June 4, 2023

This video is about How can blood pressure be controlled while on steroids?

Hey guys leave my maxixe here i want to say a few words before this next episode of ask the doc so number one dr. brennan i wanted to thank you for watching your show make it so popular it’s really taken off and we appreciate your feedback and your questions and for most parts that are very very question good questions but what i want to say is a few things number

One before you submit your question please review all the existing show already because a lot of material have been covered and a lot of time people are sending me questions that have been answered already so i cannot ask the same questions over and over to the doc so make sure to review the previous show before you submit the questions it’s very important also

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At a time and usually what i’ll do is i’ll i’ll do each show about two to three questions which lasts about 15 to 20 minutes so it might take a while before your question is answered and actually put on the channel so don’t don’t despair if it’s a good question usually i will i will i will ask the doctor and also i house answer everybody who sends me an e-mail

Concerning questions but please take be patient and we will answer your question in due time and that’s it thanks for watching the show guys okay dave thank you for putting this series together it’s very informative please dad doctor on duster doctor and during cycle how can we manage keeping the red blood count rbc and high blood high blood pressure within normal

Range supposedly somebody will use ug cialis to control high blood pressure and for rbc you can’t donate blood thank you yeah that’s easy a lot of times you can see an elevation red blood cell count hemoglobin hematocrit just using usually usually it has to be above a replacement therapy dose on its own but often times i see an elevation because someone will have

Sleep apnea which is then the effect is then leveraged by the use of testosterone when you’re sleeping you can drop into oxygen debt more so than you can running on the treadmill fully awake and you’re getting the training effect which is telling your body hey you know i’m not getting enough oxygen create some oxygen carriers you know hemoglobin specifically on red

Blood cells so you can see an elevation that the way you protect yourself against that it’s first of all find out make sure you don’t have sleep apnea typically you you know don’t use more than you know replacement dose and then if you do find that you have an issue with it donate a pint of blood do yourself a favor do someone else a favor and i joke with patients

You know bring your cell phone call your mom and tell them what a good boy you are helping out other people and make her happy too let’s see some hemoglobin hematocrit and what was the other one yeah hypo pressure in the nc allis well yes that one is what do you suspect no no it’s a good one in guys just and the diagnosis of hypertension is what’s suspect is what

I’m getting at because cialis is going to block the reabsorption you know it’s a pde5 inhibitor like viagra and levitra of nitric oxide and oxide relaxes the smooth muscle in the vasculature so you can see by doing that you can effectively lower your blood pressure and a lot of people use the the pde5 inhibitors will notice an increase in heart rate because you know

Your your dilating the blood vessels blood pressure drops and your heart compensates so it’s effective at doing that but that’s not dealing with pathological hypertension a renal artery stenosis or coronary artery disease that’s something that is again pathologic that’s that’s true hypertension you may be dealing with when you’re when you’re finding that cialis

Lowers your blood pressure you know like magnesium does magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxant as well it may be because of tension in other words not hypertension boy i’m messing up my words here but it might be because of what you’ve created up here not thickening of the arteries the pipes having groans and groan stiff or closed-off it’s just because well you’re

Type a personality you woke up and hey you’re getting into action so again going back to what i first said i would be suspicious of the diagnosis of hypertension if cialis is relieving the problem okay for this gentleman the best way to do that is to buy an at-home blood pressure monitor mm-hmm and test it when you first wake up and periodically during the day

Before you go to bed and see okay do i really have hypertension or am i just wound up because i’m maybe taking too much testosterone or steroid and you know some steroids tend to make yeah i mean there aren’t a whole lot but you know there’s some of profiles like ala testing that are gonna make you a little bit more aggressive and might bump up the blood pressure

It’s a common misconception to think that if your blood pressure goes to whenever 190 over 110 during the day that you have hypertension what you think happens when you’re doing heavy squats right blood pressures going through the roof yeah it’s chronic high blood pressure that’s the problem and you know going back to something that’s pathological so maybe he’s

Just the wound yeah you know he doesn’t have anything pathological and when you relax the smooth muscle of the vasculature the blood pressure goes down so i think it’s a question that comes back very often the blood pressure we body lowers don’t what i mean if it’s something chronic if you have all the time with what’s the best what’s your best answer to that as

Far as i’m gonna find out why it’s chronically high okay is it because you’ve got something going on you know there there is research showing that there’s a mile elevation in in the the antidiuretic hormone that might make you hold a little bit more fluid in the vessels and you know therefore okay again you know it’s not pathologic though it’s because you’re using

Too much testosterone or steroids mm-hmm but if you’re chronically using too much testosterone steroids then you might be creating some pathology not mine definitely yeah the whole issue i mean why do we care about hypertension i might be giving you too much and you could edit this out if you want but why do we even care if it’s super super high we care because

You might blow out a vessel in your vein right you’re done okay but you’re usually talking about levels you know where the systolic is close to 200 or above okay and again i don’t want to throw any numbers that get people cause to not take their blood pressure medicine but i typically don’t see it a problem until it’s gone above 200 you know like you know 230 and

Guy unfortunately imposing because when you go to the doctors to go in and test if it’s slightly yellow i have gone before it if it’s slightly over to norm yeah oh my god we’re gonna admit you right away well but but that we’re talking about different in chronic and acute yeah because i’m sure when you’re doing heavy squats your blood pressures going up you know

I know the way you work out over 200 your systolic but if someone has chronically high blood pressure like that you’re constantly putting pressure on the walls you’re not giving them a chance it’s like overtraining right you’re not giving them a chance to repair rest yeah and so you create a long-term problem and that’s not just the the blood vessels you’re also

Dealing with left ventricular hypertrophy though the heart muscles getting too thick and that can lead to congestive heart failure and other problems think of it as like in some ways like dizzy gillespie’s cheeks you know they’re there they’re under pressure and stretched out all the time they don’t necessarily work as well you know when he blows that or when you

First started blowing it they pushed out a little bit but you know then as he got older and older and did all the time you know you couldn’t keep him in there were way out here i think i stretched out they lost their ability to stay where they’re supposed to yeah same thing can happen of the heart then of course the function is reduced but also perfusing the kidneys

If you’ve got too much pressure again i don’t mean to give you a physiology lessons but the problem is also you’re worried about your kidneys over the long haul you know or think it is like using a fire hose through a filter you’re going to damage that filter you know if you did it just temporarily during the workout you’re not going to stress it out but if you’re

Constantly blowing that much tension through your filter you’re gonna damage your filter just like you’re gonna damage you know your vasculature in your heart so it’s chronic hypertension that you want to worry about and again it’s another analogy is when i see people come in and their hdl is buried at like 10 and you know my first question is well how long have

You been using winstrol yeah because winstrol will cut your hdl in half and you know three days well well it’s not pathological we have a reason for it yeah and i will you know ask them to consider getting off the win straw and within months doesn’t happen right away the h still come back to normal levels so again if they’re doing something in you know by medical

Standards is in excess and and then they get off and the blood pressure returns to normal then we know that it’s not pathological that’s it’s just because of something we’re doing so let’s compensate for cialis would be a good way to compensate for so well a very well absorbed magnesium magnesium glycinate magnesium gluten lucan a three and eight something not

Like magnesium oxide or magnesium sulfate like in milk of magnesia that’ll make you just draw water into the bowels and how many needed would you recommend it’s almost impossible to overdose orally good question thank you because people worry about taking too much of it when i was working in family practice we would give six grams of magnesium intravenously every

15 minutes to try and reduce urine contractions well in a pregnant female so i mean that’s the equivalent of say 60 grams ingested wow excuse me every 15 minutes so you have to worry i recommend typically about 2 grams with dinner make sure it’s well dinner so you don’t upset your stomach okay and then you’re typically winding down at night okay and see if that

Doesn’t help and two grams for you know somebody your size maybe a gram for you know someone 130 150 everyone’s different yeah but that’s a great one and it can only help you i mean you remember the krebs cycle or we call the citric acid cycle now you to convert food and usable energy eating magnesium also so not just the b vitamins and zinc and coq10 so it’s a

Different element than calcium and potassium and it’s not just an electrolyte i mean we have to we need it for the that conversion you can burn through it well like you can burn through potassium and calcium too but it’s not just to keep your muscles supple and your vasculature relaxed its to help you convert food and usable energy so you want to make sure your

Magnesium levels are not just in the reference interval of normal by the way i try and get all my athletes to – you know the reference intervals what one point six to two point six roughly depending on what what lab you’re looking at i try and keep everyone above 2.2 yeah just because it’s again optimum not normal who cares about awesome thank you doc you

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