March 28, 2023

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Hello you guys good morning oh goodness you want some attention too anyways so today’s video is going to be on how i deal with my ibfc so if you guys want to learn a little bit more about that or just the way i deal with it and maybe you guys could pick up some tips on that um keep watching and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t alright what’s going on

With this hair okay so first off i was diagnosed with ibs when i was like 22 or something like that but it really started at the age of like 18 or 19 no like 19 something like that um i started with a lot of stomach pain constipation bloating and obviously you just do the normal things you just go and you’ll drink something or take something eat certain type

Of fruits or whatever to make you go right but um it only lasts so long until you finally realize there is something wrong it’s not normal so after a while i decided to go to the doctor that doctor sent me to a specialist and that’s where they told me that i did have ibs and it’s ibsc so it’s ibs with constipation basically um they did several tests on me in

Scans and they were not fun they were actually painful um there was one what was it it was i think a ct scan with contrast or something where i had to drink this extremely nasty thick thick shake um that made my whole body just hurt like i had gotten ran over by a car like my whole abdomen hurts so so much and i had to wait there for a while until they would do

The scan and during the scan it was so unpleasant and that’s basically where they were able to see that there was no blockage which is good but that i did have um there’s no contracting happening so my intestines basically don’t absorb water that’s going through so they don’t contract in order to push your waist out so that means i just need a little help in

That department hold on you guys oh and i got this sweater over there at caesar’s palace i had always wanted one and i never got it and then my husband’s finally like just go get your sweater you’ve been wanting it for so long it just reminds me of friends when um rachel and ross get married in vegas um so anyways so um i was prescribed lindses if you guys can

See it and i’m sure you have seen commercials on tv everywhere and you know so they give you this for constipation and for people that just go too much so i guess it just works depending on your body i think it’s kind of like you guys my allergies are just stupid today um it’s kind of like a adderall you know like they can give it some with 80d or they’ll give

It to someone with adhd because the medicine will just balance out whatever it is that you’re needing so i think this is what it is um so basically i was told that i could take one to two capsules every day in the morning i do not do that don’t do that because when i take this i cannot leave my house so i’ll take it first thing when i wake up if i know i’m not

Gonna go anywhere like if i don’t have any work if i don’t need to go run errands or anything like that then i’ll take it and um i’ll use the bathroom several times and it’ll finally like stop around three four o’clock in the afternoon and then that’s when i can go about my day but um when i do take this i have to stay home it doesn’t work the same for everybody

There’s some people that can take it and still go about their day go to work do everything and they’re fine i it just doesn’t work like that with my body plus i’m someone that will not use the bathroom anywhere else but my house so either way i wouldn’t want to take it so this i take it on days when i am home for sure um then obviously i have gone several several

Days where i can’t take any medicine because every day i have something to do you know um other than this i also like to take these and my son actually takes these as well at night because he does have issues going in the bathroom as well which we’re hoping are gonna go away as he gets older but he’s had all kinds of stuff done already too like different scans

And procedures done and they just can’t tell me right now they said it’s too early on that he’s too young so um the doctor was thinking he might have the same issue i have but we’re hoping not um so this helps a lot you just take two at night and you’ll have um bowel movement in the morning which is great and you don’t go a ton of times with this and then another

One that has has been a staple in my little regiment of keeping pain away and helping me go to the bathroom has been this the teaming teami colon cleanse team you guys i’ve been taking this for way before they even contacted me asking me if i wanted to you know get a discount code and all that stuff way before i became a team partner like way before um i think

I started using this when they came out with it and i tried it at first and it worked so i just kept buying it and i i think i have like three bags right now i purchased them during the um holidays when it was like 50 off if you spend 99 or more i think it was or 100 or more so i got enough bags to have for a while so with this i’ll do two bags two tea bags in

My cup hot water two bags in there leave it in there for a little while i’ll put a little bit of lemon in it and then i’ll just drink it right before bed and in the morning you go and this is the same thing as you’re not just constantly going and going and going like this it’s just you just go um this is a really good one and it never makes my stomach hurt

So that’s a good thing actually none of these make my stomach cramp up or anything like that so now with pain how i deal with pain you guys i have some really really bad days like bad days where i can’t walk i can’t sit down because it hurts really bad i can’t bend down i can’t do any of that stuff my stomach is huge and bloated um which i think has gotten a

Little worse over the years but um this is something that i use i’ll put this patch on my lower stomach and oh my gosh it helps so much it kind of just numbs the area and then it just the heat from this it just makes it feel really good if i don’t have one of these i’ll use a heating pad that i do have in my room um i don’t even know how to explain the pain to

You guys the pain when i am having a little episode of this ibs pain it’s like in my abdomen but it also makes my back hurt but it also makes my bottom hurt so bad you guys oh my god i mean my husband can tell right away when i’m having a little episode i call it because he says i start walking different i sit down like sitting i’ll start sitting like towards

My side and then lay down i don’t actually sit on my butt because it hurts so much um but these have saved me i mean we’ve gone to vegas before and as soon as we land we have to rush straight to walgreens to get my patches and get tylenol and get you know whatever i need to help me with the pain so um yeah these you guys recommend them if you can’t find the big

Ones even the little ones work and just put like three or four of them on but this is a lifesaver then another thing is i had to stop with the gluten um so no more bread no more pizza no more um cookies and you know any cakes anything like that with like dough or anything that has a lot of glue in it i can’t do it anymore it’s too too painful and my doctor did

Say i do have a sensitivity towards it so that with the ibs is a terrible terrible terrible idea the pain is immediate like as soon as i eat if we were eating oh i had got in like a bowl with chicken and vegetables and it had a little bit of rice at the bottom but i was really trying not to eat the rice but i guess i did get some in it when i was eating two

Minutes after i finished eating i couldn’t walk like if the pain was just it’s like oh i don’t even know how to explain it but it’s just it’s so painful and um so that’s another thing i can’t eat too rice which sucks because i love rice pudding mexican rice pudding is like my thing i freaking i love that stuff so no more of that and you know it helps that my

Husband keeps me accountable he’ll be like no you can’t eat that or he looks for restaurants that have gluten-free items or you know like the people i work with they’re keeping me accountable to you know like the other day one of our brides bought us um some middle eastern food and it was so good but it did have a lot of rice in it and my friend was like no no

You can’t have that so um yeah i mean it is what it is i am learning to shop in the gluten-free area so i have tons of stuff in my fridge i will say it’s a lot more expensive to shop gluten-free than regular food i have bread i have um english bagels i have um oatmeal i have um cereals and i mean i just have everything i’ve been able to find like pasta and i got

Frozen pizzas that are gluten free i got a bunch of stuff and you know it is what it is at this point i just have to learn to live with it and how to make sure that i’m okay with my body like i’m not in pain because that pain you guys is if i could put it here and show you how this pain makes me feel i would but i can’t do it let me just tell you it’s not fun

At all it’s terrible so i hope this video helped you if anybody who’s dealing with it i hope it helps just you know remember this works so good this you need a prescription for it’s super expensive this you guys is if you don’t have insurance for this medicine for 30 pills it’s 520 dollars for a month supply this is it’s just ridiculous so this is way cheaper

You can use my discount code put it here um and it works it really really works and i guess for the people that are trying to you know do a colon cleanse or whatever this works too but i’m just saying specifically for people with my issues this works and obviously excuse me you guys obviously these work but um yeah that’s gonna be it i hope you guys enjoyed the

Video hope you got something out of it if you are dealing with this and if you guys have any tips or tricks for me send them my way um i have tried celery juice and all these other things and they’re like temporarily fixes for me like they’ll work for one or two days but then that’s it so that’s why i just stick to stuff i know that’ll keep working so that’s it

For now you guys i will see you in the next one

Transcribed from video