March 28, 2023

Hello! In this video I’m talking about my experience with clonazepam (Reivotril) and Alprazolam (Xanax), my experience with depression and anxiety. Hope you like it and help you with my opinions about those drugs! Hugs! God bless you!

Hello youtube and i’m returning with a new video my list video made over two thousand views and right now i have some news that it’s and what it’s happening to my wife right now i feel like i want to tell me what’s happening because i renounced to rivo trill because that mad made its effect for three days and the rest of the three or four weeks i didn’t falls

Anything only a deep depression and that’s it but i renounce to reboot real and write how you can see right now in your screen it’s sanics to sill the popular exotics in america in europe in all over the world i think that it’s the most huge drug in the world right now i’m using this over a year i think i don’t know where you’re in hall before revolt row i used

An axe but after three months of using xanax irene is because i heard some not a good things about this match so i aim for when you revolt will but irene s rivo trill because dad mad isn’t working for me and it’s pretty bad is if you can’t sleep and i you can do anything i can say that i have depression for the first time i can tell you in first instance i have

Depression because i make a treatment for multiple sclerosis a disease that affects the nerve essential system and dad match inductions made to be depressed and coming with some talks that i had in the past but i am bid right now and for my sleep he has am very anxious night especially in fm sleep i you i’m using sonic’s or romanian version of presler this is in

Romania it’s more cheating sentence synaxis about 5 euros or yeah there and this is ooh i don’t know one euro one europeans is a difference and he’s the same thing into pres lon and it’s that’s it it’s not a big deal okay while i watch my opinion about silence i can tell you that xanax is amazing for me besides side effects the concentrations that affects my life

In my school because i’m student right now and yeah it’s very difficult to concentrating on school and to learn for excellence and that sucks but i love it because i can sleep and my sanity disappear forever until when i’m thinking this even pause of appeal of 0.25 milligrams right now i am having these drugs one milligram i can tell you ab but i take a whole 0 to

50 and that works amazing i can tell you that it’s good for me it’s working and i’m very thankful for these save my life but i can tell you that i regret that i begin to take the pills i didn’t i didn’t i was so depressed when i when i when i seek for the first time and i’m regretting because i listened to my neurologist to take him the passive meant for depression

And anxiety matt’s yeah i regret because i became addicted to this and i’m really wanted to remember i try so many time times and my anxiety was over over my powers and i can’t right now essentially i can’t do this what can i say if you can deal with anxiety and depression don’t take it okay you can take it with them doctor twice but not longer than the six weeks

Or something because the pure didn’t resolve anything anything guys it’s only a solution for temporary and the exciting will return so go to do something natural some activities that you want did you like to to do with saints walking don’t take to have fun with your friends this is the major solution when nothing can be resolved only pills can result but i but

I want to say that sax isn’t resolving anything only for that moment or three or four hours hours and no i’m regretting right now but i can’t do anything i’m addicted and that’s it i’m very happy that i didn’t that became addicted to revolt row because really when i started to take a pill for 2014 i was in hospital and i made treatment with corticosteroids it’s

Saying in english it’s a call in english i don’t know and those those infusions gave me some yes so they decided to made me something with revolt real initially they wanted to gave me the other part it’s yes d as a bomb and i refused and i too could revoke berlin was war amazing that time i really feel i needed was for the first time when i too could say casual

Kills so in 2015 i started with xanax every knows it and i go to revote and i’m very happy to return to the subject i am very happy today winners silence oh to revolt oh i’m sorry because remain is not importing anymore those pills and if i was addicted to that drug i would be destroyed right now because remaining government or i don’t know who is who has the

Responsibility or the mats or something like that who is who is responsible for this it’s not taking those pills friend turn outside so remaining is not important we won’t drill anymore and more than 100 of meds i read today are not anymore in all country so i hope that that will resolve my dixons of our past land and i will be free again of drugs okay i hope

That you will stay strong and don’t forget that you control everything and be powerful and be faithful and be it’s hard to be anxious in the press and to have some knee or something like this but you can do it thank you guys for watching and i hope to a why this video these informations that i gave you an advisors are now really advices it’s my opinion that it’s

Not indeed it’s of yours and i hope to be to be happy because it’s more important any more importantly fame money and so on watch how it’s the base of boy so i wish you this and see you next time bye-bye

Transcribed from video
How I got out from my Revotril (Clonazepam) addiction? By Health from a sick