March 28, 2023

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Hey guys if you’ve clicked on this video because you’re suffering with really bad hormonal acne after coming off the pill and stay tuned because the exact same thing happened to me and i’m very happy to say that i’m sitting here today with completely smooth clear skin 12 months after coming off the pill and i’d like to let you all know how i managed to do that so

Just to give you a little bit of background on how long i was on the pill for and the reasons why i was and i was putting the pill when i was 16 on a pill called dinette which is for your skin so the idea was that although i didn’t have severe cystic acne by any means i was war like pimply i’d say in my t-zone as a teenager i tried a quite a few antibiotics and

When i turned 16 my doctor was very happy to prescribe me dinette for my acne so that’s what i did the idea with dinette is that you’re only meant to be on it for a very small amount of time because it’s actually quite dangerous for you and fits your risk of blood clots so yeah i was on that for a year and my skin looked great i didn’t really have a breakout for

Probably the whole time once i was on that so i was very adamant i didn’t want to come off it so i’m back to the doctor they did take me of diyanet but they then prescribed me a pill called yasmin which i know who else my friends have been on it’s a very common pill to feel and i think it’s good yeah in some countries i’m fairly certain it’s the same pill but yet

Has the same idea it’s basically meant to suppress your antigens or stop these receptors in your sebaceous glands from from androgens so that you won’t have a huge spike in oil production in your skin and therefore clog the pores and have acne so my experience in yasmin was basically like this the whole 10 years olds on it i would still get acne i wouldn’t have

Bad acne it was probably much better than it would have been if i had not been on the pill but i constantly get really saw deep cystic acne on my chin and this would come and go some months i’d be completely fine other months so wooden and i can never really find the reason for this so for the whole 10 years i was doing things like steaming my face every day i was

Using a ton of topicals i would use benzoyl peroxide on occasions salicylic acid every single day and at uni everyone would just be laughing at me because i would come home after a night hour of drinking and i still managed to see my face take my makeup off but my different products on i was obsessed with getting clear skin i was really unhappy that despite my best

Efforts i was still getting cystic acne across my chin and up towards sort of my jawline in my ears it was never more than one or two spots at a time but it bothered me so much that i wanted to do something about this so when i turned 26 i decided i had had enough i thought i’ve been on the pill for ten years i haven’t been acne free i don’t really know why i’m on

This it’s actually probably not very healthy to stay on it for this sort of time i don’t i don’t think this would be good for my body so january rolls round of 2015 and i’m making all these different lifestyle changes i even made a video about how i went bead and so up with that in the description bar below so i came off the pill i decided that was enough end of

It breaking up with a pill goodbye so first night after stopping the pill probably because i’ve made quite a few lifestyle changes in terms of my diet my skin looked fantastic i was like wow okay potentially the pills been messing up my hormones and actually in my own hormones might actually be better than the hormones that were in the pill and potentially that’s

Why my skin is clear which was very very naive and now actually having studied this like expensively i realized that would never have been true sorry so yeah after three months my skin was starting to break out like crazy there was this one week where i literally woke up on the monday with clear skin and by sunday i was covered in acne i’m not even joking i’m not

Exaggerating at all i was pimply all across my forehead it looked like a rash and on my t-zone as well i was super oily and breaking out and i was absolutely devastated i was thinking what have i done like what could i’ve done this made me have bad skin in fact i’m doing everything i can do to prevent having acne so i didn’t really put two and two together and i

Realize now that there was lots of things going on with my diet including constantly eating sugar albeit fruit but i was eating a ton of fruits and essentially just spiking my insulin throughout the day all day which has a massive can affect your antigens and bearing a mind if you just saw the pill where your androgens are at line pills like dinette and yasmin

Then this is like the worst time you can be doing that for yourself so i took to the internet like most of you guys are probably doing right now and decided i’m gonna find a cure for this there’s no way i’m gonna be sat peer with acne and after my best efforts of trying to get rid of it and i came across a supplement called dim and the brand that i went and bought

Was called extra block i’ve seen lots of people recommend that online so that’s what i went ahead and did and i’d read quite a bit about how long it takes for that supplement to kick in and most people were saying they noticed you know results straight away but some people are saying actually you almost take a little while – i was gonna say update but that’s

Definitely not the right word a little while to actually kind of kick in and make any kind of adjustments and changes which i thought was probably true because i’d stop the pill and i think it was early february i might actually started to get really bad by about april so yeah i knew that it’d take a few months for any hormonal changes to take place for you so a

Month into taking tim my skin never was it gone from just my fault edd’s in fact my forehead acne had really subsided it was now all across my chin really really deep cystic acne the kind of acne that starts to scar and i was really worried but i thought no i’m doing everything i can i’m eating well supposedly and i’m also taking the supplement which is going to

Clear my skin so i did that and it just got worse and worse and worse and i’ll insert some photos here about how bad it was after about 3 or 4 months so yeah i was super upset and it would consume all of my thoughts i was so adamant i would to declare it that i was actually getting quite depressed i would be thinking about it my way to work when i was at work if

I was ever speak it’s my friends it was on my mind i stopped going out because i felt like i had to put on so much makeup just to feel vaguely confident i just avoided going out unless it was a glittery to go to work and even then there be certain times where actually i decided i couldn’t even face going to work because my skin was so bad i had a real knock-on

Effect or not only just my skin and my parents but how i felt and people around me were really noticing that i was not myself at all so it got to a point where i realize needed a better game plan that in fact what i was doing was not working and i kind of needed to put my hands up and admit defeat the pill had completely caught me which was really really sad i

Knew that this wasn’t forever that would be able to find an answer to this but i just needed to give myself a break because my anthony was really starting to scar and that scared me more than anything because whilst acnes difficult to treat acne scars are a whole new kala fish like they’re gonna be super difficult to heal and in fact i’d read cases on places like

Acne to all where pitted acne scars were almost impossible to remove and that were really scared me so i put my hands up i made it to fee and actually decided to go back on the pill so the first couple of months after going back on the pill i notice that my skin was definitely started to change back to how it was and i was super grateful i was like like a sigh of

Relief almost and actually by the third month whilst i still had plenty of hyperpigmentation so lots of red marks lots of dark marks my skin felt clear and i was relieved it started to make me feel much more confident i was going up again socialize with my friends and yeah it just felt really good about myself and i was so happy that i’d gone back on it but there

Was this part inside of me which was really unhappy as well because i’ve gone through this whole thing and it almost felt completely pointless here i was struggling with acne scars and trying to work out how to fix them and it was all kind of for nothing really because i was back on the pill exactly where i was the year before and if anything i just made my skin

A hell of a lot worse so yeah i went back online and i really decided to research the hell out of this to decide how i was going to come off the pill and actually manage to not have any acne and not make my scars any worse because at this point i was going through different treatments for my scars and i didn’t want to reverse that when i came off the pill again so

Here was my game plan i decided that i was gonna wean myself off the pill and actually i had read a little bit about this online again on sites of acne that all get seen a few people do this successfully i’d also had a chat with my mom and my mom was saying maybe it was a case of actually stopping the peel after 10 years and that huge shock that has in your body

Along with those of other things that going your life at the same time so this is what i decided to do i decided to wean myself off the pill and into the third month i then introduced mirai kitaen which i would like to say was the holy grail and completely clear my skin but i can’t contribute all of my clear skin to around katainen reason being a month or two after

It i then started to break out again nothing like it did the first time i came off the pill but enough to know that the changes that i’ve made since then have been working and actually if you’ve got hormonal acne rewriting is not necessarily the answer i did it purely out of desperation if i’m being honest and i have no regrets because it certainly helped clear my

Skin and one thing i’ve noticed is any breakouts i do get after after roe accutane are really small in comparison to the ones that i used to get so yeah going back to weaning off the pill i decided then the first month i was meaning off the pill i would just stop taking the pill on one day’s second month i stopped taking the pill on mondays and fridays third month

I stopped taking the pill mondays fridays and sundays and so on until i was completely off the pill entirely which i know really helped my body because actually going from not having a period at all after stopping the pill the first time i then got my period back exactly a month later after swapping the pill and i was super relieved and i think this is also due to

Diet changes that i made the first time i came to the pill i was a high carb low fat vegan which absolutely did not work for me and i’ve made a whole other video about that so i leave the link below so what i did was incorporate far more healthy fats into my diet because they really are the building block for hormones so i really hold that responsible i also knew

That roaccutane is a derivative of vitamin a which is a fat soluble vitamin so i knew i had to be eating far more fat that i would do my everyday diet to be able to absorb the drug properly so i was eating a ton of peanut butter in fact anything that had a fat on it that i knew was healthy i was eating all of it and my skin and to not break out was a right pain

And most of the time people talk about having an initial breakout or they talk about their skin getting worse or acting before it gets better nothing like that happened to me i did suffer with a lot of weird skin issues and side effects which i can make a whole separate video about about my relaxed experience but the main thing here was that i didn’t have that

Really cystic acne that i did coming off the pill the first time so once i ended were at kitaen i was super worried about he was gonna return and no hard a month later my skin was not the clear baby smooth skin that i’d had was taking the drug so i did a few things which i’ve actually made a video about again which i can link below but the key things to take home

From this that i’ve really helped me get rid of my cystic acne is sugar i have decided to rule out sugar from my diet and over the last couple of months i’ve really seen an improvement it’s still kind of a test for me because i haven’t been super strict to myself which in some respects is probably good for you because i think if you’re stressing yourself out about

Certain diets eating a specific way it actually has a detrimental effect on your skin i’ve also been trying two different supplements now which i’ve started to see an improvement on but still i mean that sort of period in time which i’m testing this out and i’m really hopeful that in the new year i’ll be able to give a proper update on this and spearmint tea and

Licorice fruit are the two herbes i’ve been trying to reduce my androgens and actually have much clearer brighter skin reason i’ve decided to go down this route is because i wanted to replicate the effects the pill was having on my skin and the key effect as i said earlier is that it reduces your androgens or reduces like your male hormones so that your sebaceous

Glands don’t get clogged with oils because what they do is they have receptors on the end of them which pick up these male hormones and they tell them they tell the sebaceous gland to produce all this oil which clogs your pores and bacteria spreads or breeds in there and then you of course get acne so yeah by doing this i decided to look at the herbs and look at

Different things and ways to reduce my antigens and the key things i found were reducing my sugar and carbohydrate intake so that you’re not spiking your insulin which has a knock-on effect on your hydrogens and also making sure that you’re taking some sort of supplementation this probably isn’t necessary for everyone but i thought i’d give it a go myself and the

Two that i found had been given and well the two that i’ve read that had had the best almost positive effects were licorice root and spearmint team so yeah here i am today wise my skin completely smooth completely clear i have a smaller breakup because unfortunately it’s that time of the month so yeah thanks for watching guys i know things like my right kitaen

And appeal are pretty controversial and i’m not gonna be for everybody i totally get that and there definitely are ways around it i thought i’d just share my opinion and kind of my experience with you guys to tell you how i’ve managed to get from having severe cystic acne out to coming off the pill to the skin that i have today and it is a complete transformation

Honestly and of course those two drugs are not to be taken lightly at all please go have a chat with your dermatologist or your gp about that before you decide or commit to going on them because there are whole whole host of things that could potentially be side effects for you but at the same time if you’ve got to a point where you really have tried everything

In terms of what your diet your lifestyle and you’ve got to a point where you really just need some help then i would really recommend things like weaning off the pill and also considering we’re at kitane if need be so yeah comment down below if you’d like to hear about my right to say an experience or you’d like to find that bit more about things that i’ve done

Since coming off a rack attained in terms of like my diet and my skincare regime because i’d be happy to share those too alright thanks guys and you make a video about that but one of the things i was like super worried about when i came off a rack attained was of course my acne coming back and literally it terrified me i was like i cannot go through this again

Please let this be this kind of one-time treatment that gets rid of it forever and yeah then i can just get on with my life without thinking about this again but yeah i saw this video this week and my heart really went out for her but

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