March 28, 2023

After suffering from anxiety and depression for 3 years I talk about my experience using Setraline/Zoloft. Just after 3 months, it has been life changing.

So i wanted to do this video to talk about how my experience has been so far you using cetera lien i believe in the u.s. is called soloff i’ve now been on central ian for about three months and i’m actually to review this afternoon so i’m juicing my doctor later today where i don’t actually know where it’s gonna go next i don’t know if i’m going to continue or

If they’re gonna wean me off it so it sort of started back in may when i went to see my therapist who i’ve been seeing for about a year and i’ve been doing really well even though had experienced and other sort of mmm low in my sort of mental health so i call that i’ve been going through i’ve suffered for three years with really bad anxiety and support mental

Health i don’t like to say i have mental health issues but i have out stages poor mental health which i try and work to deal with on a day to day basis and in may i would see my therapist who’s fantastic and he said to me because richard sounds like you’re doing some really great cognitive stuff and you’re doing some you know mindfulness practice which is like

It’s great you guys some of the things that you’re still telling me he goes it sounds like you could just do with a boost and a pick-me-up and he goes i would really recommend you go and see your doctor he goes because it’s coming up to a year now that we’ve been talking and i want you to sort of get back to you know where you were before you can sort of start

To seeing me in terms of being really positive and you know waking up every morning feeling really optimistic and having that spring in your step okay and he’s like well i think you should go to your gp and maybe you know ask if he can be recommended a sort of mild antidepressant so at first i was a bit apprehensive um you know i think i grew up with all these

Fears around antidepressants and you know i’ve seen people close to me you know use outer depressants and it’s just i think in society in general we’ve been sort of it’s been given this sort of like a bad name this bad so straight away from me oh no i can’t do that however i did make an appointment to go see my doctor it was the first time and went to my doctor

To talk about my mental health because i genuinely didn’t believe that he nhs could help in that situation i know there are some groups that on the nhs which are available for licenses so forms of talking therapy but i haven’t been seeing my therapist i didn’t really need some to go to other groups or anything like that so i went to see my gp and i sat down with

Them and they say they take you through this questionnaire i said you know my therapist is request who sort of recommended that i come and speak to you about this and they took me through a series of questions i guess just to see what stage you are with your sort of mental health and you know if your threat to yourself and things like that so i think they have

To ask these questions and there’s general static questions about you know to do with you know how you think you know alcohol usage you know how where you are on a scale of feeling like suicidal for example at the end of that my gp said you know it wouldn’t be a bad thing if i start you on a sort of weak dose of a drug or citalopram okay i’ve never heard of it

And she prescribed what she prescribed 50 milligram i think it was a she she prescribed 50 milligram and told me to take half a tablet for the first week just to ease me into it and then she said to go on to the 50 milligrams after a week and see how i get on so i got i read a bald description and i did actually take it for a couple of days because i knew that i

Had read and listened to some videos on youtube that sort of talked about the side effects i really knew what may occur and had some things going on that weekend where i didn’t want to feel i didn’t want to risk having those symptoms so i think i’ve got the prescription on a friday and i sort of left there saturday and sunday and the starts taking on the monday

Says when i was twenty five milligrams and the first few days were strange because i started to feel really nausea slike in the morning and by day – i was feeling super tired and it sorts of what i expected so then you know it’s sleep loads still sleeping more than eight hours and then come afternoon i would need to have a nap put my head down and it goes up when

You just can’t function like i was about had to put my head down luckily i work for myself i have a business partner who’s quite understanding who know who knows about the fact that i was about you know sort of taking medication and i was at least able to sort of you know take a couple of hours out of my day to put my head down and just sort of sort of sleep it

Off it was quite awful the first few days just because you feel really drained and i just felt like i couldn’t like i really couldn’t focus i felt very drag not just drowsy but you just feel in life for this like i just felt like i had no energy like i couldn’t go to the gym and you know it was almost like i just wanted to lay in bed all day so the first few

Days were pretty tough they were quite they weren’t as bad as i thought i thought they liked the nausea was gonna last though for a while but that wasn’t too bad and i’d say by sort of day four or five i’ve started to feel a lot better i upped the dose to 15 milligrams after a week and that was that didn’t really have a huge knock-on effect with in terms of

Side effects i think i got acoustic quite quickly so within two weeks i wasn’t feeling the symptoms as bad as they were to begin with eisah tiredness was still there and i think that’s probably one of the sort of most severe symptoms i had was feeling like tired drowsy a lot of the time one of the other major symptoms i had was severe dry mouth it’s probably it

Was like the worst apart from like the tiredness it was the worst thing whilst i was feeling side effects and i just needed to drink water like every couple of minutes and it would just it would just feel like there was just no moisture in my mouth like it was completely i was completely dehydrated there’s no liquid or any sorts of moisture in my mouth and that

Was pretty yeah that wasn’t nice at all and i’d spoken to someone else who had been on so tella promise well and she was telling me how that was what the worst like one of the worst things she’s been experiencing that’s what well it’s like this hotness so but that kind of like ease really quickly and having felt those for the first few weeks i really started to

It change very quickly and i started to feel really good after a few weeks which i really said it really surprised me and since then i’ve only started to see sort of the positive effects of being one citalopram some of the positive effects being my anxiety has sort of disappeared i mean it was it’s bizarre because i had anxiety for three years until this point

And i used to record and journal my sight every morning so every morning i journal and i would sort of note how bad my anxiety was and i noticed as i was doing this through the course of taking the medication i was sort of writes like things aya team that i was noting down was less and less to the point where now i don’t have anxiety very rarely do i feel that

Like it creeps in but it’s so so like so subtle that is it’s just before you to take over my morning it used to take me a couple of hours to get back on my feet and now i wake up i feel really optimistic i feel great the way i can explain it is i used to be quite glass half-empty just throughout the day and i now have this optimism and this sort of really strange

Positivity that it’s why they strange because so long i haven’t had really poor mental health it’s it feels really it feels it feels like i don’t really it feels alien like i don’t deserve her and that sounds bizarre but all of a sudden i started to feel like you know i’ve really positive about work was one of the things that causes me a lot of insight is my work

People around me sort of were as irritating as i used to find people before i starts taking the medication and i said that because i live with people and in the mornings when my anxiety was really bad it was so easy to snap at people and family and not because that’s my nature but just because it was so difficult to deal with the anxiety in the mornings that it

You know anything like noise or like now talking would really really affect me and i trigger it you can make it worse and i just started to notice that i was just a lot calmer i felt more relaxed in the morning and i really it really has surprised me because i didn’t have that much faith in it like i thought how well how could i meant i had drug like that so to

Have such a profound it’s make such a profound change and it’s for me it’s been really it has been life changing and i’m at a point now where i don’t know which way it’s gonna go one hand i feel a little anxious if the doctor says i think it’s time to come off it at the same time obviously i know i don’t want to be on it don’t want to get too used to it i want

To really strengthen my mental health by doing cognitive practice and mindfulness so i’m more in control of it and have more of a grasp of how my mind works and how it sort of dips in and out of highs and lows but at the same time i don’t if i’m ready to come off it so the really interesting to come back and tell you about how like the talk with the doctor goes

And what’s comes out there i would say that through this process one of the things that’s really helped me it’s to hang people around me and i don’t mean like going out on the streets and telling you know people that you know you’re unlike an antidepressant or you know you have mental health like poor mental health what i mean by that is talking to loved ones

Whom people who you live with really close friends colleagues and just being really open and honest about the fact that you’re going through a difficult time i think we’re really fortunate that we’re living in a time at the moment where mental health is talked about a lot more and people are starting to be more understanding it’s not really to do and it’s not

About you know god lock him up or lock her up in there you know in a psycho mental asylum i think a lot of people are starting to understand that that’s it’s sort of this it it’s on a sliding scale as to how severe it can be and i just found by talking to people people have started to open up to me and it’s happen in the most bizarre places like you know in the

Gym or my hairdressers or you know people who had just been like hauser day but and i’ve been like i she has been really rubbish today i mean i’ve been suffering from anxiety or you know just really like feeling like blah and i’ll be like man i’ve been feeling the same thing and you know we’d start talking and you’d get on this conversation and i tell them about

My medication and they’re like well i’m on medication and this whole dialogue starts and you just realized that you know you’re not the only one and i think also being really open and honest with my parents my siblings my cousins you know best friends has really allowed them to help me and has allowed them to understand me better and know if i am sort of in a in

A bad mood or i mean this week state of mind they understand and they’re not sort of like aw what’s wrong with you you know and that used to happen like because i hadn’t told some people and you know that they would get pissed off with me and now they really understand and it’s it makes such a difference when you have that support system i would say that i would

Recommend it to people who have been suffering from anxiety or a weak mental state and i would say that don’t look at it as something that is almost like the ante like you know like don’t look at it in a negative way like you know if you have a headache you might take a painkiller and or you know if we have a virus or we had like some sort of something where we

Need antibiotics you know you wouldn’t think twice before you know taking those medications like you know we take so many drugs on a day-to-day basis just for all sorts of things and there just seems to be this thing i find when it comes to antidepressants people i was the same like this is stigma attached to where people sort of like go no it’s not for me and

You know i’m not that bad and if it helps you everyday feel better about yourself and help you get through the day and you feel a lot more energetic and optimistic i really don’t see what the harm is i think it really requires you to use the medication alongside the cognitive stuff so you know maybe doing meditation or yoga or you know going from walks or going

To the gym or just being within yourself thinking and really like understanding what what is causing this and tackling that and that whilst you’re trying to tackle that the medication i found there’s just just gives you that that boost it gives you that sort of those those good feelings and that good energy in that those hormones that just i guess it’s like fixing

That chemical imbalance so i really think that you know if you’re if you’re unsure really think about the positive effects that can have and you know start on us you know ask your gp to start your from monitor i’d be really really sort of keep an eye on it you know and see how you get on and yeah like i feel that i would like to continue for a little bit longer

Just because i feel like i’m there is that fear that if i come off then that i might slip back but yeah i don’t know i don’t know what where it’s gonna go for me but i will check in again and do another video and you guys know what the what the next step is for me and i really hope this has helped and when i like i said when i started on this journey i watched

So many of you guys on youtube which had really helped me it really gave me confidence so i hope that this can do you know it’s my way of giving back i hope this can do the same for you guys or you know if you’re new to this i really hope that helps and yeah i’ll definitely do an update in the next week or so please like follow me on instagram if you want to

See more of my journey i post a lot about sort of like positivity and how sort of dealing with my mental health journey please subscribe if you want to see more i hope to do sort of more in this series i’m mental health than my experience so far and yeah give it a like and share thanks so much guys for watching and i’ll see you in another video cheers

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How I Got Rid of Anxiety Using Sertraline/Zoloft By Rishi Kumar