November 29, 2022

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Hey what’s up everybody how long has it been since i stood in front of the camera in my office and recorded a video for you guys i cannot even remember cannot remember so i actually just filmed like a 25 minute video about how i lost weight over the last year and then i was like nobody is going to want to watch this just get to the point and i was like okay so i

Sat down for a minute and i was like okay and i came back in and i’m gonna try and make this video and men are shorter okay in minich so a couple of days ago for those of you who are like what is she talking about couple of days ago on instagram if you’re not following me do it okay i posted a photo of myself from back in the day like exactly a year ago and then

The day 365 days later and everybody was like wow how did you do it oh my god you look so great and i was like oh my god thank you thank you so much made so i asked everyone okay what do you want me to make a video about this and tell you guys how i lost the weight and everybody was like yes hello so i was like cool i’ll do that for those of you who do not know i

Also work as a personal trainer that is like my main job i have been doing it for over 10 years now it’s been a long time i know i am old so yeah so what happened was last year i kind of noticed my body my health my weight everything was just like i noticed that i would say between right after about july so i actually went back and looked at all my photos all my

Videos and i was like okay what is the point at which i actually started to gain the weight and it wasn’t until around july that i really really started to notice the change between july and november my weight went up my energy went down and my mood got worse and worse i noticed i started feeling very depressed very sad i was having mood swings all the time you

Know and i was like what is going on what is going on and a lot of people who were following me on youtube at the time and instagram and all that stuff had commented on it they were like you’re gaining weight you’re getting fat whatever whatever when you say something like that either express it in concern or don’t say it because you really don’t know what’s going

On but you know for me i am fairly confident in my body i work out like an insane person so i initially was like oh it’s because i’m moving from powerlifting to strongman i’m only gaining the weight because i’m getting stronger like beast so that’s why i kind of just brush it off as around christmastime or like when it was approaching christmas i noticed i would

Come home from like a 3 4 hour work shift and i would be exhausted i’d be like i feel like i’m a hundred years old what is going on so that’s when i went to the doctor and i had everything like tested and everything checked out and it turned out that my thyroid was like a little bit slower than it needs to be bear in mind that i actually have thyroid issues in my

Genes so regardless of how healthy i am how fit i am how well i eat this was just something that seemed to be the inevitable and she was a really really really great doctor she still is and i told her that i don’t want to go on any medication i don’t want to do anything i need to give myself at least 6 months to lose this weight get my my body back my energy back

At my strength back because a huge chunk of my self-confidence comes from my strength not from my body or like a little i care about how much weight i can lift ok so she’s like okay whatever like legally you can decline any service you want to sounds like okey-dokey so what i did is i started talking to my friends who had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism so hype

Oh is when the thyroid is like i don’t want to work today it just sits around doesn’t do its job and then you gain all this stupid weight and you’re like what the so whereas a hyper thyroid is like when someone eats and eats and eats eat eat and then they don’t gain weight and then you’re like what the like so for me was the first where i was like hey so what i

Did is i decided to eliminate all the foods that the thyroid cannot metabolize well or the thyroid takes time to metabolize or is slow to metabolize so essentially all my friends who had successfully stepped away from hypothyroidism said that they went on a vegan diet and i was like okay i eat literally chicken egg beef pork turkey all day long like my entire day is

Comprised of different dead animals so what am i gonna do so i was like okay if this is something that’s gonna work i want to give it a shot but the main thing that i read about was that the thyroid cannot metabolize gluten very well a lot of people who gave up gluten found a lot of success with their thyroid even if people didn’t have like excessive hypothyroidism

Or anything like that so i was like okay so i started off going vegan first and i did all the research i could excuse me i came up with a meal plan and so i would you know eat vegan food throughout the day which was more like tofu and beans and chickpeas and all that sort of stuff and you know like you can go to whole foods or the grocery store and we’re fortunate

Enough to live in a time where you can find a lot of options if you are vegan so i already don’t really didn’t consume dairy much so it wasn’t a big deal but it was the meat that i had to give up and find equivalents in vegan proteins surprisingly like chickpeas and kidney beans and all that sort of stuff is a very high source of protein so that worked out okay

The only thing that happened in that time that i’m going to tell you right now is because i was not diligent enough with everything i started losing a lot of my hair like what so that apparently happened due to a vitamin b deficiency because a lot of the vegan proteins lack vitamin b so my doctor was like okay we gotta get this sorted so i immediately started

Taking vitamin b and i noticed my my hair was okey-dokey so vitamin b and biotin i took both like i took the b complex and biotin for my thyroid in terms of supplements i also took selenium and vitamin d you have to take both of them together for maximum absorption however you have to get your iodine levels checked first to make sure that you can take selenium do

Not just go to the store and buy it and take it because i don’t know what you’re gonna do to yourself so these are all the things that i ran over you know with my doctor and like i said she was one of like she’s one of those like great doctors who’s willing to listen and be like okay this is good this is bad this is good you’re on the right track blah blah blah

Blah and i was like oh you are a godsend and the main thing that i forgot to mention that i have to remember to tell you is especially when it comes down to your thyroid and having a slower metabolism which you should get checked out is avoid eating cruciferous vegetables if you do not know what christopher cruciferous vegetables are those are like the dark green

Vegetables like spinach kale what else is there broccoli avoid that sort of stuff if you want to make sure you’re getting your metabolism in order because the body cannot break that down as easily and it really slows the thyroid down now some websites and internet people say that you can have cruciferous vegetables if they’re cooked at a high temperature and then

You know you can consume them but i completely avoided that altogether which is really really strange for me because like i feel like you know in the personal training world or in the health and fitness field one of the main things that we always hear is like you should eat a lot of spinach have a lot of kale have a lot of green shakes so i was like ah i can’t have

This anymore i was like all right i guess i’m not gonna eat that so instead of that i started having like a lot of like carrots peas lots of berries what are their vegetables cauliflower what other tomatoes mushrooms so anything that’s not in that cruciferous family group was something that i avoided altogether in this time i have continued to train like if you

Follow me on instagram what you should you will notice that i’m still training like a crazy person so my training did not stop and obviously that also played a very big role in this whole ordeal if you don’t do strongman or power lifting it’s okay but the main thing is get your body moving get your like blood flowing and start burning that fat off in your own way

Where you can whether it’s doing cardio whether you want to go to a zumba class whether you want to do like bodybuilding stuff or you want to just use machines or whatever it is just do it okay other than that the other supplements that i took for my training that really helped me lose the weight was carnitine and tribulus and i took 2,000 milligrams of carnitine

Every single day and i took about 900 milligrams of tremulous and then last but not least when it comes to when it comes to kind of fixing or healing or recovering from anything in your life your mind is like first so if you are convinced in your mind that you’re not going to be okay that you’re not going to lose the weight that you’re not gonna fix this problem

Nothing is gonna work you know like whether you are dealing with a severe illness whether you are dealing with a small illness if you are mentally strong and you’re mentally capable of allowing yourself to believe that you can recover that you can deal with this and you have what it takes to fix it you will make it through it you might not make it through as fast

You might not make it through as you wanted but you will make it through that and that i believe is very true in anything in your life like if you are just like no i don’t think this is gonna happen i just feel like maybe i’m just meant to be fat i don’t have the energy to go to the gym but i really like eating bread i don’t know what to do well okay then sit there

And be that way or you can be like you know what i’m gonna fight this i’m gonna figure out how to fix this i’m gonna like take this challenge head-on because i don’t want to feel like this and that’s what was that was exactly what the case was with me i was so sick and tired of feeling tired and lazy and depressed all the time my life like my aim in life is just

To be strong for as long as i am alive you know i want to be fit i want to be healthy i want to be happy like these things are important to me so as soon as i was able to sit down with this doctor and be like you know what this is what i want to do and i’m gonna try and do this on my own because i believe in myself i believe that i’m smart enough to figure out how

I need to fix this and i’m really proud of myself i still have about four ish pounds left now that i need to lose but other than that i’m very happy with how far i’ve come and a year ago if someone told me this is gonna take you a year i would have been like no problem i will give this as much time as it needs because i want this problem to be resolved and that’s

Exactly what happens when i went back to get my blood work done the doctor was like damn and everything is fixed you it was good to go girl and i was like i know so the moral of the story is like whatever your issue is that you’re dealing with just like establish it like just concrete just carve it out in your mind that no matter what i’m going through i’m gonna

Fight through this and i’m gonna get through it no matter what and i assure you it will happen do not allow doubt and fear and like worry or time stop you from achieving anything and weight-loss is such a small part of the bigger picture in our life if your weight is stopping you from doing something in your life that’s a big thing then you’ve got to get it

Done right so if going on a vegan diet or going gluten-free you know for me the grain thing has been a big big thing not green processed stuff so no processed sugar no processed flour no processed salt eliminate all the food from your life eat healthy and clean avoid the cruciferous vegetables have your multivitamin take your selenium and vitamin d but make sure

You talk to your doctor about that because your selenium is very very dependent on your iodine levels so just make sure you get that checked out and yeah that’s it like it’s that’s it it’s a 20-minute video but like consider this excuse me consider this a pep talk from me consider this a pep talk from a friend who is telling you that whatever it is you’re going

Through just keep going and before you know it this will be a story in your past something you’ll look back at and be proud that you made it through that you know what i’m saying so you guys will probably have more questions comments concerns queries angry issues disagreements or whatever and you can leave this all down below for me and i will try and edit this

Video and make it a little bit shorter but for the most part please pay attention to everything that i’m saying this is really what i did and if you guys want me to talk more about like the foods that i had what i had for breakfast lunch dinner and all that sort of stuff or you need help with training know that i’m here to help you out so let me know and i will do

My best to help you guys out ok ah yeah until next time think strong always always always always always always think strong okay and please if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you kind of like this video still give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe i’ll talk to you guys very soon bye

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