November 29, 2022

This is an informational overview video on Prednisone. Prednisone is an inactive systemic corticosteroid, that is metabolized by the liver in active metabolite prednisolone.

Hi there welcome to this short and to the point video on breton ism in this video we cover all the essentials what is prednisone how do you use it a lot of possible side effects or other dangers when using prednisone and what’s the correct dose we cover for that and many more in this video i also made a more in-depth video because this might be more suitable for

You you can find a link to that video in the description furthermore if we meeting for the first time my name is raul i’m making medical videos every week so feel free to subscribe for more upcoming content all right i always start with a little disclaimer this videos been purely informational this is not medical advice and if you’re looking for medical advice

Always contact your own doctor so the generic name of this medication is prednisone what’s known under several brand names like delta’s in liquid threat origin or addison and is available in two forms tablets or capsules brittany’s in has many many use cases and it can be used in almost any disease where your body has a strong reaction against the disease a strong

Inflammation and then prednisone can be used to lower the reaction of your body so you will have less symptoms i listed here the most common groups and i will just name some diseases which belong in the group so for rheumatic diseases can be used for example to treat rheumatic at rightist lung diseases can be used for copd for asthma in stomach or intestinal diseases

It can be used to treat morbus krone or ulcerative colitis and there are many more use cases brennidon can also be used in blood diseases immune diseases diseases of your hormone system and cancer can be used in neurological diseases eye diseases skin problems and even kidney problems so there’s a wide range of diseases where prednisone can be used then you might

Wonder how do you take prednisone you always take it with half a glass of water this way it’s easier to swallow and it also dissolves a little bit in the water if you get stomach complaints after taking prednisone you can also first eat something and then take the prednisone this will lower your stomach complaints and always take it at fixed times so preferably early

In the morning before you have breakfast or fo you have breakfast i always take it at the same time so you maintain a certain level of prednisone in your blood search stays active furthermore how long can you use it this depends a bit on the indication but usually days to weeks but it can be longer if it’s necessary always discuss this with your doctor regarding

Safety are no restrictions for the use of prednisone can be used safely while driving can be combined with alcohol on a little amounts and it can be combined with any type of food then what does of prednisone would be the correct on this depends on your treatment type you have three kinds of treatments substitution therapy this is suitable for people who do not

Make their body’s own prednisone shock or acute treatment this is mostly useful for people who have a strong inflammation reaction of their body so in an asthma or copd attack for example and the last kind of treatment is a maintenance treatment does she usually take a longer time and this is suitable for the treatment of romantica try this for example so in the

Substitution therapy you take a low doses turn off to five milligrams and maybe a little bit more once or twice a day and you use this for a long term because you’re replacing your body’s own prednisone then in shock or acute treatment you take higher doses 30 to 80 or maybe a little bit more milligrams per day divided over one to four doses and you do this a few

Days to a few weeks and then lastly a maintenance treatment the dose can vary it from low to high and you take it for several weeks to even months or in some cases years bredesen is an incredible medicine and it can help you a lot but it also can have severe side effects immediately after you start using it you have a rare chance on any of those side effects so

Stomach or intestinal complaints a higher chance on an infection headache or dizziness muscle complains a change of your feelings or your mood symptoms of diabetes so a lot of drinking a lot of being you can a fluid retention where you will have more fluids in your ankle for example this is called edema it can get hard to rhythm problems and if you use prednisone

For more than three weeks in a dose higher than seven and a half milligrams per day you sometimes can get an increase in weight and a fat face chubby cheeks and this is because of fluids boo deema getting into your cheeks rarely we see the side effects of a thicker red skin and children they might grow a little bit slower and maybe brittle bones or osteoporosis

As it’s called you may have too little potassium in your blood or too much cholesterol you may get cataract which is permanent cloudiness of your islands you may get clogged coma we should increased eye pressure so you get pain in your eye looking at fertility it’s known that male patients who take prednisone for a long term so more than a few weeks in high dosage

May have reduced fertility and even after stopping it will take up to several months before it’s restores and pregnancy the use of prednisone might be harmful for you and your baby i might lead to growth slowdown in the baby according to the prescriptions you can use prednisone while being pregnant but we advise to do so only for the shortest possible amount in

The lowest dose and if you can please avoid using prednisone regarding lactation or breastfeeding you need to know that prednisone is safe to use but after taking the tablet wait three to four hours before you start breastfeeding this way the highest dose of prednisone already be out of your body i will not get into your breast milk also it is advised to monitor

Your child closely and growth and development just to make sure this was my short overview on prednisone i hope you learned something if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section or check out my in-depth video you find a link in the description don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming amazing videos thank you for watching and as always see you next time

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How and When to Use Prednisone? (Deltasone, Orasone, Adasone) – For patients By HOW TO MEDICATE