June 4, 2023

Wanna know how medications like prednisone affect hair loss?

The cause of these coin lesions in alopecia riada is autoimmune so i’m going to ask you something if you don’t stop the autoimmune attack against a hair follicle what happens when the steroid runs out a lot of people with autoimmune have multiple reasons why they have generalized hair loss and i went through some of those and then the autoimmune attack itself can

Cause these coin shaped lesions on your head have either one of you but had any experience or been on prednisone or steroids and how do you think it affected your hair sharla yeah i think it made a significant difference i was on a pretty much a 20 milligram per day shot of pregnancy right before i started the program and by the time i started the programs uh jen

In january i i was losing hair brushes full of hair on a daily basis so you were taking prednisone like about 20 milligrams every single day and your wonder and a lot of other people’s wonders can daily taking of oral prednisone cause hair loss and the answer i’m giving you right now is hell yes and then what’s crazy is that one of the the first treatments that

I got you know after they gave me just this topical steroid thing is then they actually started to do steroid injections in my scalp and i even put them in my eyebrows and eyelashes so it’s totally confusing to me that the very thing that they would use to fix it but it worked right it worked temporarily it’s temporarily okay with a huge divot in my head okay

Which occur temporarily but wherever they injected it you got a divot on your head the question is why here’s the segment we call stump the duck not all right number one is is that when you take prednisone it actually is a major massive um cortical steroid it’s a steroid and while it can temporarily boost some of these hormones it actually really suppresses your

Own production of a lot of hormones and prednisone also has an anti-inflammatory effect but there’s a cost to it huge cost to it meaning that chronic prednisone and taking it can really actually suppress also your immune system and kill your immune system putting you at risk for infection what charlotte was doing was taking it orally every day for her autoimmune

Condition and just experiencing side effects losing hair because it was suppressing many of her hormone function that’s long-term oral steroid use what merit’s talking about is when she had alopecia areata in a spot look you can’t dunk or inject your whole head with spirit but if it comes in a little circle can they inject it right in that little circle temporarily

Decrease the inflammation to allow enough time for that how to grow back yes they can and it can temporarily work but the reason it doesn’t keep working is because what the heck is causing the problem the cause of these coin lesions in alopecia riada is autoimmune so i’m gonna ask you something if you don’t stop the autoimmune attack against the hair follicle

What happens when the steroid runs out comes right back comes right back right so it’s always a temporary solution what are you going to do inject your head 10 spots every single six months and then what happens you get a steroid daily chronic steroid use which then suppresses all your other hormones when you’re using it that regulate then you got general hair

Loss which is what charlotte had what’s with the debit medical mystery not really so one of the side effects when you inject steroids in high bones is what’s called fat necrosis so it causes the fat right where you inject it to shrink so you get a little hole in a divot okay so you might have some hair grow back but now i got divots if it worked forever i might

Take a divot or two but the problem is it doesn’t right for those of you that didn’t catch it two weeks ago i actually did a live training and what are the root causes hidden root causes of hair loss if you didn’t yet i’m gonna have my team drop in the comments section i’ll link to it so you can catch it later i went into what the root causes are i also went

Into what are some supplementation answers to some of those root causes can be so check that video out also in the copy above there’s a link to download the transform hair loss guide so if you want to actually have a summary of some of my recommendations from last week’s training go ahead and click the link and download our hair loss guide so

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