 years use the nebulizer is 250 micrograms and again repeat within 5 minutes if necessary and you can do this maximally 4 times so a thousand micrograms a petroleum also has some side effects one to ten percent of all

People that use it get headaches dizziness dry mouth and cough throughout irritation or nausea and uncommon ly less than 1% of all people get so far heartbeat palpitations some breathlessness you dima the dry throat aging skin rash probably an allergic reaction vomiting constipation diarrhea blurred vision or pain in the eyes there are some more side effects you

Can find to me a prescription if you think you might be experiencing a side effect always contact your doctor to see if your dose needs to be adapted or maybe you should switch medications then when you want to use either opium pregnancy there’s insufficient research done so it’s not known if there is any possible harm for you or the baby and therefore you should

Only use it on strict indication and avoid it if possible for breastfeeding it’s safe to use and will not harm the baby therefore you can use it as prescribed so in a nutshell this was my video about a petroleum if you’re looking for more details check out my in-depth video in the description or otherwise ask some questions in the comment section feel free to

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How and When to use Ipratropium? (Atrovent, Ipraxa, Apovent, Rinatec) – For Patients By HOW TO MEDICATE