March 28, 2023

Technology is finally innovating diabetes management. With the advancement in technologies like continuous glucose monitors, traditional insulin pumps are evolving into smarter devices that can automate insulin delivery. Medtronic and Tandem Diabetes are the only two companies to offer hybrid closed loop systems. A community of diabetics are also hacking pumps to do the same thing. CNBC’s Erin Black just switched from the hacked system to Tandem’s Control-IQ and takes a look at how insulin pumps are getting smarter.

I know how much carbohydrate there is, and based on that information, i can and with the advancement in technologies like continuous glucose monitors, hack into old insulin pumps by using instructions you can find online. diabetics started using it despite the fact that it wasn’t approved by the like, honestly, it looks like one of those weight loss ads where they say,

After two days, it was a joy because loop is open source and doesn’t they have very good ideas and there’s a lot of things that we want to plan to do that. i just switch from loop to tandem’s control-iq. and that insulin pumps are finally getting smarter. that’s one out of every 10 people, roughly five percent or one point six type two can be managed in a variety of ways,

Including diet, exercise and without insulin, blood sugar will rise to unhealthy levels, causing right now, the insulin pump users in the united states alone is between that doesn’t include 40 to 50000 people with type two diabetes . backpack. over the past few decades, they’ve gotten small enough to fit under the skin. medtronic and tandem are tethered to the body with

Tubing. but traditional pumps don’t work by simply putting them on. traditional insulin pumps do allow you to program a drip of background the size of the global insulin market was just over four billion in 2019 in the u.s., medtronic, tandem diabetes and insulet dominate the market. a continuous glucose monitor sends blood sugar data to the pump. releases more or less

Insulin to keep you on target. currently, only two systems are commercially available. i didn’t know anybody would type one, so i didn’t have anybody telling me managing diabetes with or without a pump can be very difficult. the invention of continuous glucose monitors changed the way people but decisions that really changed not only diabetes outcomes, diabetes now that

A continuous stream of blood sugar data is available, the next blood sugar value and then giving more or less insulin based on the cgm a scary thing. insulin can be very dangerous if a diabetic takes too much difficult. it’s the same math that powers your thermostat, powers your pieces of the system together, how the pump particular pumps are how that algorithm takes all of

Those particulars and brings them and so it’s that kind of secret sauce on top of just a simple control comfortable with to be able to get approval for a hybrid sales system. in 2010, 2011, we were doing inpatient trials and those trials continue to medtronic and tandem are the only commercial fda approved systems on the tandem’s control-iq is the latest to win fda approval.

It uses a touch screen, and when the system has new features, you simply tandem stock has risen over 400 percent since june 21st, 2018. if the algorithm predicted that you were going to go low and get algorithms. this algorithms was more sophisticated. control-iq has taken the automation a step further with a feature that high. the technology is all designed to reduce

The burden of diabetes by it’s one of the largest device companies in the world. keeping the pump in auto mode, referring to the hybrid closed looped despite these challenges, the company has 237,000 patients using the 670g positive results. one suggestion for people making that switch to the 670g so i was still having high blood sugars, as in the 300’s a lot and i still

She’s tried every closed loop system available, even loop, and is now and it was like even more accurate than the medtronic one was, which is choosing between the two systems could come down to the cgm. neither of which require finger stick calibrations. personalized glucose targets and the ability to remotely give insulin. the system uses out of warranty medtronic pumps

Or omnipod eros pods, an i used loop for 18 months building the app and maintaining it was a lot of prediabetic levels and so it was worth the inconvenience. we’re not people who are sitting around taking huge risks. her daughter anna switched from loop to tandem’s control-iq and has been as really a demographic that fits comfortably if they do their job with and i do

Actually see a lot of loop users would be really well served by a than loop. for whatever reason, if the pump breaks, i can just call up now, the one issue that i have had with it is it loses connection with the so, for example, my cgm is on my right arm on the side of the body. there is a risk that it’ll lose connection with the dexcom. pump. now, this was a feature

That loop did have and it was really year. i’ve never tried medtronic 670g, so i can’t compare the two systems. insurance companies cover pumps for four years, meaning they won’t cover adding a lot of pressure to make sure you were signing up for the system without insurance, the tandem system and three months of supplies would there are a lot of chronic diseases, but

Very few that require 24/7 for those of us using these systems, having computers take over more of the i think the biggest thing, it’s not really quantifiable, but her mental it’s like she didn’t even know the burden because it’s just life, you there is still lots of room for improvement, better user experiences and exciting. we do believe that it’s possible would get to

A full closed loop there’s no patient or action record beyond getting those devices on. companies are entering into a non-exclusive patent cross license allow both companies to innovate more freely and to make products quicker. medtronic 780g is expected this fall in europe but has yet to be approved also coming in 2021 is insulet’s omnipod 5, which will use a phone as

The tidepool is working on an fda approved version of loop. it’s still a one size fits all of these products that are coming onto the person’s needs. and so there is significant room to improve the algorithms i feel so thankful that the pump will be there helping me like a little of the burdens of diabetes.

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How High-Tech Insulin Pumps Make Managing Diabetes Easier By CNBC