March 28, 2023

In this episode, I discuss why I use bupropion (Wellbutrin) to treat my depression associated with Bipolar Disorder.

Everybody welcome back to drug talk as always i’m your host gary campbell in this episode we’re going to be discussing what medication i personally use to treat depression so since of starting this channel we’ve covered pretty much every medication that people do use to treat depression but today i’m going to talk about what i personally use so the medication that

I use to treat depression is called a bupropion or wellbutrin this medication is kind of a new thing in my life as i haven’t always had depression it’s something that only started in the last five years after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder now obviously being diagnosed with bipolar is an unfortunate situation to be in but one positive about bipolar disorder is

That you don’t have to deal with depression for 12 months of the year for myself personally my bouts of mania and dose of depression seem to go along with the seasons usually starting about mid-october all the way to merch is typically when if i was going to experience depression is the time that i would experience it so because of this early october i typically

Start off with 150 milligrams of b proprio on each day in the morning and then slowly increase it after about two weeks or so to 300 milligrams daily when i first started using this medication i would typically wait until the depression set in and then start using the medication but unfortunately then i would have to wait about one or two months until that really

Kicked in and the depression would go away but now having experience with the medication and knowing when my depression usually seems to come again with the seasons i start taking it before i feel the depression onset so i can hopefully prevent the onset of the depression altogether for a lot of people when they start antidepressants they can tell the physician

What side effects they want to avoid and the physician can prescribe an antidepressant for them that doesn’t cause that side effect often so for example if somebody wants to avoid sexual side effects they may try fluoxetine or if they want to avoid weight gain try a different medication that causes less weight gain for myself my decision was kind of made for me

Because i had to make sure that i chose an antidepressant that would be less likely than others to cause mania bupropion seems to push people into mania only 3% of the time so it was a good choice for me i’ve been very fortunate with this medication that i haven’t really experienced any side effects with it so it is something that i probably will use long term

Especially like i said when october rolls around the first couple of years after being diagnosed with bipolar i didn’t really want to treat the depression the mania was something that was very serious to me but the depression i kind of thought that was just more of a circumstance of reflecting back on manic episodes but after going through it several years five

Years to total now i did nothing to appreciate the depressed phase more and i do take it more seriously and after having used to be appropriate for the last two years i definitely noticed that the medication does help a lot the other reason i really wanted to start using an antidepressant is because after my third episode my third manic episode that is i moved into

Depression i did start to have suicidal thoughts and suicidal ideation which was very troubling to me so i was luckily i was very open with my friends open with my family told them what was going on and what i was thinking but we all definitely kind of talked about it and and thought that the best thing for me would be to use a medication to help get through those

Those tough times i really have to say that after going through bouts of depression personally it really did change my perspective on what depression really is going through school and in studying depression i never really appreciated just how tough i guess it could be just so hard it could be on your body i notice a lot of physical symptoms with depression aside

From just the the thoughts and the mental kind of acrobatics you have to play to try to get yourself through a normal day and live day to day there was a lot of fatigue associated with it you lose that drive to kind of get out of bed in the morning and start the day and really your whole outlook on life really shifts it’s definitely not something to take lightly

But i am very thankful that i have this medication to use moving forward into the future i will say that having suicidal thoughts or suicidal ideation is really something that i don’t want to experience again as it is very scary hopefully use if you appropriate in the future will keep me out of those boats of depression and i can just live my life normally through

The winter months aside from using medication there are two things that i do try to do to help treat depression while i’m experiencing it you really feel like isolating yourself and not being social when you’re going through both of the rushon so there are certain few people in my life like my sister my brother my aunt my father i do feel very comfortable going

Around when i am feeling depressed although they will usually have to force me to do it but going with them and being social and talking through my feelings does seem to help a lot and then the other thing that i like to do is to see a psychologist again and just talk through my thought process and kind of pinpoint where the negative thoughts are coming from and

Really focus on all the positive things that i do have in my life to look forward to especially after the bell of depression has passed that’s all i really have to talk about today with what i use to treat depression again be propria nor wellbutrin as always i’m very thankful you took the time to go by and watch on my videos if you found this information valuable

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How I Treat My Depression | Bupropion (Wellbutrin) By Drug Talk