March 22, 2023

This is an informational overview video on Omeprazole. Omeprazole is a substituted benzimidazole derivative which selectively inhibits the stomach acid production by blocking the proton pump of the parietal cells. Omeprazole is available under several brandnames: Losec, Prilosec, Zegerid, losecosan, and Omecat.

Hey there and welcome back to how to medicate and welcome to this short and to the point video on net result in this video we cover all the essentials what is on net result when do you use it how do you use it what would be the correct dosage what a possible side effect and is it safe to use during pregnancy and lactation we cover that and many more in this video

For meeting for the first time my name is raul i’m a finally a medical student and i’m making weekly medical videos to educate myself as well as you so if you’re interested don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming weekly content and before we start a little disclaimer this videos meant purely informational this is not medical advice and if you’re looking for

Medical advice always contact your doctor now let’s get started and this brings us to the slides the generic name of this medication is omeprazole what’s known under several brand names like those a acrylic cigarette butts are many more brand names and it’s available in tablets or in capsules when do you use somet result you can use it for several indications

Most of them are involving stomach complaints so you can use it when dealing with ulcer out of your stomach or intestines you can use it when you’re using an azide ease which is a group of pain killers among which are advil or diclofenac those painkillers can be harmful for your stomach and that’s why it’s important to protect your stomach with omeprazole you can

Also use it when dealing with hard burns or when dealing with the eradication of h pylori which is a bacteria you always do this in combination with antibiotics how do you take on that personal you usually take it at fixed times in the morning or in the evening once a day you don’t chew on the tablets or the capsule and you take it with some water how long does

It work usually around 24 hours so a whole day and the maximum effect will be reached after four days of use and the duration of use usually is four to eight weeks regarding safety it’s safe to drive when using omeprazole but it can have side effects of dizziness when you experience him dose please do not drive and be careful also limited use of because it might

Further increase stomach complaints and there’s no restriction of any type of food the dosage of omeprazole differs per a use case when dealing with asura of the stomach or intestines the usual dose is 20 milligrams once a day for approximately two weeks maximum dose would be 40 milligrams once a day upwards to eight weeks when dealing with heartburn take 10 to

20 milligrams once a day and when there are no further improvements in four weeks of use and you probably need further investigation and go to your medical doctor when you want to use ana’s ids and you want to protect your stomach use 20 milligrams of omeprazole once a day for four to eight weeks and this brings us to the side effects on that result can have many

Side effects commonly we see nausea vomiting diarrhea constipation abdominal pain flatulence and headers uncommon ly we see itching skin rash deema dizziness insomnia sleepiness and an increased risk of fractures rarely you see hypersensitive reaction muscle pain joint pain confusion depression blurred vision tasties orders or a dry mouth and very rarely we see

Muscle weakness allisyn ations aggression and liver failure if you think you might have any of these side-effects or maybe another one contact your medical doctor and this brings us to pregnancy and lactation the userform a poor soul is safe to use when being pregnant or when breastfeeding and you can use it as prescribed so don’t worry and this brings us to the

Last slide i hope you learn something if you have any questions ask them in the comment section and feel free to subscribe for more upcoming weekly videos i also made a more in-depth video on the net result you can check that video out in the description bye bye

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How and When to use Omeprazole? (Losec, Prilosec) – For Patients By HOW TO MEDICATE