January 27, 2023

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What’s up guys my name is carissa welcome back to my channel in this video i’m going to be talking through so this is a talk through video so if you don’t like me talking then don’t watch this video i’m talking through my skin care journey and how i got to where i am now how i cured my cystic acne so if you want to know more about that then please keep watching

What’s up guys welcome back to my channel this is a very like chill video i’m sitting in my room white background natural light because the purpose of this video is to show you my real skin and to get real with you and talk about what i’ve been through with my skin throughout my life i’m 32 years old and this video is going to be more about cystic acne how i overcame

It the steps i took to get there and yeah if you’re into that then please keep watching if you’re looking for you know a step-by-step routine this is not the video for you i will do my routine my day and night in another video but i thought that like the actual journey deserved its own video because i i truly don’t believe that you’re gonna fix your acne with just

Topical products um so you know that’s kind of my philosophy so this is my skin currently i’m 32 years old and it’s not perfect i have hyperpigmentation i have no face makeup on right now i still break out you know occasionally but overall my skin is the healthiest most balanced most amazing it has ever felt in my entire adult life and throughout my entire 20s i

Had skin issues and i feel like i finally got to a point where i solved it and i was sitting here thinking like i love sharing what i use on my skin but i feel like every time someone asks me for advice i’m doing an injustice because i’m not explaining how i got there or why i use the things i’m using and i don’t know like i’m skincare obsessed now that i understand

It so i just want to share that information with you guys okay so i’m a full-time model and i never had acne growing up so all throughout high school i had no problems with my skin whatsoever i didn’t even know like people had dryness i didn’t know people suffered from acne like i was completely oblivious in my own world um and then when i turned about i think

I was like 19 or 20 and i guess my hormones like really started to change that’s when my skin started to freak out i mean i wish i had pictures from that long ago i’m sure i could find some modeling pictures where you could see it under my makeup but i started modeling then i don’t know if it was like the hormones mixed with the you know makeup and everything

But my skin was horrible and not only did it look horrible like it truly looked horrible i looked older than i do now at 32 but it felt bad like genuinely my face felt like it was crawling and dry and looking back i’m like oh girl your skin was severely dried out dehydrated it was like needing things from you and you didn’t know what to do no one really teaches

You what to do if you go to the dermatologist which i did i had a dermatologist and i went monthly they kind of just like start handing you stuff right so i went the first time and they gave me antibiotics and like a toppable cream and i mean i don’t remember every single thing they gave me but i have been on everything from your general antibiotic to accutane and

I did a full round of accutane around my younger 20s about like 24 years old i think i was no no no no i was 21 when i did my full six months of accutane and it worked i’m not gonna lie to you it worked and for a while my skin looked amazing and i remember being on set and people would be like wow you have the best skin and but i was still so traumatized from

Having had bad skin which is a whole you know another topic i want to get into but after accutane i then you know some topicals would work on me but eventually gradually of course it came back and it was worse than ever after it came back and you know my skin would break out and then the wounds on my skin wouldn’t heal like i still have scars from back in the

Day and you can see them down here when i would get acne and then it wouldn’t heal um so yeah it was like a vicious cycle like i remember waking up every morning just to go into a little bit of the mental health of it all like if your friend has acne and you’re just trying to understand how to speak to them or how to give them advice maybe don’t give them advice

Everyone gives you advice everyone looks directly at your face when they see you and it’s like they do this you should use something on that and you’re like oh my god thank you so much you never thought about that before thank you especially in modeling everyone on every set would be like wow you have like your skin isn’t are you okay and i’m like like i when

They ask you how you are you just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they would never understand so not only that it gave me the craziest confidence issues like i would hide my face it made me smile differently um which i noticed looking back and i would never take my makeup off like i was humiliated

Now i have a hard time putting it on because i’ve gotten like this such a different level with my skin that i almost don’t want to disrespect it with makeup so it’s hard for me to put makeup on but um yeah years 20s but all of my 20s i wore so much foundation on my skin to hide that i hated myself pretty much i hated my skin i hated the way it looked um i kind

Of been thankful that i was still modeling because it was the only way it forced me out of my comfort zone and for people that aren’t forced out of their comfort zone they’re not on camera and they don’t model you know i can see how you become a hermit and you don’t want to leave your house because there was weekends where i lie and just say like oh i’m busy when

Really it’s like i had a massive pimple i remember i went to this wedding and i had a huge pimple right here like it was massive oh you plan it like looking back i’m like you should have not gone to the wedding but now i’m like who cares um but it’s easy to say when my skin’s clear i remember how detrimental that was and how that felt just truly awful so if you’re

Going through it i promise you you will get to the other side it’s horrible i know how horrible it is i know what it does to your self-esteem um it’s repairable your skin can be repaired and your mental health can be repaired once you get the treatment that you need and you educate yourself so my main philosophy and how i eventually got to the point where i’m at

Is i read a book called feed your face i’m gonna put who wrote the book what the book is right here she’s an incredible doctor um i can’t think of her name off the top of my head but i’m just blanking right now because i’m on camera so i’m gonna put her information right here but this book changed my life like changed my life changed my philosophy on skin care

And at the time um i was traveling a lot for work and wearing a lot of crazy makeup and i had gotten dermatitis on my face right here which i still have issues with my skin right here um just in that one particular spot from this um i ended up getting dermatitis on my face and didn’t know it was dermatitis every dermatologist i went to told me it was something

Else and no one would prescribe me anything in particular except for a topical i was being prescribed steroids uh the worst stuff you could put on your dermatitis on your face then i read this book and there was an entire section on perioral dermatitis i discovered that i indeed had i thought i had perioral dermatitis which is just dermatitis directly around your

Mouth i told my dermatologist this um we worked into a plan for me to get on antibiotics and it went away in a month so reading this book like cute i was like that was my first step i cured my dermatitis and then i was like okay so if i can cure my dermatitis maybe i can cure my acne so i keep reading this book you know i’m reading the science behind skin why skin

Reacts the way it does i mean don’t forget that your skin is an organ so it’s just reflecting what’s going on inside your body whatever that may be and for me i think it was hormonal um because there was a section in this book telling you know girls that were young adults that one of the cures for their acne could be a drug called spironolactone i’ll put it here

Spironolactone um i never heard of it in my life everything i had ever been prescribed anything i’d ever been told anything about skincare i’ve ever been told from a dermatologist dermatologist i had never been told about this i did a lot of research on it and essentially it’s a blood pressure medication for um and oh no it’s a blood pressure medication it’s also

Prescribed to women with hair loss and but it does something to um help with acne in your skin due to hormonal acne and i was like oh my god this could be my saving grace because i know my acne is hormonal i know the ages i get it i know the times of month when it gets worse um and so i was like i’m gonna go to the dermatologist and just see if i can do this i

Go to the dermatologist i get it prescribed to me 50 milligrams a day and initially i didn’t notice any difference but i had been so used to nothing working that i like kind of forgot i was on it to be honest with you um i peed a little bit more than normal because it is a diuretic and after two months i was like oh crap like it’s not really working like it worked

A little like some of this cleared up but um you know that was it then i upped it i asked her to up it to 100 milligrams a day within three weeks my skin was completely 100 clear like 100 percent i don’t really get acne now i don’t really have i rarely break out i have one pimple from having my period and i touched my skin which i shouldn’t do and but like

Overall i’ve been on spironolactone now for over a year probably close to two years i don’t break out anymore so that could be your saving grace i recommend looking into it um it could be something that’s worthwhile for you maybe you should i mean like if i was going to give you a checklist of things you know if i had to start over again i would tell myself read

Books learn about skincare go to a dermatologist but take it with a grain of salt and remember your routine and write down everything they prescribe you and everything that you’re using because your skin is different than everyone else’s in the world and you have to become an expert on your face um especially if you’re modeling you have to know what you can and

Can’t put on your face i’m that girl on set that’s like i won’t wear that or or don’t use that on me like i’m sorry it’s just you have to protect your own skin um and then once you learn about your face start experimenting on your own um stay away from a lot of active ingredients before you’re ready there’s another girl that i religiously followed so after i was

On spironolactone my acne cleared and then i was at a state where i didn’t have a good skincare routine i didn’t even know what to use i didn’t know where to start and i started getting rosacea believe it or not i think from years of stripping my skin dry with acne products i developed rosacea which you can still see is on my cheeks now i have it under control

Thank the lord but um that’s through crazy amounts of treatments and um products and everything else so now i was at a point where i was like okay i cured my acne now what do i do so i started following this girl you know i go on youtube for all of my research and i started following this girl leah you and she is incredible she has a philosophy called um she has

A philosophy called the skin care diet so i followed that immediately i was like okay strip everything out of your skincare routine and just do a basic wash i think i had like acetaphil and a moisturizer and i think that was also like cerave or cetaphil which are like the dermatologist recommended no nonsense kind of brands and i did that for like a month and just

Saw where my skin was at and then slowly i started to adjust and add things in um if you want to see my full skincare routine it is a good one i finally figured it out i’m obsessed with it and i will link the video here if it’s done already and if not then it’s coming soon um yeah so then i i figured out my skincare routine and then i started going to estheticians

Getting facials because because but when you have broken out skin getting a facial is not a fun time like i never wanted to get one in my life i never wanted anyone to look at me or touch me and i’m finally at a place where i can do that um and just you know years of having acne when i finally cleared i realized how much damage i had done to my moisture barrier

Or you know how much damage my acne had done to my moisture barrier my skin was so dry like dried out and i’m like wow that crawling feeling on my skin where i felt like i couldn’t smile without it hurting was dryness dehydrated dry skin so um definitely at a point where i feel like you know being acne free is amazing but my skin is healthy and hydrated and

Um it’s the best i’ve ever felt about my face so on top of having cured my acne and figuring that out for myself after 10 years of trying to and then also getting my rosacea under control and i can go in depth with what i did for my rosacea in another video if you guys are super interested in that um i still have it i i don’t think that there’s a cure for rosacea

But i just had some treatments done and um i figured out products that don’t irritate me and things i shouldn’t eat so after getting that under control and after finally getting a balanced you know regimen for my skin since i am in my 30s i did also find an injector i really like his name’s dr jason bloom in ardmore pennsylvania and i do get botox right now um i

Need it again it’s worn off but i get some botox here this is like still active i can’t really scrunch my face and i get it up here but that’s it um and then i also get laser treatments um i think the most incredible laser doctor mainline center for laser surgery i’ll put the information down below as well so lasers botox a really good skin regimen and incredible

Insane knowledge of my own skin function is how i got to where i’m at today my skincare journey is definitely not over i’m aging every day and who knows you know maybe if i decide to get off spironolactone my acne could come back um and i will be sure to update you guys if it does um i’m also on birth control so it’s like everything i’m on is regulating my

Hormones and my skin so who knows when i decide to have babies if it’ll come back but you know if you guys have any tips or tricks down below if you’ve been on spironolactone if you you know have had similar experiences as i have then please write down below what you think and any advice or tips or just anything like if you have a question for me i’d be happy to

Try to answer it i’m not a dermatologist but um i feel like i’m pretty educated on my own skin and anything i can give you to help you with yours please i would love to help because i know exactly what it feels like um thank you so much for watching this video i hope this helped you in some way i hope you guys enjoyed it uh please follow me on instagram at carissa

Fawn i’m always doing like little cute reels and videos and taking on experiences to get facials and everything on my igtv so if you’re interested in that check me out there subscribe to my channel please i would love it if you stuck around um i have so many ideas for videos coming up and if you like this let me know so i can make more for you and we can just you

Know continue to be friends in the future so thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you guys next time

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HOW I CLEARED MY SKIN | whole journey, spironolactone experience By Charissa Fawn