May 29, 2023

This is in no way intended as medical advice but I am offering my experience on how to get off a drug that is really hard to get off and many people struggle with.

Hey i wanted to make a quick video my name is lauren and i was on cymbalta for about i wouldn’t say like 16 months for lower back pain and i didn’t take it for depression but i took it because i had such bad back pain that i could not sit stand walk all i could do is lay down for months at a time so um two days into taking cymbalta i felt better i felt like i had my

Life back and like i could be a normal person again and it gave me my life back but 16 months in the dosage that i was taking was became too low for my body my body was acclimated to it and needed more it was causing migraines every single day which just made everything i smelled like it was too overwhelming all of my senses were overwhelmed light was too bright

Thumbs were too loud that’s an old lady very fast so i wanted to get off the cymbalta because of the migraines and my doctor recommended i not because my fibromyalgia she thought it’s better to be on cymbalta than to be in pain and my body kind of needed to know what being out of pain was like at that time but since the pain went away i realized that i really

Wanted to know what my pain what my lower back pain felt like and i was tired of having migraines so i wanted to get off cymbalta i read as many articles as i could about how to get off safely without a doctor i didn’t have it insurance any insurance at this time and the doctor that had prescribed this to me my rheumatologist said i shouldn’t get off she didn’t

Want me to get off she wanted me to stay on and increase my dose so that the back pain um you know wouldn’t come back and the fibromyalgia would kind of ease up mmm so i decided to take myself off of it despite what everything said on the internet and what my doctors were telling me um and i found one article on the on the web i can’t even tell you where but i

Searched and searched and searched and everybody that got off cymbalta told me what anning what a horrible experience it was a lot of people just got back on and stayed on because they couldn’t go through getting off of cymbalta so i found one article that was super helpful and helped me get off with cymbalta and it was saying to open the pill even though it says

On the package never to open the pill open the pill and take out one one little ball of medicine every day so first day you take out one ball the second day you take out two balls third day you take out three and and about it it takes a while so about six to eight weeks you have gone through most of that capsule by everyday removing one and you do have withdrawals

You know you you still do have withdrawals but they’re they’re minimal compared to what they could be had you tried harder to get off of cymbalta or i had taken a bigger risk to get off of it so that helped me that’s how i got through that’s how i get off got off to cymbalta by myself without the help of any doctor i just you opened the pill and you take out one

Little pill ball at a time until you have no pills left until you have no of those little medicine pill balls left i remember i was down to about ten and that one day i just forgot to take it and the next day i forgot to take it and then i didn’t need it and i felt like i was finally free and like i wasn’t i wasn’t uh you know i don’t know i just felt like my body

Wasn’t mine because it was doing something completely different than i wanted to and it had me in a lot of pain so i don’t know if this will help anybody this is a medical advice i’m not a doctor i’m not a nurse i don’t know anything but i do know what helped me get off the cymbals and i hope this helps somebody okay take care

Transcribed from video
How I got off Cymbalta without a doctor By Wild Spritz